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Kings Of The Sea Whales And Sharks

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Have you ever taken the time to actually figure out the big creatures in the oceans that can bite off your arm out of nowhere, or think about what is this huge fish swimming under my boat? Or what about when looking out on the ocean, some may wonder what is all out there and how do the animals in there survive in such a vulnerable place. The two most common thought of marine life is whales and sharks. In many ways, they are the same but once you dive a little deeper, you will find they are completely different.

Firstly the similarities between the two sea creatures are obvious, they are complete marine life animals. Sharks and Whales spend their entire life in the ocean. They both get around by their appendages; which are all fin-shaped so they can push through the water and their bodies are streamlined and smooth so they could glide and move extremely well in the water. Another thing they have in common is they both eat large amounts. Nevertheless, it is vastly different diets, they eat just about the same amount each day which is why they both have excellent vision. Unfortunately, another thing that the two marine life share are these hunters are being hunted and their habitats are being threatened. Due to humans overusing the sea such as overfishing and pollution, it has placed many whales and sharks on the endangered list. They are coveted for many things, like for whales their blubber and oils, and for sharks their fins and meat. Although, still sharks and whales are still considered to be sharing the title of King of the ocean.

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Notably, it is clear to see there are many differences when it comes to sharks and whales. Starting with sharks. They have been on this planet for about 400 million years, which is way longer than whales which have been around for 60 million years. Another thing is, sharks are technically fish. They lay eggs when it comes to reproducing and they have gills. With them having gills, that means they are able to breathe and fully function underwater and would never have to touch surface because they gather oxygen from the water. Also, sharks do not have a skeleton, they are made of cartilage. By all means, sharks and whales both swim, a key difference is that when swimming sharks tend to swivel and whales move up and down due to their fins.

In contrast to sharks, whales are mammals; the biggest mammals on earth. When looking at a whale, it is clear to see they are way bigger than a shark. In fact, they can weigh up to 100 tons whereas a shark weighs up to one ton. Which also contributes to whales having blubber and sharks do not. The reason being is because whales are warm-blooded animals whereas sharks are cold-blooded so they have no reason to have the extra fat. Another thing is that whales do not have teeth like most sharks appear to have. They have what is called baleen plates which is a filter feeder due to most whales diets.

Knowing that both sharks and whales are the kings of the ocean and that is just trying to survive like everything else in this world. They are both worlds apart and equally both fascinating.

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