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Just Society Essays

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The Pillars of a Just Society

What makes a just society? This question has been subject to scholarly and political debate for millennia and, in many regards, still is. However, in a contemporary and liberal context, the concept of justice includes – relatively uncontroversial – at least a foundation of representative democracy, the rule of law and principles such as equality, accountability, and non-arbitrariness. These principles are embedded in democratic constitutions across the world and in a plethora of international law treaties obliging sovereign states to...
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The Merici Mentoring Program in Creation of Just Society: Analytical Essay

The Merici Mentoring Program is a volunteering program that runs for over 2 years and goes through years 9 and 10. It is a partnership between Merici College and Black Mountain School that has been running for around 10 years. In year 9, the mentors go to Black Mountain School once a week for a semester and work with the students there. In year 10, Black Mountain students come to Merici College where they complete tasks with their mentors around...
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Rights of Aboriginal People and Vision of Just Society in Canada: Analytical Essay

In Canada, during the 1968 election, Pierre Trudeau campaigned his vision of a ‘just society.’ He was known for defining what his version of a ‘just society was. He envisioned a society where every Canadian had a reasonable standard of living and where every citizen had the same individual rights. Thus, after he was elected, he brought the Charter of Rights and Freedom to Canada, which protected a citizen’s rights by preventing laws that unfairly discriminate or take away human...
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John Locke Versus Socrates in Ideas Concerning Just Society: Analytical Essay

In John Locke’s book The Second Treatise of Government, he expresses the importance of property rights in regard to its reflexiveness toward labor. With property rights, others are able to own different things with full ownership and use it towards their own advantage however they would like. Thereby, Locke demonstrates that labor demonstrates the legitimacy of one’s possessions even if the Earth is held by the commons. On the other hand, Socrates would disagree with Locke’s idea of the importance...
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Building a Just Society Through God’s Love

Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was 35 years old when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. He was the youngest person to have received it at that time. This grand achievement was in recognition of his efforts to end racial segregation and discrimination in the United States – entirely through nonviolent means. Dr. King’s inspiring message uplifted social consciousness and advanced his movement beyond civil rights to include human rights globally. Every January since 1986, the...
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Trudeau’s Vision of a “Just” Society

Pierre Trudeau once said, “The past is to be respected and acknowledged, but not to be worshipped. It is our future in which we will find our greatness.” As one of Canada’s greatest politicians Pierre Elliott Trudeau was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada, serving from 1968-1979 and 1980-1984. Trudeau served through the October Crisis, the Quebec referendum, and the patriation of the constitution. In the time before he served there were many civil rights and inequality issues in this...
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Social Worker's Responsibility for Contributing to a Just Society: Opinion Essay

For my senior capstone paper, I will be discussing several key items. First I will be discussing my vision; my view on a social worker’s responsibility to contribute to a just society, my strengths related to those views, any knowledge or skills I need to develop to meet that responsibility, and the mechanisms I will use for self-evaluation in my future career. Following that, I will discuss my understanding of generalist social work practice and the ways in which my...
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Ideas of Pierre Trudeau on Just Society: Analytical Essay

Canada racial discrimination In the whole historical process of British North America and Canada, the policy towards indigenous peoples has always been promoted in two contradictory goals – ‘protection’ and ‘assimilation’, correspondingly, there have always been two kinds of policies. On the one hand, the government believes that the best way to protect the interests of indigenous peoples is to separate them from Canadian society; on the other hand, it is in favor of assimilation – supporting their placement of...
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