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Lack Of Sleep And Its Effects

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One of the major effects of losing sleep is the increasing rate of being easily irritated, short-tempered, and vulnerable to stress. Without sleep you and could easily have a bad day, therefore, the lack of sleep increases stress levels, effects performances, and decreases attention to detail.

People who lack sleep seem to maintain the same physical state and mental state as a person that drinks heavily. The physical and mental state of one who lacks sleep is; uncoordinated movements or actions, easily agitated with anyone or anything and it hard to focus on a task in general. Lacking sleep is also relatively as effective as taking a drug and is a way and form of destroying the body slowly.

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A negative effect of lacking sleep is the major increase in stress levels. Lacking sleep not only makes you grumpy but also causes emotional distress. The main relief of stress of all men and women abroad is a good diet and good sleep, so it is only right for the increase of stress is the complete opposite. Just imagine the way you feel after having a long night of studying and preparing for a test for the next day, the result of it is that you barely got any rest, get up early go to school but when you get there you are just in a terrible mood, stressed and just too impatient with anything that comes in your direction because you did not get the proper rest you were suppose to get. With the study on sleep deprivation to further prove the statement that lacking sleep affects you mentallay and physically, it reported that the patients claimed “ These sleep problems caused emotional distress, fatigue, and reduction in daytime activities.” (“Psychology and Psychotherapy Theory, Research and Practice June 2016.) Following up emotional distress, lacking sleep can also cause easy frustration with others and impatience. With strong research, a discovery was made on a supportive piece of information, “Reduced sleep durations are associated with impaired functionally of the brain, thus slowly increase the vulnerability to neuropathology.” (“Sleep and Biological Rhythms’ ‘ Jul 2015). The result of losing sleep is that the brain cannot rest, in addition scientist did studies on multiple complaints of lacking sleep and the results were the same, people reporting that they couldn’t think or even operate the same due to stress and the doctors explained that “ Role of the sleeping brain in solidifying memories and process newly learned lessons.”

When it comes to lack of sleep it can also obtain the same similarities as if you were abusing or using certain drugs.

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