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Islam And The Problem Of Female Oppression

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Before I started to write on this topic, the first thing that comes in my mind is that What is Islamization? and what is the history of Islamization? To begin with, we must be known What is Islamization? The Islamization is the method of getting something or someone under the Islamic rules or laws is known as Islamization. In some of the countries, Islamic sentiments has still been alive like in Pakistan, but different governments have utilized this to their benefits. In this essay, I outline the history of Pakistan under the Islamic laws and their impact on women. I also discuss the links between the state, religion and women’s organization and demonstrate how they have shaped women’s lives in Pakistan. Also, my focus is on General Zia-ul-Haq ideologies and policies regarding women. As well as, my all the essay around on the Islam and female oppression, history of Islamization, gender disparity, Islamization impact on women, women rights violation and how we provide proper women rights.

According to my research, overall the concept of Islamization came after the World War I. If we see Islamization in Pakistani context, the concept of Islamization came after the fall of Dhaka. And after sometimes the concept of Islamization came into terrorism in Pakistan. In the Pakistani context, most of the motivated people as well as Ulemas defined Islamization in different ways, but some people have proved dangerous for Pakistan. After some time, the concept of Islamization closer to the Talibanization. Then it pushed the state of Pakistan to the verge of collapse. Poverty and illiteracy continue to hide behind the appearance of Islamization. Additionally, Pakistani society could accept laws which specified that women are less than men in different ways. Because of that Muslims in general consider it a self-evident truth that women are not equal to men. We know obviously in Pakistan women are treated less responsibility as compared to men. But generally, women are also equal to men. Some of the women think that we can’t do this and that. They can do everything whatever they want, they just need self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Pakistan is the second most populous Muslim majority country in the world. In Pakistan, the legitimate status of women is completely unequal as compared to men. In 1973 the structure of Pakistan ensures it as a principal right expressing in Article that “Before law all citizens are equal, and all are equal to the protection of law”. The position and status of women has been a political issue over the globe and over the ages. The recent resurgence of religious fundamentalism has given new life to debates on the position of women in Islam. But these debates frequently neglect the historical specificities which shape women’s lives in a variety of contexts. Also, Women are not a monolithic group. If I talk about the women in Islam require that there is an uncontested, universal understanding and implementation of Islam which affects all Muslim women in all over the world. Basically, in this paper, I outline the history of Pakistan’s involvement with Islamic laws and their effect on women and follow some of the links between the state, religion, and women’s organizations in forming women’s lives in Pakistan.

I argue that in order to completely understand the current position of women in Pakistani society. One of the must look at the history of Pakistan and the role of the state in effectively formulating and promoting a particular definition of womanhood. In Pakistan, various Pakistani sees that it was a single adaptation of Islam is practiced or ought to be practiced in entirety Pakistani society, but what the adaptation ought to be comprised are highly conflicting issue. As Pakistani community comprises of numerous ethnic groups and distinctive orders of hammer having their claim standards and rules to be taken after. Compiling with this numerous individuals basically the rights Muslim women have, in case everybody offers and grasps a one-dimensional view of women’s rights, though there is no one adaptation being taken after in Pakistan.

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