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Job You Love Vs Job That Pays Well

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Job is an important factor, and without work life is impossible as it provides us with money which is essential for life. It not only fetches money for a better living, but also provides everyday learning. If you work a job you love, your life will be very different in everything. And although you spent a lot of time in a job you love or a job that pays well, your achievements and your psychological comfort and passion are different.

Having a favorite job is equal to doing an entertaining activity. People never feel tired during work because they are doing what they love as if they do their hobbies and this decreases the stress of work and also reduces problems that may occur during work as you find during work that everyone is happy, and there is a state of passion. And also, when people work a job they love, they always want to do their best, and they become creative, and in this way, the chance of making improvements in everything will increase. The study showed that 95% of the world’s workers who have a passion for what they do achieve the greatest achievements at a fast rate. So, if everyone works what he loves, the world may change and everything in our life would be better. Not only that, but this leads to a lot of money which is essential for life. So having an enjoyable job makes people move forward and increase their intellectual abilities.

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Choosing a job in order to have a high income without happiness means spending the majority of your life doing something annoying. During work, you always feel tired and stressed all the time as you do not like what you do and work just for money. Money doesn’t buy happiness and does not solve all your problems, and if people work just for the money, they always have negative emotions, and their lives become complicated. And also, when people already have significant salaries, they very often cease to look for professionals, and they have no passion for doing their best. The study also showed that 60% of workers in Europe work what they like, so we find that the country of Europe is in continuous progress, but only 10% of workers in ِAfrica do what they love and 90% work only for money, and they are not professionals, therefore, Africa is a developing country. So, if you work only for money then you are really wasting your life on nothing, and the money is not only what provides a better life, but also daily learning.

To conclude, you spent a lot of time in both, but when you work a job, you love you have a lot of achievements, and a passion to move forward and you feel comfortable opposite to who worked just for money. Really, I believe that an enjoyable job even with a low salary surpasses the advantages of a high salary job that is not full fit my emotional demands of a career.

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