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I would like to share a public service announcement on the discrimination that is being seen in our judicial system today. Everyone in the St. Louis, Missouri area remembers the 2014 Michael J. Brown Jr shooting and the rioting that resulted in this police officer shooting. We need to remember that Michael J. Brown is not the only unarmed African American that was killed by a Caucasian police officer. Eric Garner from New York was standing on a street corner...
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Many skinheads and racist whites have been prosecuted for violence against African Americans, Asians, and other racial or religious minorities. People are not aware of any of them arguing that they should be acquitted because of their hatred of other races or religions. However, there is a famous case in which white rage was a determining factor and which allows us to explore with the viability of a white rage defense. The case took place in Hawaii in 1931 and...
1 Page 540 Words
Over the many years, there has been a large debate as to whether or not society in the United Kingdom are being judged fairly. In my personal opinion, we are not. The term ‘fair’ or ‘fairly’ in this instance and particular question however though, can be applied to many reasons as to why people do not feel they are being judged by an impartial system such as the individual characteristics of senior judges for example. One example of one source...
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Lately, the nation has witnessed a series of favorable judicial activism on a large scale. Shibu Soren, a respected politician, was convicted of murder in 1994. World-famous Sanjay Dutt of Gandhigiri's fame has been convicted under the Arms Act of 1993. Navjyot Sidhu, a former explorer who was carrying a gift from gab, was convicted of murdering a street rage 18 years ago. Whatever the criticism of the judiciary, there is no denying that the judiciary has done much to...
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Law is a system of rules that are created and enforced through the social or governmental institution to regulate behaviour. Law is symbolized by goddess Mart a lady justice who has weighed fold in hand indicating that justice should be impartial without and regardless of money, wealth, power and identity. This is a basic principle in Indian Law. India maintains a hybrid legal system including criminal law, civil law, common law and statutory law within legal Framework inherited from the...
6 Pages 2516 Words
Judicial review has been a fundamental aspect of the rule of law in acting as a check for the government by the courts. The question arises however as to the extent to which judicial review has a place in the English judicial system. This issue has arisen more recently as a result of the Independent Review of Administrative Law and the initial response it received from the government regarding the future of judicial review in the English legal system and...
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Democracy is a type of government in which the rule is sustained according to the peoples of the state, in our case the nation. Modern Democracy is not only to sustain the rule of the majority but also to protect everyone in the state from other parties, externalities, themselves and the state itself. This type of democracy is called a pluralist democracy. One important component of the pluralist democracy for its functioning is a constitution that is neutral, effective and...
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One document that influenced the United States Constitution is Magna Carta. The Magna Carta was written in 1215 by the barons. This document was a promise from King John, that stated King John and the future monarchs would stop making certain actions that would do harm to the people of England and to others. This document was forcefully signed by King John because King John treated his people very unfairly. In 1776 they looked at the Magna Carta as a...
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Since its inception, America has gone through a myriad of changes. In its short life of just two-hundred-forty-three years, America has become an independent nation, expanded West, ended slavery, introduced and later abolished prohibition, established equal voting rights, ended segregation, and legalized gay marriage. When one sits down and thinks about it, that’s a lot of changes for one country to go through in such a short time. However, none of these changes happened overnight. In many cases, in fact,...
7 Pages 3028 Words
In this essay, I am going to look at the main pros and cons of party elections for public policy, as well as analyze whether it would be better to elect or appoint judges. First let's talk about some of the advantages of holding a partisan election. With the partisan elections, it allows the ones, who are running to campaign and get a better understanding of what is needed to be done for the people of the state and to...
1 Page 626 Words
The US runs an exciting judicial system, where different states retain the right to determine the way to have judges in the courtrooms. Some states consider governor appointments, while others prefer to have partisan elections determine the judges to grace the court sessions. Texas is one of the states that has maintained the use of the partisan election of judges for years. This paper discusses why I believe Texas should consider the state-level judges being appointed by the Texas governor...
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Law and legal studies project In this essay I will be discussing the legal system in Ireland and will be including any observations and changes that I think should be made to this system. I will also be discussing how the Irish legal system will remain part of the European Union after Brexit happens. The legal system in Ireland is an advanced system that involves formal laws. This means the law is independently existing and neutral and is enforced by...
3 Pages 1499 Words
The English word secular drives from the Latin word ‘saeculum’, meaning “the present age”, “this world” of change as opposed to the eternal “religious world.” It is defined as “the liberation of man from religious and metaphysical tutelage the turning of his attention away from other worlds and towards this one.” Religion stands for the Spiritual values of life and for the relation of the human personality to the divine. Secularism is a principle that involve two basic propositions. The...
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