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Issues of War on Drugs in Philippines: Argumentative Essay

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1. Anti-War on Drugs.

The Philippines’ War on Drugs results to extrajudicial killings which is immoral and show unjustifiable act.

2. Argument ‘

Actions and processes on the war on drugs are ineffective.

The war on Drugs results to sanctioned murder as stated by Vanda Brown. The threats and harms encountered by society on the use of drugs are ineffective. In the first year of the presidential administration, accused people or drug users were killed in the Philippines with a total of 9000 people through the calls of police. It is deeply immoral that the state policy is misguided and objectionable in the country. Extrajudicial killings and police hide other suspects which result to the chance of anyone can be labeled as a pusher or simply get killed according to the article of Vanda Brown.

War on Drugs allows the country to be on danger.

According to the report of Armed Conflict, the war on drugs makes the country to be more dangerous. With this, the fourth most dangerous country is the Philippines. Human rights are being abused in the country and produce higher number of deaths in relation to drug use as stated by the UN commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet. From July 2016, it has been recorded that 5425 people has been killed in anti-drugs operations. The president’s campaign on war on drugs results to political violence as statistics showed that extrajudicial killings is increasing year by year as stated by Rod Austin. The voiceless people with the least access to the fairness of human rights are the target of the campaign as mentioned by Carlos Conde, a researcher for human rights.

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In conclusion, the issue in the Philippines’ War on Drugs is unpleasant and unconscionable. The process of extrajudicial killings must put in a right way. Instead, investigations must follow and be enhanced. The law of the Philippines tries to reduce criminal violence. With this, the country should develop real and humane act on the use of drugs. Suspects and arrested users must be given equal and fair trials.

3. Counter Argument

War on Drugs is effective.

According to the report of ABSCBN news, the rate of illegal drugs users is decreasing. Thus, the campaign of the war on drugs is working. The continuous anti-illegal drugs campaign is beneficial and effective in assuring drug users to refrain on using illegal drugs as mentioned in the statement of PNP spokesperson, Bernard Banac. With this, it will be a way to reduce to the total number of crimes nationwide. As stated by the chief of PDEA, Aaron Aquino, the process of the government’s fight against war on drugs produces a great effect. Also, there is an improvement for spreading peace and order as stated by the PNP chief, Oscar Albayalde. Thus, there are advantages and impacts from the war on drugs. In addition, the issue on the war of drugs challenged organizations including health officials to create services on rehabilitation as stated by Gideon Lasco. In this way, it makes openness to people and government agencies to come up with drugs in a more broad way.

Killing is not the purpose of war on drugs.

The death toll of war on drugs has been focused in different organizations. However, the president has a purpose on the drug war. According to the president, war on drugs is a fight to conserve peacefulness to the youth. Killing is not the purpose of the campaign war on drugs as stated by Lucio Pitlo. In the article of Lucio Pitlo, a total of 117, 385 anti-drug operations were administered from July 2016 to December 2018. The article of Lucio Pitlo demonstrates life as sacred and each person must have due process under the law. However, saving minors and arresting suspects of drug users are the purpose of the campaign.

In conclusion, illegal drug users are scared for their lives. With this, they would rather give in to the authorities. The president did not expect that other suspects would end up surrendering themselves. Preventing crime rates is one of the concerns of the campaign. However, criticisms are created by other people and organizations. As wars on drugs continue to spread, the president’s administration should provide best practices that are effective in the country. In this way, Filipinos will be aware and convinced on the positive side of war on drugs.


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