Japan Vs the Philippines: Comparative Essay

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In this essay, I will tackle the difference and similarities between the two countries, Japan and the Philippines. Even though these two countries are near to each other, the people, climate and culture are very different. Japan belongs to the first-class countries, while the Philippines belongs to the third world countries, and that was the first difference. Japan is almost the same size as the Philippines. However, the two countries are placed in Asia. Japan is one hour advance than the Philippines. In terms of season, Japan experienced four seasons such as winter, spring, summer, and fall while the Philippines has only two seasons, dry season and wet season. In similarity, both countries are inclined to typhoons, earthquakes, and tsunami.

The Philippines has a lower population compared to Japan. The Philippines has only one hundred five million people, while Japan has one hundred twenty-six million population. When it comes to the economy, the national gross income of Japan is higher than in the Philippines. The Japanese main language is Nihongo and it’s so hard for them to speak in English compared to the Philippines, Tagalog is their national language and most of Filipinos can speak or fluent in English.

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Japanese are also very punctual or always on time. People are always concerned not to be late for their schedules, whether it is in school or work. Japanese on-time culture is very important to them, and probably this is one of the causes of their fast-growing economy. Japanese children have also trained the importance of punctuality from their young age to their adult age. Because the Japanese are very conscious in their time they always want to come early or an hour ahead before their appointments. In contrast to Filipinos, it is very opposite to the attitude of the Japanese in terms of being on time. It's like they have their clock and if they have appointments, most of the time they are late. For Filipinos, this habit of tardiness was already common because in their defense, not all Filipinos are usually late and many factors are need to be considered for being late in the Philippines, such as terrible traffic, lack of transportation and many more.

When it comes to food, the Japanese serve more variety of dishes in the table while common Filipino only got one to two variables. Filipino's ways of eating are by using a spoon and fork while the Japanese eat with the chopstick. They both love to eat rice three times a day. In Japan breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day that's why the Japanese make sure that the presentation of food is exceptional because it enhances its artistic appeal. Although Filipino only does the presentation of food during feast or special occasions.

In terms of personality, Japanese people are more reserved and shy. They are very polite and respectful, and part of their tradition is to use a bow as a greeting, though handshake is common in Japan now, they more often use a bow as a greeting. When they call others, they call them with their surname. They remain distant and polite to a person even they known them for quite sometimes. The discipline for the Japanese is necessary and for them, it is a must to teach and imparted this discipline to the children at an early age. While Filipino people are very warm and friendly. Filipinos are known to be one of the most hospitable people in the world. They always wear a smile and give a warm welcome to their visitors (locals or foreigners). Their visitors will not leave their house with an empty stomach. Filipinos do not bow when greeting someone but there are using handshakes, hug and kiss, and the most popular is they put the hand of an elder to one's forehead as a sign of respect.

Japanese and Filipinos have strong family bonds, both have the culture to live with parents for a long time and take care of them when they get older. Meaning, both countries respect each other's culture.

When it comes to looks or appearance Japanese people have a white-skinned and relatively thick facial skin, which yields the narrow and monolid eyes. Their ear was also small to minimize the possibility of being freeze, and they had a relatively little body and facial hair. While Filipinos may look in many ways, it’s the result of Filipinos mixed with other foreign ethnicities. Some are tall, medium or short people, dark-skinned, light-skinned, white-skinned; even flat and pointed nose. They commonly have slanted eyes but some are big and round.

Filipinos are very conscious of their hygiene. For them morning showers are necessary and part of everyday routine, while the Japanese don't just take showers, they just love drenched in bathtubs to relax. For them the bathtub is the place for them to remove their daily tiredness from work or any appointments, so they typically take a bath at night before bedtime. Almost every corner in Japan has a well-maintained toilet and kept spotlessly clean to ensure the best comfort for travelers in Japan. Toilets are free to use and toilet paper, hand soap and hand cream are always provided. The cleanliness of the Japanese is known worldwide. On the other side, with most Filipinos taking a shower at least twice a day, but the cleanliness of the toilet is taken for granted. The public toilet in the Philippines is very far from perfect, Filipino encounters toilets with dirty tiles, soiled seats and overflowing trash bins.

Both countries are incomparable, although there’s a lot of differences in culture and tradition, both countries are very beautiful. Japan and the Philippines are included in those perfect places for tourism because of their beautiful places to visit. The Philippines is popular because of many kinds of beaches, while Japan is very popular for its cherry blossoms, Mt. Fuji, and animation or cartoons. Even they have differences in other aspects but people in both countries can build relationships, communication, connections and unity. Probably if you visit Japan or the Philippines, you will be satisfied.

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