Is Sending Humans To Mars Necessary?

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Have you ever wanted to go to a different planet? Have you ever wondered if going to a different planet is even necessary at all? Throughout the 20th century, our views of life on another planet has changed drastically. This essay will argue that a mission to Mars is not mandatory and instead dangerous. Because there are many risk like a virus being brought to Earth. Ethical issues like money. Therefore, astronauts should not go to Mars.

If scientist decide that going to Mars is necessary, then there are many risk that are involved which include risking their life. For example, 2/3 of the mission can fail. A virus being brought back to Earth is extremely dangerous and can cause 2/3 of people to die. The planetary protection guideline is under review with ESA and NASA. Contamination control for each mission and planet, orbiters, landers and return missions. For example, the movie “The Martian'. When the team thought Mark was dead, so they left him. He had to wait 4 years to get back to Earth. So, he had to find a way to survive. at the end he got back to Earth safely. It is a must to keep your spacesuit on, if the spacesuit rips, the heat from your body will run out and so you will die. If we keep sending people to Mars more people will die. Astronauts can die from ionising radiation.

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It can pollute the earth and we are not certain about colonising another planet. Mars is too cold for humans to live on it. Mars is farther from the sun and the atmosphere is too thin to maintain heat. In comparison the cost to go to Mars is US $6 million for 4 people. For that amount of money, the process has to protect the astronauts as much as possible. They have to make sure they bring enough food. Like ‘The Martian” Mark Watney uses his own poop as fertiliser for his potatoes. Although the movie is science fiction, NASA studied that potatoes could be used as crop for space missions. The crops may not survive from the cold. Which then leads to the temperature on Mars, the maximum temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In winter it can go as low as minus 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Earth is not too close to the sun and not too far making the temperature approximately 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Mars has less mass than Earth.

Zahaan Bharmal talks about the case against Mars colonisation on The Guardian, Tuesday 28 August 2018. 60 scientist attended University of Colorado Boulder organised by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. They said that “Mars workshop” plan on making concrete for landing, buildings and human colony. Zahaan Bharmal gives three reasons why us humans should leave Mars alone. The first one is “humans will contaminate Mars”. Microbes which is a microorganism, a bacterium causing a disease. If humans land on Mars, they will bring microbes with them. Then take it t Earth and people will get sick. The second reason is “Robot are better than humans”. Taking robots to mars instead of humans minimise the risk of contamination. Robots have advantages. Cost less meaning they won’t need water, food or air. They have less risk of radiation. If the mission fails Humans won’t die. Finally, the last reason is “Let’s fix the Earth first”. There’s tension between a debate on a second home and our current home. Trillions of dollars will be needed to colonise Mars. Moreover, Mars is not the best place to go if something dreadful happens to Earth.

It is clear that the two points stated are reasons humans shouldn’t go to mars. Mars has the largest dust storms in the solar system. Out of 56 missions only 26 have been successful. Mars and Earth have nearly the same landmass. Mars has 15 percent and Earth has 37 percent. The dust storms can last day at a speed of 33 to 66 miles/hour. It is very difficult to reach Mars, so it would be even harder to take humans. Cost will rise if missions fail, possibly people will die. Mars and Earth have very different temperature, size and atmosphere, but unexpectedly they have similar landmass.

This essay has indicated that proceeding the idea of still going to mars is not safe and needs to stop. Remarkably, if scientist think it is a good idea to live on Mars, money will rise even higher. The most noteworthy reason discussed is risk contamination will occur, and people will start dying. Some things that we can learn from this discussion is that we need to know the risk and how to prevent it from transporting it to Earth. Things to bear in mind for the future are to use robots instead of humans. Furthermore, there’s no need for anyone to go to Mars.


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