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ISIS Recruitment Process

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Table of contents

  1. ISIS: The Violent Organization
  2. The Modern Recruitment
  3. Choosing from Thousands
  4. Technological Aid
  5. Otpor VS ISIS
  6. Conclusion

ISIS: The Violent Organization

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, also known and ISIS, is an organization that is run by groups of violent extremists who wish to change the world. This terrorist organization is led by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. In addition, this organization has tried to convince the world to accept the Islamic law as their life guidance because they believe that this is the right way to live (Daveed). Those who oppose the Islamic law are considered the enemy of this organization, and since they do not follow their ideology desires they have to be punished by the ISIS fighters. Moreover, they have been able to keep themselves afloat for years because of all the support they received from around the world. Furthermore, they let different kinds of people with different backgrounds join the organization as long as they meet certain requirements that will benefit them. ISIS is motivated by their ultimate goal which is to implement their religious beliefs to the world and make the rest of the world join them (Farwell). This is why they are a dangerous organization that is willing to prove their beliefs in ways that do not benefit the world. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have been successful as a terrorist organization because of their recruitment methods, who they choose, involvement with technology, and how different they are to nonviolent organizations.

The Modern Recruitment

ISIS has different ways of attracting people who may eventually join the terrorist cause. The methods they use to increase their popularity and numbers of fighters is a combination of extreme violence, propaganda, and religious manipulation (Farwell).These manipulation techniques are used to target individuals who are not alike to each other so they can occupy different ranks to make the group stronger. However, the main method that has always worked from the beginning of the organization is violence (Farwell). In addition, extreme violence is what shaped them into the organization that they are at the moment. ISIS has impacted the lives of people who have witnessed their work. They use violence to show how powerful and strong they are together as a force. Furthermore, their use of propaganda attracts individuals because the terrorist organization attempts to show people that they can have an amazing life if they join (Daveed). They have become skillful at using social media and different media platforms, but then being violent is what made them successful as an organization in the first place.Another method they tend to use is religion to make faithful individuals believe that they must join ISIS so they can satisfy their God or Gods. ISIS has several ways to test the loyalty and faithfulness of aspiring recruits.The method that is chosen by the recruiter will depend on what they see from the individual that wants to join their cause.

Choosing from Thousands

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is very open when it comes to choosing a possible recruit. This terrorist group consists of two kinds of people. Furthermore, there is those who are manipulated into thinking that they must join and those who do not see it as an option because of how deep there are in their radical ideologies (Bloom). There are different ways of obtaining the interest of those in charge of recruiting others. First, an individual can give some money to the organization as a donation (maeghin). Second, a possible recruit can let ISIS know that they are interested in joining when the recruit saves and downloads the propaganda material that the organization has uploaded to the internet (maeghin). Third, an individual can get into the organization’s website and begin communicating with the recruiters (Maeghin). These methods help make an individual visible in the eyes of the organization and it makes the terrorist organization believe that they want to join their cause. ISIS does not waste their time and money on those who may not be suitable for the organization. This is why an aspiring recruit must show the organization that they want to devote themselves to their goal and become part of their perfect world. In addition, those who are violent and are looking for a dangerous life may be a perfect fit for the organization (Bloom). Even individuals who are educated and can be classified as professionals can be welcomed into this organization because of all the skills they may have (Bloom). Another important group of people that ISIS May prefer are religious extremists because the organization will make them think that they must join to serve their religious duty (Bloom). There are many candidates that may be chosen for ISIS because of their skills, beliefs, and values.

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Technological Aid

ISIS has been able to expand its organization in numbers because of the usage of technology and the evolvement of their recruitment methods. In addition, the organization has been able to diversify the group because of their ability to communicate with the rest of the world with the usage of the internet. ISIS shares their work by recording their work and tasks to upload it online so they can show the world how successful they are (Farwell). Members of ISIS can communicate with future recruits through different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (Farwell). Technology has made the task of recruiting easier and faster to accomplish. Furthermore, main benefit of recruiting via online is how they can reach thousands of people without having to invest too much money in it and how discreet it may be (Maeghin). Those aspiring to join the terrorist organization do not have to travel far to figure out if they have been chosen to complete a particular task, because they would just have to wait for the recruiter to respond through a social media platform. This improvement of their recruitment methods has made it easier for ISIS to find the people they need to recruit in the right areas where they wish to target with violence and continue their goals of spreading their message. The world advances are letting violent group movements find ways to keep manipulating people into joining their cause which is why technology has helped terrorist organizations grow.


There are multiple differences between the Optor organization and ISIS. Moreover, these organizations may be somewhat similar when it comes to their perseverance and how bad they want to accomplish their goals in order for them to cause change. Both of these organizations depend on their followers and potential members because without their supporters they would not be able to continue ‘fighting’ for their cause. Unlike ISIS, Optor was mostly built by young students who are Serbians (Nikolayenko). In addition, the members of Optor fight for rights they deserve, the liberty to report and express what they would like, and and demanded the universities to be free of politics (Nikolayenko). A major difference between these two organizations is how ISIS uses violence to achieve their goals and how Optor use nonviolent movements to cause major changes. Another difference is how the members for the organizations are chosen and how they are attracted by the organizations. These two organizations are complete opposites of each other beca


The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria will keep attempting to convince the world of following the Islamic law because of how obsessed they are with that radical ideology. They have a recruitment process that is very common nowadays. In addition, them being open to different ways of spreading their message has helped the organization grow in numbers and strength. Almost anyone can join the organization as long as they are truly devoted to the cause. Furthermore, them having followers around the world benefits them because they would not have to attack other countries directly. The use of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has made the recruitment process better because of how efficient it is. ISIS’ goal orientation and dedication are the only factors that are similar to nonviolent organizations. To finalize, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has become a strong organization because of the way they recruit individuals, which individuals are preferred, how they use social media, and how different they are.

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