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Julius Caesar's Rise to Power and Dictatorship

In the time of outrage and uncertainty a general took the republics in Europe and changed the course of the future of Rome. His name was Julius Caesar. Caesar made his name by easily conquering the Gauls and adding more riches for Rome. They were in desperate need of a change in their government and saw Caesar as an opportunity to make the change they’ve been needing. Caesar used this popularity to take Rome for himself. This turn of events...
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The Death of Julius Caesar

Nobody can be accepted by everyone, so were the rulers who sat on the very top. People always tend to have more discontentions towards the ones with more power over them than the ones who were actually annoying. There were always assassinations toward powerful leaders, like Jing Ke to Qin Shi Huangdi and J. D. Tippit to John Kennedy. Julius Caesar, a legendary leader of Rome, was murdered in an assassination that took place on March 15th, 44 BC in...
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Julius Caesar and The Conquest of Gaul

Bang Bang the sound the walls mad when the Gaul’s tried to strike the noble romans your probably ordering how we got to this point in all started back in Rome at the den of the night when Julius Caesar and Marcus Crassus are ambushing the great Spartacus who is starting a rebellion against the Roman empire. They were successful and Spartacus was killed Crassus Ordered his troops to crucify 6,00 of Spartacus works on the way to Rome one...
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Tragic Hero in Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

Introduction Aristotle, a well known and generally recognized dramatic tragedies pioneer, highlighted his vision of the true tragic hero which can be analyzed through the work ‘Julius Caesar’ by William Shakespeare. The story is considered to be a masterpiece of the world literature disclosing the era of ambitious political leader and his strategies on the way of becoming dictator. The author raised the theme of tragic hero embodying it in such characters as Marcus Brutus and Cassius; he reflected such...
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The Life and Influence of The Roman Leader Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was a politician, an army general, an administrator and a governor of the late Roman Republic. He later became known as the most sophisticated and powerful dictator in the history of Rome when he was appointed for ten years in the 47th B.C. and for life on February 14 in the 44th B.C. His full name was Gaius Julius Caesar and was born in Rome, Italy on July 12th in the 100th B.C. His parents were Gaius Caesar...
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Julius Caesar: a Great Leader Or Not

“To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” by Sun Tzu. Julius Caesar was a great leader, as he fought through countless political problems he always found his way. Born into a senatorial, patrician family and was the nephew of a famous Roman general, Marius. His lineage helped him achieve what couldn’t have been done. “Julius Caesar, in full Gaius Julius Caesar, (born July 12/13, 100?...
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Julius Caesar Compared to Abraham Lincoln Essay

The lives of two great historical men, Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln, have many unique differences and similarities. The similarities between the two are compared by their lives history. Both individuals were once leaders in the past who shared a large amount of power in their countries, with people still looking up to them in today’s society. There is the background of Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, then we will look at the the two backgrounds comparatively. The birth of Julius...
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The Life and Influence of Julius Caesar

Introduction Gaius Julius Caesar, one of Rome’s iconic leaders, was born in 100 B.C. in Rome, Italy. He was an army general, a politician, a governor, and an administrator. Unlike other influential and wealthy Roman politicians, Caesar was raised by a humble family. Wealth and a class type of family was a critical source of power in Rome of that era, but Julius Caesar had to scheme his way into becoming a powerful man. Consequently, his quest for power, according...
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The Biography of Julius Caesar

When he was sixteen, his father died and Caesar became the head of the family. Deciding that being in the priesthood would bring the most benefit to the family, he managed to have himself nominated as the new High Priest of Jupiter. When the Roman ruler, Sulla, declared himself dictator, he began a systematic purge of his enemies and particularly of those who held to the Popular ideology. Caesar was targeted and fled Rome but his sentence was lifted through...
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The Book and Movie Review: Julius Caesar

Released by 1979, Julius Caesar BBC is quite similar to all high school students and people who love history. The controversial first series of the BBC Television Shakespeare. The Julius Caesar was Cedric Messina’s second television adaptation of the play, the first having been made for the Play of the Month slot ten years ago. One of that includes the film by Herbert Wise is adapted from the writing by William Shakespeare. Julius Caesar is a Roman statesman and military...
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Julius Caesar and Czar Nicholas II of Russia: Comparison

Leaders whose names become remembered long after their death often had a great direct or indirect effect on the course of history. On first glance, Julius Caesar and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia are only superficially similar. However, at a closer examination, it is possible to see some important similarities and differences. This paper will provide background information on each of the leaders and then compare them to each other. The Background Julius Caesar is perhaps the most famous ruler...
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Historical Essay: Analysis of Cassius and Mark Antony, Julius Caesar and Brutus

Wittingly or unwittingly chooses to do what is wrong. Despite the good qualities of being brave, imaginative, and noble, the tragic figure commits a primal wrong and the innocent deaths that follow are the direct result of the wrong choices made. Discuss whether this view of tragedy is held out by the play. Julius Caesar is a historical play written by William Shakespeare. It’s called Julius Caesar, but it’s about Marcus Brutus, our tragic hero. It tells the story of...
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Critical Analysis of Relations between Julius Caesar and Mark Antony

If one knows nothing about the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, then watching this film will help one understand of her and her life. The film Cleopatra has been noted as one of Hollywood’s best accurate representations of her. Therefore, if someone wanted to know about the life of Cleopatra, they would get a clear and good understanding by watching this film. For instance, before I watched this film, I did not know anything about her or her life. After watching this...
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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

Group polarization is the change in an individual’s attitude because of the influence of others causing them to make extreme choices and opinions. One example of group polarization is peer pressure and occurs throughout the world in all different situations. Literature provides examples of group polarization so that the reader can learn a lesson through the text without having to personally experience certain scenarios. Literature can teach lessons about group polarization and inform the reader of what leads this type...
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The Character Traits Of Brutus

Introduction The character of Brutus in the drama Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare is a complex character. The possible problem encountered when discussing the character of Brutus throughout the play of Julius Caesar, is if your opinion and how your opinion of this character has changed. This essay aims to prove why my opinion of Brutus did not change towards the end of the play. In this essay the character traits of Brutus (both good and bad), how his...
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Gaius Julius Caesar: Analysis of a Biography

Gaius Julius Caesar was a Roman Republic politial leader who expended what became the Roman Empire dramatically during his rule. The birth of Caesar brought about a new chapter in Roman history. During his youth, the Roman government was unstable, and had lost much of its dignity. At the age of 16, Caesar’s father, Gaius Caesar, passed away and this is when he began his quest to fight for with the Roman empire. In 84 BCE, Caesar married Cornelia, who...
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