James Cameron's Remembered by Everyone ‘Titanic’: Movie Review

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‘Titanic’, a disaster film, directed, written, produced, and co-edited by James Cameron, integrates both historical and imaginary aspects, based on the stories of the sinking of the Royal Mail Ship Titanic, and the stars of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as members of the various social groups who fall in love on board the ship during its unfortunate journey.

On the ship, Rose DeWitt Bukater, acting by Kate Winslet, engaged to a rich man Caledon, whom she never liked. Despite engagement, Rose ran into a poor young man, Jack, acted by Leonardo DiCaprio, and fell in love. When they fight against the class and Caledon, the ship hits a glacial mountain and starts gradually drowning. Breaking the ice by the ship leaves, the stars of the movie, Rose and Jack, struggle for their lives as well as their love.

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Most of the film is on the Titanic, although some of it is currently happening with Rose in 86, telling her stories from the time she spent on the ship, but many flashes have been returned to 12 April 1912. It's classified as romantic, catastrophe, drama, historical, tetanic epic can take a choice from adapting to any of those five genes. But this movie is also for desperate romantic people, who are not afraid to tear off the central plot of this movie between Jack and Rose, following their love story, which in this case does not happen to be cliché with a case of nothing like this. On the other hand, if it is not a fan of romance, but rather an overcrowded disaster, Cameron uses astonishingly a lot of great cameras in my mind and a sinking carpet. There's no time with positive representation and a unique story. It's a great act of disaster, and it's a lot more than Jack and Rose's love. Cameron also failed to make his sights know how these huge ships work.

During the last hour of the movie and a major scene in the film the ‘drowning scene’, they beautifully capture the visible and distinctive effects of something very sad, and in 1997 they were photographed by visual and gay viewers made by Cameron. The walls that crashed, the water drowned rooms and roofs, those with a third-rate ticket locked in the basement were the first to suffer. In the last few moments, the ship is half underwater and half on top 180 degrees with Cameron, passengers without hope watching jumping off the ship, with the dicey screaming being heard, where their lives end in the bitter waters of the North Atlantic. Although there are some negative points about a movie that some may or may not ignore, the main reason is, unlike Jack and Rose's death, they'll be seen in their last moments together floating on a door in the ocean, there's supposed to be enough room for Jack to be the real man who gives room to Rose. The second negative point is the external screen of the Titanic, which could spend three hours and 14 minutes just another time, a certain mistake.

In general, James Cameron excellently conveys all peaks such as his tactical movement; full formation, rehabilitation and imagery of activity profiles should be undertaken as an example of film production. On average, it shows its brilliant production design and sudden results. In that connection, Cameron did a great job filming this story and making ‘Titanic’ remembered by everyone.

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