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Keeping Positivity Alive During Difficult Times

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Focus on positive ideas to deal with a situation than wallowing in sadness or anxiety. Kindness when shared, multiplies, and changes one’s perspective A gratitude journal or notes of things that one is thankful for, reminds one of good times.

Difficult times like economic crisis, political unrest, and pandemic bring out anxiety and sadness in a majority of Americans. But through time, it has been proven that having a positive perspective or cultivating satisfaction can help one to sail through these trying times.

It is not a denial of the situation or circumstance but a changing of perspective and constructively finding ways to deal with a situation.

Ron Siegel, PsyD, assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School says “Positive psychology is not about denying difficult emotions. It’s about opening to what is happening here and now, and cultivating and savoring the good in your life.”

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What are the ways of positive psychology? One is by counting one’s blessings when faced with a loss of a job or death as it changes one’s perspective and makes one look at the possibilities. It is important when encountering grief, stress, and other difficulties. Helping others is another way as it shifts your attention and makes your struggles seem easier.

Positive psychology can also help develop resilience to difficulties like unpleasant or traumatic events and may help in bouncing back faster.

When one focuses attention and mindset to the present situation and accepts it without judgment, one is practicing mindfulness. Because the future is uncertain, getting a hold of what is happening at the moment and living it, stabilizes your mind. For those who have been facing challenges like an illness like chronic pain or cancer, there have been formal mindfulness-based stress reduction programs that help in reducing physical and psychological symptoms. Dr. Siegel narrates free guided recordings of mindfulness meditation for one to practice at home.

zations, shelters, sanctuaries, and rescue organizations have shown to create happier feelings than those who do not volunteer, according to research studies. Giving donations also boosts the mood. A simple practice of flipping a coin to self-indulge or volunteer can help one decide on what to do. Going to a salon and having your hair groomed is a self-indulgent act while doing something for a shelter like walking a dog or sending flowers to an elderly is a community service. Compare the feelings of satisfaction that you get from the two activities. But you can do the two activities and be happier.

When you give thanks for the things and blessings that you receive, whether tangible or intangible, you accept the goodness that is given or shown to you. Being grateful for past blessings brings back happy memories. Showing importance for what you have now centers you on the present and not taking it for granted. Looking forward to what may arrive and what one can do with it will make you hopeful for the future. Optimism makes the future look bright. Keeping tabs in a gratitude journal reinforces positivity.

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