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Joining the NHS as a Great Opportunity for Personal Growth

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The National Honors Society was established to recognize outstanding high school students. It allows you to strengthen your abilities and grow as a person through school and community activities. Having said that, I am extremely honored to be nominated for this organization. The National Honors Society is said to represent four pillars; character, leadership, service, and scholarship. Over the course of the years that I have attended both Glen Este and West Clermont High School, I have displayed several examples of these pillars. Joining NHS would allow me to grow even more as an individual among an elite group of students and present me with numerous opportunities that I would be thrilled to pursue.

I consider myself an exemplary character due to my caring nature, my honorable intentions, and my determination to spread positivity. I go above and beyond to accept others and be a true friend to everyone I meet. I was always taught to ‘treat others the way you would like to be treated’ and I make sure to do nothing short of that. I believe everyone should be treated with respect and kindness no matter who they are or what they look like. I do my best to spread positivity everyday through small actions, because sometimes the smallest things you do can make the biggest impact. I also know that I can handle criticism and setbacks very well. I have had numerous setbacks in my life, but with each one I know I am a stronger and wiser person. The same goes with taking criticism; I know that criticism is valuable and it allows me to learn from my mistakes.

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I am a natural leader which is why I fit the leadership pillar perfectly. I have all the qualities of a true leader and pride myself on my leadership skills. I take charge in situations, and get the job done. I don't allow myself to sit back and let others do all the work in any situation. I take the initiative to go the extra mile in whatever I do. I not only take charge but I make sure to listen to my peers so that everyone is able to have an equal say and contribute to the cause. I know that it is not only my opinion in a group that matters, but everyone’s equally. I take initiative in every aspect of my life, and a current example of that would be the two kittens I recently rescued. I found two stranded two week old kittens in my neighborhood, and I took initiative to bring them back to health. I nursed them and found them a good home. I am a leader in my own life also due to being responsible in accomplishing my own personal tasks like house chores, homework, and my part time job without being apprehended .

I give service in my community through my volunteer work. I may not have the most hours, but I do wish to gain more and expand on my help to the community. I believe that helping those who are not as fortunate as you is key in life. I am fortunate enough to have all the things that are currently in my life. This is why I volunteer at the James Sauls homeless shelter. I do my best to help out those individuals who aren't as lucky as me. I am also signed up to help at the League for Animal Welfare, and the only reason I don’t have hours there yet is due to attending orientations to learn how to work with the animals. I care deeply about helping others and providing assistance.

The last pillar that I demonstrate is scholarship. I carry out my home responsibilities, a social life, service to my community, and a part time job all while keeping a 3.6 GPA. I have taken advanced classes and have kept my GPA above a 3.5 since freshman year. I take pride and value in my academic achievements, because they ensure a bright future for me.

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