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IT Usage for Starbucks Company

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Starbucks was established in 1971 by three local businessmen to sell high quality whole beans coffee. Starbucks opens its first coffee store in Seattle, Washington. In 1990 Starbucks grow its base camp in Seattle and furthermore construct another broiling plant. In 1990s Starbucks opens 60 retails shops in United Kingdom. Toward the finish of 2000s Starbucks all out branches was 3500. Coffee is one of the quickly developing industry in this world because of its business methodology. Expansion of Starbucks around the world is still in the beginning times and Starbucks has an open door for future development. Starbucks principle objective was to dispatch itself as the most famous and regarded brand on the planet.

The organization fundamental goal was to the extension of its branches everywhere throughout the world, to expand its retail business, grow new methods, item and present new appropriation directs so as to accomplish its objectives. With various assortments of espresso and organic juices, Starbucks is consistently the principal alternative that the client picks when he/she frantically needs coffee. Be that as it may, now and then clients are likewise exhausted of going to Starbucks as they are not demonstrating a lot of enthusiasm for changing things as per the desires of clients. Hence, in order to fulfill the needs of the clients, starbucks must start thinking out of the box and follow a new innovative business approach (“Starbucks Marketing”, 2016).

Growth opportunities

Starbucks is effective when it actualized the launch of fresh juice in United States. Once Starbucks has begun serving fresh juice it was running successfully in United States since it has enough assets, framework to dispatch new items in the market. It required some investment for Starbucks to arrive at this new items for clients. Another part that Starbucks organization must consider and use Information Technology assets to get everything in one place and guarantee smooth progression of change and execution of espresso, tea and new natural product juices. For web based marketing, Starbucks put away part of cash for online advancements and commercials to arrive at clients. The organization arranged for free trial of the items to such huge numbers of individuals in all the supermarkets. This activity results numerous individuals to purchase this item and this arrangement is suggested by numerous clients. This can bring about numerous proposal of the organization to the individuals and they can alter the re-discharge the item if necessary. They run web based life notices and web based outdoors this can arrive at numerous clients, so they can put orders as indicated by their enthusiasm for espresso and juices. Not only is Starbucks concentrating on expanding its footprint, but also changing its store mix.

It is significant for the organization to consider that individuals don’t favor fresh juice in winter, so the organization ought to set up its own marked tea for winter. For this organization should spread their examples in all the stores and advancements utilizing online life and get clients audit and dispatch their marked tea and this speculation may cost high for the organization however the profits will be high. Instead of opening more dine-in restaurants, the coffee giant is concentrating on drive-thrus in the outer edges of urban and suburban areas (“Starbucks growth strategy”, 2016).

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Tailored Menu based on Customer’s Interests

The eating habits of the customers are evolving. Individuals resemble to eat alongside some espresso. These interests can be known just on the off chance that we connect with the clients. There will be numerous customers consistently to the stores. The assessment of the clients can be gathered with the assistance of an online study where they can give data of whether they are happy with the administration or not. Most of the customers are anticipate having the choice of breakfast with a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Starbucks essentially consists of wide assortment of espressos, can put together the feedback from clients about the progressions that are required to the menu with the assistance of web based survey. Utilizing IT, Starbucks can really make an online connection and give a customized platform where ideas for new items can be given by customers. When the surveys are given, a group can utilize IT to gather the most wished focuses and the progressions can be made to menu. Many other food companies like Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme follow this method and get useful feedback from customers, which has helped them progress in their business. Starbucks wants to get coffee drinkers to eat more food at its stores (Garnick, 2017).

Increased Efficiency of distribution channel

Distribution channel is the core of any business. We do know venture from an espresso bean to a cup is muddled. To make it simpler flexibly chains are required. At first, as there is only one store, the significance of circulation channel isn’t required at Starbucks. Be that as it may, presently the stores are being extended and there is have to send the fixings to the stores on schedule. This expanded part of costs for Starbucks and the deals dropped. Let us consider a scenario when Starbucks didn’t know that its supply chain was meeting the company’s preset objective. One piece of information that things were not exactly right: the organization’s operational expenses were rising despite the fact that deals were cooling. Between October 2007 and October 2008, for instance, distribution chain costs in the United States rose from US $750 million to more than US $825 million, yet deals for U.S. stores that had been open for in any event one year dropped by 10 percent during that equivalent period.

Utilizing IT, to defeat the issues of supply chain, they can really make an arrangement where the conveyance channel can be streamlined, the expenses can be decreased lastly upgrade the offices. This assists with decreasing the weight of costs on the organization and builds the deals. Furthermore, an authority group can be designated to keep an eye on the supply chain choices (Cooke, 2010).


Starbucks is a global organization with recognition all around the world. Starbucks uses a simple yet effective method, “connecting links between treating employees with dignity and respect and producing good product and services.” That was the main considerations that separate Starbucks from others and bring the fruitful to Starbucks. Starbucks expansive its business with the assistance of entrenched techniques of it situated itself in the market. Be that as it may, each item has an actual existence cycle and that value declines with time. The same applies for starbucks as time passes, so this is the ideal time for them to move their market and arrange their systems to increase their customer base and business.


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