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Is Suicide Completely Avoidable

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Did you know that roughly 47,100 deaths occurred by suicide in the US in 2017, due to the underlying depression? Many of these deaths were influenced by alcohol or drug abuse. Substance abuse can fill a person’s mind with negative thoughts and the feeling of loneliness, which in return, puts them in a more depressive state than they already had. Being in this depressive state causes the mind to think poorly and things such as loneliness and suicide run through the mind. I strongly feel it something that affects the work and is completely avoidable. It is not as common in men as it is for women, but everyone has a depression of some sort.

There are a few different types of depression, such as SAD, dysthymia, atypical, and major depression. Depression is the largest leading problem, compared to heart disease, cancer, and HIV/AIDS. It is not always one can see with the plain eye; it can simply be something tearing one up inside with no immediate side effects. This disease must be confronted directly and taken care of with immediate, full force. It must be recognized as a problem for there to be a proper form of solution for each individual and their circumstance. There are a few different signs to look for in a person struggling with depression, suicide and drug, or substance abuse. They isolate themselves away from any situation that puts them in the center of attention, or in a place where they feel they might be put on the spot. Other signs of depression and suicide are irritability, hopelessness, loss of interest in their favorite hobbies or dream jobs, changes in weight and food desires, and even changing of their sleep patterns.

A person with underlying depression will always seem to be “okay” or “fine,” or even have a huge smile on their face anytime you see them. The ones struggling will always deny help or refuse to acknowledge that what they are going through is a problem, or a health condition they could get good help for. Sometimes, whether dealing with substance abuse or depression or suicidal thoughts, that person doesn’t feel as though they deserve to have a happy or healthy life, or even want a chance at life at all. There is likely an underlying secret or possible traumatic instance which can influence one to spiral down and begin to depend on substances causing an overdose or excessive abuse to, where their mental state will never be the same, without getting the right kind of help. At the worst times, one would become more and more suicidal, feel worthless, and rely on alcohol or any harsh substance to change the way they’re feeling, not necessarily realizing that it’s just making an even worse outcome. Some even risk having to be revived in an emergency situation.

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With the right diagnosis, the right kind of help, anyone has the chance to overcome their Depressive or suicidal state. There is always something for someone to help make it avoidable while doing it in a healthy way. Options such as many therapy groups, doctors, therapists, and treatments that exist today that are very beneficial for anyone feeling this way, or will openly acknowledge their substance abuse. There are different forms of “therapy” or ways to seek help available such as psychotherapies, brain stimulation, anti-depressants medications, herbal/natural medications, group meetings, playing a favorite sport, and even making a new friend. Getting proper exercise, eating good, talking about what may have caused the depression or abuse of a drug, and eliminating that factor completely will most definitely help with the healing process as well.

There are unfortunately places that anyone with money can have access too. If there was a way to rid the “medical pain doctor” offices that prescribe substances based on pain levels and not accepting insurance, this would greatly help those who drug or depression problems. Allowing access to places like these make it hard to track or control what someone in this state of mind can do. Personally, this is the only reason why this completely avoidable situation has downfalls. Having a family friend who put herself in a place like this, where I witnessed the downward spiral, makes me want to report and build an awareness to places like this. Patients struggling with substance abuse or any form of underly depression should be watched with close eye, and NOT have whatever access they want to a doctor’s office like this.

Men and women can both experience depression, but it is not as likely for men as it is for women. One in eight women suffer from this disease. For most women, hormones are a huge factor for different forms of depression, especially those who give birth. Women tend to get “lazy” or lose interest in a certain hobby, some even feel worthless or guilty, but men are the ones who tend to lean more towards substance and alcohol abuse to cover up their depressive state. Men tend to get upset and irritated, which then pushes them to become abusive and angry. It is sad to know that anyone dies of suicide due to any life factor, but men are more successful over women with any attempt.

Depression is a leading problem all over the country, but it is a very treatable and healable problem. It is apparent that we, as a society, are blinded by a smile or simple change in attitude, that hides when too many people are suffering. Simply be as supportive as one can, lend a hand, and look through those little changes to make sure they’re healthy. Take care of your neighbors and create an environment where it is okay to not be okay, and make sure they all know there is real help out there in the world. It all begins with, “I’m not okay, I need help.” That is where the healing begins. Acknowledging substance abuse, acknowledging underlying problems and depression, confronting suicidal thoughts, and being willing to get the help that is deserved. All in all, it is something that causes the most harm in this world, but with the right kind of help, there is success in making it completely avoidable.

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