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Julius Caesar and The Conquest of Gaul

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Bang Bang the sound the walls mad when the Gaul’s tried to strike the noble romans your probably ordering how we got to this point in all started back in Rome at the den of the night when Julius Caesar and Marcus Crassus are ambushing the great Spartacus who is starting a rebellion against the Roman empire.

They were successful and Spartacus was killed Crassus Ordered his troops to crucify 6,00 of Spartacus works on the way to Rome one every 100 feet for 60 miles to witch Julius responds with “this is a waste of resources, we could put this to good use carrying out equipment and setting up camp couldn’t we make them our slaves they’re worthless to us dead.” Cassurs respond “They’re proof of what we did”.

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With Spartacus defeat Crassurs hopes that is victory would allow him to gain political power back in Rome by being elected to the highest office in the land the consul. You see instead of being run by a king or and empire the Romans are governed by an elevted by a senate but ruleing over them was the consul. An official who wields more power than any other man in Rome. For Cesar supporting a future consul can put him on track to rise quickly within the government.

But Cressurs was not the only military leader with his sight for consul. 100 milies way there was another general is looking to steal the glory in the war against Spartacus his name was Pompey Magnus. “Spartacus rebellion has fallen” said Pompeys advisers “by whom” Pomeys responed “By Crassus army” “where are Spartacus troops” “all killed” “Tens of thousands of rebels and all of them have been killed by Crassus?” “some might have escaped” “order the scouts to track them down and finish them”. Pompey rounds up the slaves who escaped the battle and quickly kills them. He returned to Rome before Crassus and took all the credit. During Pompey party Crassus entered with Juilis Caesar and his troops he said to Pompey “what is this?” “what do you think it is? We’re celebrating Sparacus’ defeat” Pompey responded “At whose hands? Yours or mine?” “Crassus you look exhauseted, please,help yourself” “tell them or I will” the whole crowed looks at Pompey confused is to what Carssus is talking about. “I want to make an announcement” Pompey yelled to the crowd “I know were all here to celebrate my vitory over Spartacus and putting down a rebellion but I can’t take all the credit had it not been for Crassus and his men I might not have even been able to defeat Spartacus in battle” “ so please have a round of a appease to our guests” “I couldn’t have done it without there help”

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