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KFC Services Experiences

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About KFC

In 1968s, the first KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) restaurant was born in Guildford, Sydney NSW, Australia. In that Time, people’s fashion were totally groovy with tight high waist jeans and cool shirts. hairstyles were flower crowns with very long hair for the lady’s!

In the history, KFC began 67 years ago in the year of 1952s in Corbin, Kentucky, United States of America with Colonel Harland Sanders concept being YUM! The company with a secret herbs list and spices scratched on the back of the door being put into his chicken until now KFC still following his successful recipes.

Now every day, Over 2 Million times per week service to KFC customers across the country at more than 650 restaurants with jobs created to more than 34,000 Australians.

What is KFC Services Vision and Mission ?

Service Vision is the Businesses Process of planned service that the company are offering, including delivery systems and procedures to achieve requirements. Service Vision Statement need the answer, Where do I see my business going?. So KFCs service vision stand for priding themselves on using quality chicken and local ingredients such as herbs and spices from trusted companies.

Service Mission means a strong commitment to achieving their business goals and need the answer why does my business exist?. So KFC mission is to sell food in a fast, friendly environment that appeals to a well priced product for people’s consciousness, health-minded customers

KFC Strategy

KFC strategy focuses on what KFC do (importantly, what can KFC do or not do), What KFC want to become in the future and how KFC plan to get there. Focusing on consistent experiences and provide quality chicken and recipes across all restaurants at an equal level of excellence and standard Provide customers/consumers quality of food at value for money, Together with quick services, cleanliness and convenience of service

KFC plan to become the leading fast food restaurant in the world so expansion is high in there plans with restaurants opening in new residential areas consistently over the years

KFC Process and Design

Larger KFC branches occupy a large space of land meaning they’re able to cater for a large amount of people with parking bays suited for all customers Immediately, When consumers walk into KFC, all consumers are able to see easily the menus all shown on screen above the counter cleary and highly visible making ordering with the staff in front of you the quickest and easiest way to order and pay.

Consumers have multiple way to receive their services as they’re able to drive in to order and sit to enjoy the meals as take away, Customers are then able to enjoy their meals at home, Outside in a park, In there car or even workplace. Standardized ordering system and fast preparation of food in a few minutes to ensure consistent experience.

Engaging and attracting customers in service organization

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” – Simon Sinek (Jonathan Herrick, 2019)

Staffs are the greatest asset and the soul of KFC. They are the one who will directly delivery the food, customer service and company messages to the customers. The staffs play a significant role in the overall quality service and customer satisfaction rating. To boost the productivity and service satisfaction, the manager should communicate effectively the mission and vision of the company to the employees in order to make them feel engaged and perform better to achieve the goals. Besides, KFC needs to have better employee training and development policy in place for their frontline staff to engage better with customers, such as train them how to work effectively in a team, or little things like keep smiling and present themself well at work. Otherwise, if an employee is not trained or looked after, then they’re not going to provide a great customer experience.

KFC has many different social media channels however they do not use them effectively to engage with their customers. They have great graphics and visual designs in spite of their slow responses on Social Media. This can possibly ruin KFC’s online reputation and image. They need to engage directly with their customers by answering responsively to customer requirements and feedback. This is not only help KFC build emotional connection with their customers but also make them feel valued and appreciated. Besides, listening to the customers and feedback on social media is an beneficial strategy to define the audience and predict what they want, so KFC can adjust and increase customer loyalty by improving failure points, launching different special offers and seasonal menu items that interest the customers.

Recently, KFC has launched a new KFC App with many features that allows customers to easily customize their meals; quickly save and order online, delivery, receive newest promotion, discounts and earns exclusive offers. They add more value to the customers using the App (KFC, 2019).

KFC highly promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on their digital platforms and have a public commitment to their employee and customers on providing an ethic workplace, offering more choice transparency and nutritional improvement, and sustainable practices in their business (KFC, 2019). They also should inspire and engage their customers more by sharing company’s vision and mission such as delivering consistent quality food, excellent customer service and offering job opportunities across the country on different digital channels.

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The Leadership

1. The importance of leadership in organizations

The leader acts as an important part of the community. According to Berghofer (ND) “fortunes, customs, laws, governance, religion all derive from dominant leadership”. He also states that there are many leaders who reach the top of power. Leaders could be the babies at school or the elders at the most powerful councils. In addition, he claims that the quality of a society is a result from its leadership. In service organization, good leadership will benefits the business in a number of ways such as: connecting staff, having high reputation in the community, maintaining relationships with customers.


According to Steph (2015), there are many KFC stores around the World and each of them use a different leadership style. Namely: autocratic, democratic and laissez faire. However, Autocratic seems to be the most popular (Ghumsha & Mozaa, 2017). In their paper, Ghumsha & Mozza highlight that the power of staff is limited to ‘only to change a drink on orders’- answered by the manager. In this style of leadership, followers do not have the opportunities to make or discuss the decision. Furthermore, There are not much of gender equality in KFC leadership as well. Specularly, there is none female manager in KFC during Ghumsha & Mozza research.


Due to many ethical violations has been detected in business around the world, ethical issues in organizations has become a burning issue recently, especially ethical leadership. According to Brown & Trevino (2006) ethical leadership is one of the most important factors in the environment of organization. (cited in Ardichvili, Mitchell & Jondle 2009).

Especially in the Food industry business like KFC, Ethical issue is very important. As a result of having a good leader will lead to healthy, safe working environment. Thus, the customers will be pleased with good quality of food. For example, a bad leader may orders KFC staff to use the old, not fresh ingredients to make the food. Therefore, this affects the quality of food.

Service guarantees, service failure and service recovery

Service Guarantee

KFC have service guarantees like money guarantee return to customer when KFC product doesn’t match with prescription. This service guarantee doesn’t have in KFC policy, but it applies in real time. In my own experience, I went to KFC to order a nuggets and chips with tomatoes sauce and cheese but in busy time they give me different order. I come back in reception and they return my money back for their apologize to customer for their faults. Secondly, KFC have on their service is exchange or return money when KFC product are unsafe to consume or customer not happy with KFC product for example that customer pay a money to get a good food so when they not happy with product like soggy chicken because they cook so long before or not enough time to make it crispy so in that case customer can come to order place ask staff to replace product or money back .

Service Failure

KFC have a service failure are staff worker often are younger aged and lack of real- world experience this often leads to customers opinions employees to be lower. For KFC process, their process is come inside to order or drive thru with streamlined service. Streamlined service it mean overall steps cut down to the bare minimum one individual breading and frying the chicken in the front and staff taking order and preparing the meal the streamlined service results in the quickest possible delivery but quality often seems to lack with undercooked and accident occurring such as burns and cuts due to time pressures. Last service failure is inside order, sometimes KFC meet a slow service when it is in busy time like lunch and dinner. It’s a pressure time for staff so staff may get a wrong order and ignoring customer. moreover, I want to give few service recoveries for KFC to improve their service, take care of customer.

Service recovery

First step to improve their service is training staff. Training staff should be online, interactive and mandatory testing should be conducted. Make it easy for staff to refer back to and mandatory testing could be carried out semi-annually. After that manager of a store should be more careful when they supervisor of staff when they are working. They need to give free food and coupon can be used them as recovery strategies. Share insights on KFC’s values and ethics with the employees is equally important because KFC a franchisee must’ve subject to standardization of services .If not enough : manager should respond back and make conversation with customer have a better understanding of problems when managers have all information they are then to come with solutions it is beneficial to keep the customers in the loop in regards to the procedure an effective management would use the information and content gained due to the complaint to implement and alter strategies that might be either

Services Technology And Its Applications

KFC has been around for over 60 years and in that time technology has developed at a rapid rate, As we all know technology plays a vital role in our daily lives nowadays with everything being run on computer generated technology and smartphones.

The new trend in the restaurant business technology department is the use of smartphones in connection with the restaurant, Since a lot of of new workers are millennials they are very tech savvy and highly skilled in use of smartphone applications. KFC plans to implement a few new things to help train the staff as well as things to help better customer service.

Firstly KFC have created a voice activated training test so far in Australia and some in the United States. The training test includes a program that has Amazon Echo Show basically a video recording where you are able to speak and ask questions with the digital program, This comes in very handy for the trainee when they are learning there new tasks for instance let’s say they need to know how to wrap a twister the trainee would simply ask and a demonstration on how to wrap it would be shown on the screen.

Secondly let look at social media, More than ever social media is the key to communication and KFC have started using Yammer mostly in Australia and some in the United States a way to communicate from branch to branch but it doesn’t stop there, Using yammer you are also able to communicate to the entire market. With Yammer you can communicate with store by providing data to one another about speed of processing which creates some competition and a bit of fun to the environment which can lead to boosting team morale for the branch. You can even communicate by checking the stores stock and ask to borrow another branches stock quickly and easily.

The system had grown rapidly in recent years up over 20,000 members in the last two years

Lastly KFC are looking into QR codes a way to use your smartphone to scan to a machine that can then read the code to play a video if the employee is unsure about how to do something. Also even for customers when they place an order the employer can then read the code once scanned creating a fast and efficient operating system.

Technology in the kitchen is vital computers are the quickest and most effective way to do something implementing these things can only better the overall speed and efficiency of the company.


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