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John Locke's Contribution To Justice System

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When reading on who might be the one person who had made the biggest contribution to how law and justice are seen today, I chose John Locke. John Locke is one of the most influential philosophers of our modern time (Tuckerness, 2016). John Locke was an English Philosopher, whose contributions to law and justice and the government changed the modern era for the better. The events and time when he was growing, really shaped the way he thought, and the future contributions he would make. When Locke was growing up, his family felt commiserated to puritanism but remained at the church of England, which shined a light on Locke’s thinking and decisions in his future (Rodgers, 2020). John Locke’s life, influences, and political philosophy really what contributed to the law, justice, and the government today.

John Locke’s influential work “ Some Thoughts Concerning Education”, was largely influenced by his time at Westminister School in London. Declaring boarding schools ‘overemphasized’ on corporal punishment (Rodgers, 2020).

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John Locke’s ideas have influenced modern definitions of law and justice by the Two Treaties of Government, which is “the right to expect political power to be used to preserve his property, in his own person and in his possessions, and the right to freedom of thought, speech, and worship”. Locke’s reasoning behind the two treaties was to compose a justification of the glorious revolution (Rodgers, 2020).

One political scientist by the name of John Dunn had a different approach to Locke’s modern approach. Dunn claims it was “anachronistic” for John Locke to be conceived as a modern conception of what is “consent”. “Recent scholarship has continued to probe these issues. Davis closely examines Locke’s terminology and argues that we must distinguish between political society and legitimate government”(Rodgers, 2020). Dunn did not agree with Locke’s philosophy on consent and his terms on it.

In conclusion, John Locke was an influential figure on the government and how it runs today. His views and his childhood really shaped him as a person, and how he chose to see the world and how to make the justice system better and more equal.

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