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Analysis of the Jack the Ripper Case

In the East end of London, White Chapel District, 1888, a string of 5 murders occurred within the span of 3 months. The 5 canonical murders were committed by the same ruthless killer going under the name ‘Jack the Ripper’. The 5 Canonical Victims Mary Ann Nichols (Prostitute) – body was found on August 31st, 3.40am. Nichols with her throat was slashed and she was disemboweled. Annie Chapman (Prostitute) – body found on September 8th. Chapmas was found with her...
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Critical Analysis of the Article: Rizal: Father of Hitler? Jack The Ripper?

The article was about the issue of the fatherhood of Rizal to Adolf Hitler. The former was a dictator and leader of a group known as Nazi Party in Germany. It explained the possibilities of father and son relationship of the two. The writer also made mention of Jack the Ripper, the mysterious notorious serial killer of the 19th century in London. It pinpointed Rizal as one of the suspects of the Whitechapel killings in 1888. There were several arguments...
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Theories Around the Jack the Ripper Case in Berkoff's Theatre: Reflective Essay

Berkoff’s theatre is commonly known as total theatre. His key conventions were physical theatre, aggressive direct address, archaic text mixed with expletives, monologues with ensemble mime, multi role and cross gender casting, surreal representation of ordinary, settings/events and elaborate transitions With regards to physical theatre (his most well-known convention) he liked the actors becoming props and even using them to create the scenery. He also liked the actors to create sound effects and use mime. His theatre used a mixture...
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Analytical Essay on Serial Killers: Jack the Ripper, The Cleveland Torso Murderer

Jack the Ripper: Introduction For three months in 1888, fear and terror stalked the streets of Whitechapel, London. During these months, five women (some ought to believe more) were murdered and horribly mutilated by the man who was known as ‘Jack the Ripper’. Main Body: One of many forensic advances that would aid in solving this case would have been the possibility of CCTV cameras. Jack the Ripper is an infamous unknown serial killer; thus, CCTV’s could help identify him...
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Identity of Jack the Ripper: Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography The identity of the Whitechapel murderer is a contestable topic based on eyewitness accounts and police reports. Over time, key arguments have emerged in published literature that suggest that Jack the Ripper was a sociopath and was more than likely a surgeon based on the injuries of his victims. However, these arguments have been highly contested throughout history, especially as more evidence has appeared and analysed through the use of modern technology. Source 1 Citation: Begg, P. (2005)....
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Industrial Revolution and Vulnerability to Jack the Ripper: Analytical Overview

For the greater part of human history, life involved hunting, gathering, hand-making goods and living in agricultural societies. For an awfully long time, people were dependant on the access they have to food and basic human needs. During the 18th century, the process of urbanisation increased and manufacturing of goods became mechanicalised. Goods that had once been painstakingly crafted by hand started to be produced in mass quantities by machines in factories, thanks to the introduction of new machines and...
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Reviewing of Offender Profiling Successful Based on Known Criminal Cases

How successful is the practice of offender profiling in the criminal justice system? This piece of work will be reviewing the success of offender profiling in the criminal justice system. It will do so by comparing the different methods carried out in order to profile an offender and delving into the pros and cons of each method. The first major example of offender profiling is that of ‘Jack the Ripper’ (1888) – which is widely cited as the first occasion...
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Mind Analysis of the Most Notorious Serial Killers

The mind of a serial killer is something that has fascinated psychologists and medical professionals alike for many decades. The mystery behind what causes these individuals to carry out the crimes is what psychologists seek to discover because if there was a way to predict early on if a child would go on to attempt to murder, we could potentially find a method of psychological therapy or medications to push that child away from that path. Through the process of...
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