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Juvenile Crime: Teens Make Rash And Abrupt Decisions Which Get Them In Trouble

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A problem that has traversed its way through our society, multiple times reaching the Supreme Court. A court that hears around 100 cases a year has chosen to hear multiple cases regarding this matter. The matter of whether or not children should be tried in court as a child or as an adult. Many cases have ended up trying kids as adults and many have not. What is the best choice for the offender and the victim of the crime? Well, the best option would be to try kids solely as children and not as adults because of their lack of maturity and willpower, and lack of a guiding figure or punishment.

Teenagers are often known to make rash decisions and get into more trouble than when they were younger. You might ask, “why is this so?” Well as it turns out teenagers actually lose some of their decision-making skills when they enter the teenage age range. One of the studies that show this is a study done by Paul Thompson, who is an assistant professor of neurology at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine which says “Brain cells and connections are only being lost in the areas controlling impulses, risk-taking, and self-control.” This shows us that since the brain cells are being lost that means all of these areas are losing effectiveness, in turn, the teens will have a loss in self-control and impulses which would cause teens to make rash decisions which would lead to possible issues. Someone might say that this only happens to some teens, which are the kids that get into trouble but as it turns out the study also says that “the loss was like a wildfire, and you could see it in every teen.”

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The author is clearly showing us that it happens to every teen. Therefore all teens are more inclined to make rash and abrupt decisions that would get them in trouble. Others might also say that this doesn’t make up the fact that the child committed a crime which is true. The punishment of the crime is probably the most important part. A large number of kids tend to commit large crimes only after they have committed smaller and smaller crimes. Children aren’t going to go from anything to murder. This is where punishment would come in. Punishing the child is an important lesson and is used as a method of teaching so that the child won’t do it again and understands the consequences of their actions. This is why lots of the children that do not have a strong parental role in their life tend to end up worse.

This leads to the other reason kids should be tried as children which are mostly children that are getting into trouble tend to be missing a supporting fraternal or maternal role in their family. According to Robert Rector of the heritage foundation, “children without a father are more than twice as likely to be arrested for juvenile crime.” This conveys that kids that when a kid is missing such a large role model in life then they don’t have anything to base how they should act on. Without this extremely important role, the cause is obvious. In most families the father is the person that delivers punishment to the child, so when the father is gone the kids don’t learn from the mistakes they make which therefore leaves the child with a lack of knowledge when it comes to right and wrong. According to Chuck Smith, a Kansas State University child development expert says that “as a child grows and matures, the mother – whether biological or a stepmother – plays an important role in her child’s development, character and attitudes.”

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