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Reflective Essay on Different Philosophies of Education

Task: Did any of the varied philosophies surprise you? Did you find that any components ‘spoke’ to you although you didn’t initially think you would agree with that philosophy? Do you think any philosophies spark changes in educational practice or instructional models over time? Response: I spent quite some time this week going over the various reading material and philosophies in quite some detail to broaden my understanding of what we are referring to as “philosophy in education”, the impact...
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The Pedagogy Of John Dewey And Its Application In Education

John Dewey is known as the master-mind in the history of learning theories. It’s not possible for anyone to exclude his work or ignores his particular theory ‘Experience and Education’. John gave authentic views regarding education and its system. He was persuasive in so many parts of scholastic modification, so choosing a portion of his work is injustice with him, so here we will discuss so many areas in which he had done a tremendous job or called his master-piece....
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Implication Of John Dewey's Ideas In South African Educational System

South African educational system faces many challenges even in the post-apartheid era (Sefotho, 2018). This essay will focus on the issue of poor discipline in South African schools. In this essay, I will discuss the causes of poor discipline in schools, its implication in the education system, and also what sustains the problem. Causes There are different factors that lead to lack of discipline in South African schools. One of the biggest distresses of democratic South Africa is the lack...
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Theory Of John Dewey And Paulo Freire: Critical Analysis

As a technical teacher in the Department of Correctional Services, I have experience in teaching adult offenders. I taught Mathematics and Motor Trade Theory N1 to offenders registered for a TVET Programme called Engineering Studies N1 Students. I never had an opportunity to teach at a school outside correctional services except when I was doing my teaching practice. During my experiential learning, I taught grade 10 to 11 learners. Before writing this assignment, I read through all the theorists provided...
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Comparative Analysis J.Dewey's and J.Mezirow's Perspectives on Reflection

Reflective practice is undoubtedly one of the most important steps towards a successful teaching career. Being reflective means being open-minded, wholehearted, and responsible. In this essay I will present two theorists, Dewey and Mezirow, and their perspectives on reflection, as well as my own thoughts, agreements, and differences. Reflective though started to form back in the 20th century, when philosopher and educator John Dewey published his book ‘How we think’ in 1933. Dewey claimed that we cannot tell someone how...
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Life And Contributions Of John Dewey

There are so many legendary people who have contributed to the education process over the past 150 years. However, John Dewey has been a major contributor and tried to change the curriculum to better the students and their adulthood. There will be a few areas that will be discussed in this research paper. The first is will be the background of John Dewey. The second area will be the work that John Dewey contributed to the education system and social...
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Teaching And Learning Through Theories Of John Dewey And Erik Erikson

INTRODUCTION In this assignment it focus onto make the learners understand the concept of individual differences. Moreover how to apply the content learn in classroom settings. Through this the learners will get a guideline on how to understand and deal with different types of classroom environments which would help in meeting diverse learning requirement of the students. Also in the movie “ To Sir With Love” it shows very clearly how can theories of psychologist is being so useful in...
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John Dewey Ideas In Reform In The Mauritian Educational Sector

One of the major reform in the Mauritian educational sector is free education which has been implemented at the primary and secondary level for more than a decade and recently applied at the tertiary level. The picture of this reform project is that it provides equal opportunities for all learners to have free access to education. Following these changes, democracy, in terms of equal opportunity, is desired. However, after my engagement with theories, the perception that free education leads to...
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General Overview Of John Dewey High School

The historical events regarding New York City education is filled with discrimination, race-related and socio-economic segregation, strikes, and more. Schooling for many communities meant they had to fight for it. Students, parents, and so many others would strike and hold up signs, saying they want integration, and that unifying all students would be useful, productive, and rewarding (Shapiro). But at the start of the 20th century, many things began to change for the better. In New York City, choices for...
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Impact Of John Dewey On Western Education

The Purpose of Education: John Dewey’s Perspective For John Dewey, a philosopher that contributed a large portion of his works to education, the purpose of education was essentially social reform whereby a democratic education would ensure that children became citizens who were culturally aware, open-minded people who positively contributed to society. Dewey believed that the traditional system of boring, rote learning was not productive or conducive to the children’s learning and that the sharing of information and knowledge through experiential...
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John Dewey And The Reggio Emilia Approach

During my research whilst in my EdLab journey I found myself interested in the Reggio Emilia approach, which sees the philosopher and educational reformer John Dewey as a key influence to their practice (Rinaldi, 2004: p6). The Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education was created post world war II by pedagogist Loris Malaguzzi and parents in the villages around Reggio Emilia. Dewey’s educational concepts such as play-based learning, project-based activities, and hands-on activities are all known educational methods used...
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Theoretical Grounds On Education Of William Edward Burghardt Du Bois And John Dewey

Introduction As a comparative essay is a theoretical identification of the similarities and differences in any two subjects, this document tries to establish the same between the two thinkers, William Edward Burghardt Du Bois and John Dewey. The main theme of discussion is how the idea of education of the two thinkers differ or concur and how relevant they are in the 21st century. While the time period of both the personalities coincided, they addressed vastly different aspects of education,...
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