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John Donne’s Love Poetry: Critical Analysis

In Donne’s love poetry, he certainly sought to comprehend and to experience love in every respect, both theoretically and practically through all his love poetry he wrote. In the poem “ The Flea” written by John Donne he describes how the speaker in the poem is trying to convince his female lover to sleep with him, he argues in this quote: Me it sucked first, and now sucks thee, And in this flea our two bloods mingled be; Though know’st...
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John Donne: Poetry Analysis

The narrator of this poem is John Donne, which he is known for being a metaphysical poet. A metaphysical poet is a poet “whose works are marked by philosophical exploration and with metrically flexible lines” ( Donne was a Roman Catholic, born in the year 1572 in London, England. His mother is named Elizabeth Heywood and John was named after his father. Donne’s favorite themes to write about were not only God but women as well, he wrote this poem...
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Literature Review On Physical Love And It’s Natural Nature By Using A Flea As An Erotic Image In The John Donne's Poem The Flea

The poem “The Flea” written by John Donne and published in 1633, Donne describes physical love and it’s true natural nature. The six articles that I choose to use as research explain mainly how Donne’s poem “The Flea” is the most “notorious seduction poem of the English Renaissance” (Hyman 157) and how other poems of Donne have many features in common with “The Flea” poem. In the article “Explicating Donne: ‘The Apparition’ and ‘The Flea.’” by Laurence Perrine, Perrine explains...
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Metaphysical Contributions Of John Donne To The Poetry

John Donne was the leading English poet of the Metaphysical school and is often considered the greatest love poet in the English language and is also known for his religious sermons and poetry. Because almost none of Donne’s poetry was published during his lifetime, it is difficult to date it accurately (Pinka). Metaphysical writers like John Donne utilize perplexing, sensational expressions and an assortment of abstract ideas like expanded conceits and imagery in casual and individual language that challenges thoughts...
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Themes Of Love In John Donne's The Flea And To His Mistress Going To Bed

Within John Donne’s love poems there are many unique ideas of love presented, his attitudes towards love are contrasting as love is presented as more physical rather than emotional. Donne’s presentation of physical love can be viewed as an attempt to glorify it. John Donne’s ‘the flea’ and ‘to his mistress going to bed’ could be seen as attempts to glorify physical love, and rejecting society’s typical view of love at the time, along with equating physical love to spiritual...
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The Crucial Ideas Of John Donne's Poetry

Faith, as the complete confidence in a belief or concept, serves as the explanation for life itself and all the unknown. This very ideology guides all people towards true purpose, whether that be work or life-long devotion to an individual, namely through religion or love. John Donne, through his metaphysical poetry paired with erotic language, successfully evokes such themes; exploring the universality of each. Born in 16th century England, Donne reflects on the personal challenges, anxieties and impacts of Elizabethan-Jacobean...
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Morality And Death In John Donne’s Metaphysical Poems And Margaret Edson’s Postmodern Play Wit

Due to the universal human experience, all human beings are subject to the inherited ambiguity associated with the continuous cycle of life and death, and ultimately the search for the truth regarding their own mortality. The role of texts in our society is to allow for the examination of our own consciousness and the evaluation and awareness of our human nature. Intertextuality allows for a deepened philosophical exploration of mortality through the use of concepts and ideas that connect and...
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Literary Devices Peculiarities In John Donne's Poetry

The 17th century marked a shift from an age of faith to an age of reason. Literature represents the turbulence in society, religion, and the realm of this period. Life for the English people reformed as religious hullabaloo and civil war shook the nation. These issues reformulated the role of individuals in society, perspectives of faith, and social structures in England. Writers of this period offer their own philosophies as resilient of the issues and influenced the masses. Specific examples...
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Metaphysical Poetry: Recognizing Donne As A Metrist

The term metaphysical itself is very self-explanatory as to what it stands for. “Meta” is the word equivalent of anything that is above or beyond the “physical”, which stands for the physical world, things and objects that abide by the laws of physics. Metaphysical poetry therefore, serves the purpose of using words to reach the deepest realms of understanding than its exact prose paraphrase. Philosophy and the abstract, emotions and the otherworldly, metaphysical poetry depicts and illustrates intangible matters in...
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