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Lack of Empathy in Ender's Game: Analysis of Connections Peter and Hitler, Bonzo and Mussolini

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Lack of Empathy Peter has for Ender: In Ender’s game, Peter shows lack of empathy towards Ender because he was the reason why Ender was ever born; even though Peter was really intelligent, he was also ruthless, untrustworthy, and a sociopathic person which made him not good enough to be part of International Fleet for the Third Invasion. His lack of empathy ruined almost all of Enders childhood while Ender was in North Carolina. When Peter played buggers vs astronauts with Ender, he almost killed Ender and a quote for it is that “I could kill you like this, Peter whispered. Just press and press until you’re dead. And I could say that I didn’t know it would hurt you, that we were just playing, and they’d believe me, and everything would be fine. And you’d be dead. Everything would be fine.”(Pg.12) This tells us the lacking empathy Peter has towards Ender. He doesn’t have emotions for Ender nor does he care how Ender feels or how much pain Ender was in, all he really wants is to get rid of Ender because he doesn’t want a better little brother, he doesn’t want a Third.

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Connection 1: Peter and Hitler –

In Ender’s game, Peter uses violence to control those around him, tortures his younger brother Ender, his anger almost always leads Ender to pain, and he only acts for his own benefit. He is stated as a killer and killed squirrels. Later Peter takes the role of Locke and with his writing, power of words, and politics, he gains power and becomes a leader towards the ender of the Ender’s game. – Hitler a Bavarian soldier became a member of the Nazi party after WW1 and a chairman in 1921. With the power of words and political chaos, ‘he took control of a coalition government in 1933 and was given dictatorial powers’. Later ‘began WW2, allied with USSR and invaded Poland.’ His Anti-Semitic views, to create a perfect Aryan race by eliminating Jews’ killed more than six million Jews in the Holocaust. -The connections between Peter and Hitler is that both were killers(Peter killed squirrels and Hitler killed millions of Jews), both were lacking empathy(Peter wanted to kill Ender, doesn’t have emotions for Ender nor does he care how Ender feels or how much pain Ender was in and Hitler wanted a perfect Aryan race by eliminating Jews, didn’t care for the Jews), and both of them became strong political leaders which helped them gain power. Lack of Empathy Bonzo has for Ender: When Ender was put into the Salamander army, Bonzo had lacking empathy for Ender because his best toon leader was replaced with a launchie which he really hated and wanted to get rid of. Bonzo didn’t let Ender train with the army nor did he let him fight against other armies in battle, all Ender did was remain at the gate with his weapon undrawn and unfired. When Ender disobeyed Bonzo to help the Salamander army, he changed a defeat into a draw but Bonzo didn’t care, instead, he hurt him and a quote for it is ‘suddenly Bonzo swung at him, caught his jaw with a vicious open-handed slap. It knocked Ender sideways, into his bunk, and he almost fell. Then Bonzo hit him, hard, in the stomach. Ender dropped to his knees.'(Pg.95) This tells us the lacking empathy Bonzo has towards Ender. He hurt Ender just for disobeying him. Didn’t care how Ender would feel or how much pain he is in, nor did he care about how Ender changed a defeat into a draw. All he cares about is that Ender has disobeyed ‘no good soldier ever disobeys.'(Pg.95) Ender was traded to Rat Army and later became the commander of the Dragon Army, Ender’s Army won all their battles and Bonzo’s jealousy and lack of empathy increased and planned to kill Ender. When Ender was in the bathroom taking a shower, Bonzo ganged up on him to kill him but unfortunately, Bonzo’s fight let to his own death.

Connection 2: Bonzo and Mussolini –

In Ender’s game, Bonzo, a really aggressive commander uses violence against anyone who disobeys, lacks empathy towards Ender and dies an unexpected death. – Mussolini a member of the Socialist Party creates his own National Fascist party in 1919 after serving in WW1. He is ‘elected to Parliament in 1921’ and with joint leadership of King Victor Emmanuel III he became dictator of Italy taking total control. Allied with Hitler in WW2 and pressured into ‘adopting an Anti -Semitic policy in Italy. Later dismissed and imprisoned by the King in 1943 until rescued by German troops but later killed by his own people. – The connections between Bonzo and Mussolini is that both were leaders(Bonzo was a commander of Salamander Army and Mussolini was a dictator of Italy). Both had lack of Empathy(Bonzo hurt anyone who disobeys and Mussolini adopting an Anti -Semitic policy hurt lots of people). Lastly, both were killed(Bonzo was killed in a fight with Ender and Mussolini was killed by his own people).

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