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Is Playing College Sports A Job

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Every year college and universities earn millions of dollars from broadcasting games,selling jerseys , merchandise , and most of all using the athletes name for popularity.People who think college student-athletes should get compensated often think the students’ names and pictures are used as a form of advertising, so they should receive some cash reward for that . The other multitude think they should not get compensated because most college athletes receives thousands of dollars of scholarship thus “ getting compensated” Yes the athletes receive scholarships but not nearly as much a college gains from them . On average colleges bring in thousands or even millions of dollars from ticket sales , concessions , jerseys, advertising the players name , etc . All starting with the players, so we go back too “ Should they get consented in any form of cash”.

Being a college student is a full time job in physical , athletic , drama , class ,and movie shows . College athletics is an extracurricular activity, but the national student sports association schedule requires the athlete to not attend school . Mark Edelman notes that “not only do they skip skip but they don’t receive any profit from national televised games. people should get a small portion of this profit with all they do for the organization.

As a college athlete they bounce from workouts , being on the court/field, classes , and sometimes film sessions. Many would argue this ia a full-time job.These sports are labeled as extracurricular activities , but the schedules of the NCAA tournaments require an extended period in which the Athlete must miss school. A college athletes puts in at least around 50 hrs a week.This can be very difficult to manage study time and really focus on academics.Every athlete must stay eligible by passing all his/her classes and be a full time student,12 semester hrs.It’s nearly impossible to stay on top of your grades and clock in for 50+ hrs a week on your sports. Apparently it’s essential to prepare these athletes academically for the future , often lost in the huge shuffle or drive for winning and revenue generation at the expense of the athletes future only so people can be entertained,which sucks.

Athletes not only miss a bunch of school but they are absent for nationally televised games that make a crap load of money.In basketball there are approximately 5,265 male players at the D1 level.Only 75% of these players think they can go pro , 3,949 players. The NBA only drafts around 40 athletes from US colleges a year .This leaves 3,909 players who most likely wont go pro or at least in the NBA they won’t . College athletics is a broken system they value athletic success and revenue over the next 50 years of an athlete’s life The truth about college sports ,especially football and basketball, is that the coaches must recruit the players out there . Most coaches don’t even care about you academically. They will not sacrifice winning for academics.If they did they would not have job. Basketball and football alone make billions of dollars for their college/university, so the question is if these players are bringing in billions of dollars into their school why can’t they get a little extra money for themselves.

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The flutie effect was something named after Boston’s college very own “Doug Flutie.” After he won the heisman trophy back in 1984. It was reported that admission rose significantly in subsequent years. Thus noting that college athletes are not only on a team but also recruiters/advertisers .Till this day most colleges with good sports programs use their athletic success to promote their schools .

Florida Gators past head coach,Steve Spurrier , signed a contract for 6 years , and in these 6 years he would earn approximately $2.5 million a year ,not including benefits . Alabama’s own Nick Saban has just signed a contract of 8 years. This 8 year deal is worth around $74 million. Earning 7.5 million a year and increasing by $400,000 every year. Without good talented athletes anyone could argue these coaches would not earn as much .Why you ask? Simply because without wins or a successful season , even without good players .the colleges revenue would decrease drastically . A coach cant play for his/her athletes , the athletes themselves make it happen on the field with their talent , and not to mention risking serious injury to their bodies .Let’s be honest no one pays to watch a coach on the sideline .If the players alone attract all this money , why not share a little of it ? Colleges gain 10 million dollars a year or more and can’t afford to compensate the athletes who made it happen ?

Student athletes bring in alot of revenue for their college and don’t get compensated for it , but what they don’t tell you is that most of these athletes are in college due to the fact that they got scholarship money . Some even blessed with full rides to college . Including a nice place to stay , food , and a quality education . Let’s say colleges were allowed to give players a salary instead of scholarships . Athletes would have money to pay for college and have some left over for their needs right ? Wrong athletes would have to pay taxes , and depending on how much they earn the amount would decrease until they cant afford college altogether according to John R,Thelin in his article” Here’s why we shouldn’t pay college Athletes”.With the benefit of scholarships , all they have to do is perform on the court/field,stay out of trouble , and keep their grades up .

Playing in college is a privilege not a right . “There are thousands of High School athletes that dream of playing in college and only about 7% make it and only 2% make it into a D1 school“,college press . Athletes must realize that there are millions of people that only dream of playing in college and never get to do so . Playing in college you are still an amatuer , so athletes should play solely for the love of the game . If not the game would turn into a business , and college sports would turn into a bidding war . Leaving the less fortunate colleges to be stuck with not so good players. Basically the college with the most money would most likely always win because the players would run for the highest pay .

Colleges should be able to decide how they pay or give funds to their recruits. The NCAA should allow colleges to give out a salary or scholarships , or letting the player choose between them . The question “ Should college athletes get paid “ arises every year, in championship games or march madness, with new ideas and evidence on why or why not they should get paid . Both of the debates putting up a good fight . The most major reason why the NCAA does not want to allow players to get a salary is not having a difference between being an amateur or being a professional. Professionals obviously get paid to play but they pay their own bills , live in their home , and don’t need scholarships . Instead they get sold or traded out . in college a player either transfers or works out a better scholarship somewhere else where there is no pay included ( at least not legally ) . This would ruin college sports many people say . Another “solution” is still giving an athlete the scholarship plus a little bit of money for himself/ herself for their needs . This could be weekly , by weekly , or monthly anything helps them . They should enforce students grades and eligibility because most college athletes don’t graduate , or have a near impossible chance of graduating with all the “work” hours being put into their team. To sum up the NCAA should change or modify rules to help these athletes because after all without them they wouldn’t be gaining so much revenue and neither would the colleges.

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