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Is Makeup a Tool of Oppression or Freedom?

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With the amount of followers that Jeffree Star has , Makeup is clearly a huge industry. Due to recent studies about teenage girls’ mental health, makeup use is a hot topic . Is makeup a tool of oppression or freedom? There are numerous reasons to believe that makeup is used as art, some would argue that makeup is used by young people to express themselves and be creative, however others wear it to fit in with society .

Reasons to believe makeup is a good thing is that it makes people feel good about themselves. Wome n also enjoy experimenting with makeup and can find it relaxing. “If you can’t love yourself how the hell you gon love somebody else” Ru pauls famous saying shows how you need to love yourself first before you can love someone else, women often love themselves more when they feel comfortable with their appearance . 85% of women age 13-35 wear makeup daily as it makes them feel good about themselves. So why is it a bad thing that people feel good about themselves? Women don’t feel pretty in their own skin and only feel beautiful caked in makeup covering imperfections.

Reasons to believe makeup is a bad thing is because is because women don’t feel beautiful without it, they cover up impurities instead of embracing them. Women are expected to wear it and feel like they don’t fit in if they don’t. One third of women wouldn’t dare leave the house without makeup. Some women are very cautious of their skin hence the reason they wouldn’t leave the house with at least foundation, they try cover acne scars and spots as they want ‘flawless’ skin. When I don’t wear makeup I’m constantly reminded of my pale complexion and being told I look ill without it. People often say natural is better but refer to natural looking makeup rather than a genuinely bare face! also shaming you are either wearing too much makeup or not enough. Society is so caught up in what the world thinks of them instead of having the freedom to leave the house makeup free and not feel cautious about your appearance .

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Makeup isn’t always used to look good and feel better about yourself, a large number of people use it for artistic expression. Makeup Artists experiment with crazy looks and new trends, like wavy eyebrow trends and Special Effects makeup. Drag Queens use makeup for entertainment purposes. They use makeup as opportunity to create something unique that nobody has seen before .

Women spend an extreme amount of money on makeup keeping up with the newest products from their favourite brands. People tend to go for more expensive products although they’re not always better. On average women spend approximately £800 per year on makeup. That is a ridiculous cost to make yourself feel better about your appearance . Would women be spending so much money if makeup was for freedom ?

After much deliberation I’ve came to the conclusion that makeup is a form of freedom. I believe that the majority of makeup using society uses it to express themselves and show their individuality. Although it makes girls able to express themselves in a way they prefer , it’s a false reality that natural isn’t beautiful. Personally women should continue to do what makes them happy, if they want to express themselves with makeup they should continue to do so and if they choose to keep it natural at least they have the option to do so.

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