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Islam, Judaism, And Christianity

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Every religion have a really big history behind it. Every religion is a piece full religion and modest. Every religion is different but some believe are same. Such as they all believe on God and some how if you look carefully in every religion women have to cover head before they start praying. In order to respect God. Muslim is someone who practices Islam, believes on Allah and it’s a monotheistic Abrahamic religion.Muslims have holy book called Qur’an.muslims pray 5 times a day. They also believe on Five Pillars of Islam.

First is shahada, second is prayer, third is zakat ( charity), fourth is fasting, fifth is hajj. ( pilgrimage) Christianity is an abrahamic monotheistic religion. They believe in Jesus Christ. They have a holy book called the bible. They believe that Jesus is the son of God. Christianity grew out of Judaism. They also believe in God the father, of Jesus Christ as the son of God and holy spirt. Judaism is an ancient monotheism Abrahamic religion with the Torah as its foundation text. They believe on Hebrew. They are mostly found in Israel. Judaism is the oldest monotheism found in Israel. Judaism is the oldest monotheism religion. Moses was the main founder of Judaism. These are the three holy books Jews is Talmud, Christians is Bible, Muslims is Qur’an. The importance differences the three holy books: The Jews study a Talmud. “The Talmud is six sections, named Sedarim (orders). Each Seder contains several books named Mesachet (Mesachot).

There are eleven mesachot in the Talmud. Each of them deals with many different Jews laws.”Christians study the Bible. “The Bible has a bunch of different ways, it has different sections, some of these sections are in the Old Testament and some are in the New Testament. There are many chapters and each chapter has many verses”.The Qur’an is the holy book of Islam. “The Qur'an is a summary book of all the prophets. The Quran is additionally divided into 30 equal sections, called juz' (ajiza).” All of these books are different from each religion. The language and the style is very different and they study them differentlyMuslims and Christians both think they will go to 'eternal hell' whereas Jews think they will go to 'either eternal heaven, reincarnation, or no afterlife.' They also have different outlooks on the birth and death of Jesus. Christians and Muslims believe Jesus was born from a virgin birth, meaning Mary just randomly by Gods will had a child she was to name Jesus. The Jewish people on the other hand think Jesus came by a normal birth, saying that Mary and Joseph had a child together. Then there's the death of Jesus, which they don't agree on either. Muslims believe that Jesus 'did not die but ascended into heaven during crucifixion.' The Jewish and Christians populations believe that he died by crucifixion. Festivals and Holiday. :The most important Jewish's holiday is Hanukkah is one of the few holidays that are not instituted in the Torah. It commemorates a post-biblical event.

The most important Christian's holiday Christmas is the birth of Jesus on December 25. The most important Islamic holiday is Eid el Fitr, Eid el Adha and One month of daytime fasting (Ramadan). Not everyone in this world can believe the same things, Christians want Jesus to come take them away so they can go live an eternal life in heaven, Islam's want their God to come save them so they can have an eternal life in paradise and Jewish people want Jesus to have his first coming and save them. They all have disagreements on what's right and what's wrong, but they can sometimes get along. For instance, they all believe in one God and worshiping that one God. They all believe that there should be a certain day on which they worship, even though these days are not the same. They all believe in a hell and demons along with angels. They all have a special book of their own that they study, and in that book is the word of that religions God. So you see, they may have many, many differences as the three Abrahamic Religions, but they do have some things in common that they agree about also.

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In the religion Christianity The head covering is to be worn by all women in the church service. The head covering is to be worn by women in the church service only when praying or prophesying publicly. In Judaism Jewish tradition requires men to cover the head as a sign of humility before God, and women, as evidence of modesty before men, although the Bible does not explicitly command either men or women to cover the head. The history behind Muslims women wearing is a veil worn by some Muslim women in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family, which usually covers the head and chest. The history behind Christianity covering head is “the historical record reveals that the early churches all understood Paul to be talking about a cloth veil, not long hair.

The only thing that wasn't clear to some of the early Christians was whether or not Paul's instructions apply to all females or only to married women. The reason is that the Greek word gyne, used by Paul, can mean” 'a female' or it can mean 'a married woman.'. After all the reach I figured out that in Christianity more of married women are supposed to or have to, this rule is not have to for unmarried women. They can if they want too. The history behind Muslims covering their head is “ that Muslim women started to wear the hijab to emulate Muhammad's wives, who are revered as 'Mothers of the Believers' in Islam, wore hijab and never have ever shown even one piece of hair. From the history women had to wear hijab no matter What happens but know and a day every women have a choice. The history behind Judaism covering head, “In many traditional Jewish communities, women wear head coverings after marriage. This practice takes many different forms: Hats, scarves, and wigs (often referred to as sheitels [SHAYtulls) all cover and reveal different lengths of hair.

Many women only don the traditional covering when entering or praying in a synagogue, and still others have rejected hair covering altogether.” “The tradition to wear a kippah is not derived from any biblical passage. Rather, it is a custom which evolved as a sign of our recognition that there is Someone “above” us who watches our every act. In Talmudic times, the practice of wearing a headcovering was reserved for men of great stature. In later generations, though, it became the accepted custom for all Jewish men to wear a kippah at all times, and especially during prayer. As with all Jewish customs, once they become a universally accepted Jewish practice, they become halachically obligatory.” In Jewish not only when women cover there head also men do cover it in different way from each other. In these all religions all the women cover there heads or hair, In all religions they all are modest. There are some difference the ways they cover there heads in Christianity all the women don’t have to cover there head as in Muslims they all have to cover there head in Christianity only the Married women have to cover there head I’m order to enter church. Wear in Judaism men and women both have to cover there head. In Islam and Christianity men don’t cover there head. And Judaism no mater men have to wear kippah.

These all religions that I have learned, were very knowledgeable and very interesting I know all the religions most part and what are the beliefs and some what what’s they all are attached and have similarities it’s just the way we view them and after all these all the religions beliefs on god. The only difference is that the way they view them some people see as anonymous and some people give a shape and present it.

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