Islamophobia And Islam

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The ongoing issue of Islamophobia is outlined by the misrepresentation and stereotyping of Muslims in the media. The media have blamed all Muslims for recent terrorist attacks carried out by extreme groups who say they follow the religion of Islam. This chapter aims to investigate the reasons islamophobia is a global issue in societies. With further research conducted, 95% have an understanding of islamophobia yet 5% who conducted the survey have no understanding of islamophobia. Participants of the primary research taken Individuals understanding of islamophobia are considered to be the irrational ‘fear’ of the religion Islam and those who follow it, Discrimination and dislike of Muslims and Islam. Prejudice against Muslims and Islam. (Reserach 56, 2020)

The indication of Islamophobia shown through the working group ‘Islam and media’ composed by Faatin Haque shows Islamophobia and the impact on conflict resolutions. The media is regularly liable for the reporting of fair and unbiased new stories towards Islamic individuals, where the global media is accused for disregarding into the ethical issues when it regards Islam inside society. (Faatin Haque) Islam is the quickest developing religion in the world all the more predominantly in the west, where various generalisations and misguided judgments about Islam happen. Disregarding the way that Islam is depicted upon as 'extremist', 'terrorist' religion, Islam is the complete opposite. Islam is a peaceful religion and doesn't elevate uncalled or assaults to others. Islam is inclined to the generalisations in the Western culture, utilising medias judgments of their words used to depict Muslims. (Faatin Haque) The misrepresentations of their clothing, generally regular with ladies wearing the cover in the west. It is to be believed that it’s a harsh custom Islam requires of women to wear a veil. It’s also claims the veils attacks the privileges of a women, but yet in reality it serves the inverse and secures them. (Faatin Haque) The terrorist groups who justify themselves as ‘Muslims’ have anticipated a public opinion against all followers of Islam. Regarding the insight of association of Islam and Muslims with the term ‘Arab or Middle Eastern’ are in fact a misleading, as Arabs only account for just 18% of the Muslim population around the world.

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Through stereotypes of Islam, the creation of islamophobia is arising. Muslims are stereotypically conceptualised as terrorists and Islam as the abode of terrorism. A lot of negativity is presented in the media based off few events that people assume to be characteristics of the whole religion of Islam, portrayed upon as 'extremist', 'terrorist' religion. (Faatin Haque) Islamophobia is an issue around the world, It allows others to see the discrimination towards Muslims in society.

Psychological oppression in the broadest sense is a demonstration of viciousness proposed to make terror and fear in individuals and society for varying reasons. It has been a recurring issue throughout history and keeps on being executed by individuals of shifting social, financial, social, political, and ideological foundations. In this sense, fear-based oppression isn't one of a kind to a specific people or culture. (Georgetown, 2018) Be that as it may, particularly over the last ten years, most of demonstrations of fear-based oppression have been submitted by Muslims and as a conclusion it has been introduced as a Muslim marvel. This has been the situation to a great extent because of the job media has played, in connecting psychological oppression to Muslims and to their confidence.

(Belinda F. Espiritu 2016) explains the negative aspects that the media depiction of Islam is a present obsession in mainstream media, current obsession is joined with negative signifiers with the worldwide media's dominatingly negative depiction of Islam and Muslims. The site asserts the media portrays Muslims by and large as fierce, obsessive, narrow-minded, or as radicals and psychological oppressors. Particularly after the 9/11 bombing at World Trade Centre in New York, Islamophobia has expanded influencing standard Muslims around the globe. Islam is reliably depicted by worldwide media as a violence prone religion in the public eye. The self-proclaimed Islamic State group (ISIS) which allegedly shows videos of the beheadings of individuals, depict an image for others in society about Muslim individuals today. As Muslim individuals are an obsession in the mainstream media and the misrepresentation of Muslim communities, leads to the exclusion of the community.

The media is regularly liable for the reporting of fair and unbiased new stories towards Islamic individuals, where the global media is accused for disregarding into the ethical issues when it regards Islam inside society.

With media only highlighting the negatives of individuals who claim to be Muslim, it sets a negative understanding for individuals. With 42.9% believing the media isn’t the reason of misunderstanding Islam, and a solid 57.1% agreeing as the media seems to be the issue. Media tends to focus on Muslims who commit terrorist acts and highlight Islam as a violent religion. Whereas it often doesn’t capture the other side of the Islamic culture. (Reserach 56, 2020)

Participants of the primary research taken believe the media tends to focus on men committing acts, rather than women. (Reserach 56, 2020) As extremist groups often are led by men, it becomes an easier access for the media to pinpoint headlines about Islamic individuals. It still an ongoing issue the Muslim community face, as the hate and discrimination hasn’t stopped on society. They also believed with the media misrepresenting their Islamic cultural beliefs, it often leads to their exclusion in society. Demonstrating the discrimination, they face on a day to day bases, of others act who act in the name of Islam and the media jeopardising them actions for a negative encounter.

Across the media the differentiation of the effect based on gender is rapidly enormous, due to physical appearances of women. Women in society have become more of a target as they represent the name of Islam physically, which allows individuals whom are Islamophobic be disgraceful to them.

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