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Knowledge Management Essays

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Scotiabank's Knowledge Management Vision and Guiding Principles

“Identifying and developing talent globally is the strength that makes leadership a competitive advantage for Scotiabank” – (Scotiabank, 2019). First and foremost, Scotiabank is extremely dedicated to helping develop leaders. Ultimately, strong leadership within any business is a competitive advantage that can help deliver positive results. Scotiabank has operations in over 50 countries, and these platforms help identify and develop necessary talent from around the world. This is the particular strength that helps Scotiabank develop a competitive advantage. Globally, we...
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Empowering Government Business Organizations: Integration of Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management

The trend of globalization has induced fierce competition among business enterprises within domestic and international markets. The primary quest for the technologies is not limited to the strategic value of an organization but also empowers the organization’s work context by utilizing its resources. The knowledge management process deals with the extraction of both implicit and explicit knowledge of the organization for improving the performance of the organization. However, Business Intelligence, on the other hand, gained its importance with constant enhancement...
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Impact of Knowledge Management Processes on Competitive Advantage: Analytical Essay

1. Introduction 1.1 Background of the study In the recent years, the global economy has evolved to an economy of knowledge. All OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries have moved from models based on labour, raw materials, and physical capital to economies of knowledge and intangible capital. In an ever-changing global marketplace, companies are looking for every opportunity to gain competitive advantage. Advances in technology, increasingly informed customers, information overload, new regulatory requirements, and liberalization of the...
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Critical Analysis of Ikujiro Nonaka’s Knowledge Management Model

Knowledge is variable; the data can be identical, but the knowledge is always different. The past 25 years have seen knowledge management evolving, underpinning that knowledge is our most strategic asset and should be managed as it is “the most important guarantor of sustainable competitive advantage” (Easterby-Smith & Prieto, 2008). Knowledge and its management must evolve over time as one could have a vast knowledge base but in a volatile environment with increasing complexity, businesses are subject to the Innovator’s...
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The Impact of Knowledge Management of the Agricultural Sector of Guinea Republic: Analytical Essay

Introduction Knowledge management is power, since it acquires answer for each issue the general public. The power of any knowledge management is relied upon the time allotment work the knowledge management find a good pace. Thurs is knowledge management that is gotten after the time period the answer for a specific issue has lapsed probably won’t allude to a decent knowledge management. Thusly, the requirement for curators and data researcher to deal with knowledge management appropriately is very catalyst for...
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The Role of Social Networks in Knowledge Management

Knowledge, in simple terms, knowledge is data that have been shaped into a form that is meaningful and useful to the intended persons. It can also be defined as information that is specific, relevant and actionable. Social Networks are dedicated websites and applications which enable people to communicate with each other through text messages, comments and using images. Facebook is a perfect example of a social networking site that connects us with family and friends online. WhatsApp on the other...
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Consulting and Knowledge Management: Analytical Essay

Abstract The purpose of the paper is to introduce the concept of knowledge management. It helps to find a link between business consulting and knowledge management. It also focuses on need of knowledge management for consultants and how they can implement it. Further the paper elaborates the advantages of using knowledge management. It also includes the views of some of the top business consultancies on knowledge management and how they use it. Then the paper showcases some of latest developments...
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Web-based Knowledge Management System for Camarines Norte State College: Analytical Essay

Abstract— One of the issues of the academic institution is knowledge management. How the academe disseminates information over the academic community on real-time and the availability of knowledge anytime and anywhere is a challenging task in every institution. The objective of this study is to bridge the gap between present and prior contexts of knowledge creation, sharing, or application by developing Knowledge Management System for Camarines Norte State College. The proposed system is designed specifically to cater the requirements of...
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Industry 4.0 and Knowledge Management Practices: Analytical Essay

Abstract Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to synthesize Industry 4.0’s on knowledge management process and practices, and to explore the improvements that will arise from it. It also provides an idea of how to use approaches for enhancing the knowledge management process in Industry 4.0. The main objective is to highlight the role of the technologies that support Industry 4.0 in facilitating the knowledge management process. Design/methodology/approach: The aforementioned dynamic suggests that a thorough analysis of the existing...
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