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Is Virtual Reality the Future for the Computer Games Industry: Argumentative Essay

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Until now, gaming meant looking at a screen for hours. Regardless of how detailed a game’s graphics are, people are always aware that they still sit in their living room while killing zombies or shooting enemies on their large flat screen TV. However, playing virtual reality games gives them the opportunity to enter a totally different world. Therefore, the aim of this report is to make a comparison of virtual reality games with screen games and to see which is better for the game industry.

The Rise of VR technology

Virtual reality has changed a lot of people minds in the last century, especially after using it in the medical field as a great assistant device, also after using it for flight simulation. It has also been beneficial for aerospace engineers and NASA employers to do their own tests and experiments without having a lot of financial or human loss. The idea of developing the VR is getting bigger and bigger as we move on, many companies now are trying to improve their own products, and by using the VR technology, they can attract a lot of customers and increase their sales.

VR into Games?

Many large gaming companies are trying to mix the experience of the VR with their games. One big example is the PlayStation. There is a famous game they developed called ‘Skyrim’. This game has a great reputation among the players, and it is famous with the movement of the player and the animation and the graphics. After this, the idea of developing VR games has become popular.

VR Games

A New Interesting Experience

Simulating games provide an exciting trial for users, trying to change the way that people think about ordinary games. Not only that, they can make people react with each other when playing those games, especially when playing co-op modes. There are a lot of examples showing us how can VR games be delightful comparing when it is an ordinary screen game. One clear example is cars racing games such as ‘Need for Speed’, or ‘Driver’, or ‘Forza Horizon’. There are now many players playing those games with simulating steering wheels and a special set up machines instead of using regular controllers. this makes the players feel like they are diving into the game and it will allow them to feel such as they are driving the cars that they have been dreaming to try. the fascinating part is that they can try the experience of driving at high speeds safely. According to Green (2017), the feeling of being inside a real-life game is really deep. He means that it is really a special experience and it is unique.

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An Educational Method

Virtual reality is the new era in the educational field. For instance, it is widely used for flight simulating which can train pilots the fundamentals of Aviation before taking the risks in real life. Moreover, it exposes them to situations which they face different types of damages and critical weather. Another use of VR games in terms of education is for medics. There is a popular game called ‘Surgeon Simulator’. It is a funny game introducing how surgeries are done in a funny way, but if this game were well-developed and allocated for beginner surgeons, it will make a huge difference.

An Enjoyable Way to Burn Calories

Certain VR games demand the player to become more physically active. Don’t be surprised when you’re playing VR when you flicker your hands or walk around the place. This is a healthier choice than to just sit with a controller in your hand on your couch. Although it isn’t as efficient as a gym, it will help you burn some calories. It is also useful for people who hate going to the gym, because it combines the Movement and mental activity in an entertainment way. Hoalst (2018) stated that VR exercises are so invigorating and compensating to our minds that players are rapidly sent into vivid states that make practicing feel less boring. If someone hates the atmosphere of regular practicing, ‘VR Olympic Games’ is a good choice for him.

Conventional Games

A Better Cost

Traditional games are obviously cheaper than VR games. What they really require is only the availability of the console or the personal computer that runs the game. On the other hand, VR games need a whole set up in order to run them and play with them, they also require more parts other than the pc and the console such as gaming sticks and glasses. The most common VR system is HTC Vive and it costs around 2500 SAR for only the device which is assumed to be expensive for the average individual. Conversely, screen games usually cost around 200 SAR. In fact, conventional games better sales than VR games (Green, 2017).

Higher Quality and Longer Time Playing

Screen games are characterized by more graphics details than VR games, and that is because they are easier in programming, also because of the experience that big companies producing the games have. For example, Treyarch, which produce war games like ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Battlefield’ has a good reputation since 1996, and now this company is an expert in the field of Developing games. This high resolution also depends on the engine running those games. Most of the conventional game engines can display the game at 2k resolution or even at 4k resolution while VR games are limited on lower resolutions. Even if someone can run VR games on a 4k resolution he will need a supercomputer and, in the meantime, there are few supercomputers around the world which only governments can afford. In terms of the time needed to finish the game, conventional games are quite lengthier than VR games. Most of the screen games have good stories and plots that VR games don’t have, VR technology now is usually created for games which are focused on the simulation of the reality whereas screen games are focusing on the scenario and the story, so obviously they will take longer time to go through the story and finish it.


In conclusion, the demand of VR technology in games is growing as we move in time. It may overrun the traditional games one day Even though with the Strong competition we see between the companies. I personally think that gaming industrial companies should focus on producing VR games because it is more entertaining, and it educates people and enriches their knowledge in different fields and because it can also make people energetic.

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