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Lactose Intolerance Essays

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Link Between Lactose Intolerance and Genetics, Age and Gender

Quite a lot of people are actually lactose intolerant and that means that they can not have milk or almost any other dairy because their bodies can not digest the sugar in dairy that is called lactose. Researches and studies show us that being lactose intolerant has a lot to do with genetics, age and gender. Doctors can test you lactose tolerance by using the lactose tolerance test that is done by a glucometer that can exactly tell you how...
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Purified Beta-Galactosidase for the Treatment of Lactose Intolerance

β-galactosidase is a bacterial enzyme. Study of this enzyme allowed researchers to develop operon model and determine the role of the enzyme in regulating gene expression. Besides this historic significance, β-galactosidase also have essential enzymatic functions, including to hydrolyze lactose into glucose and galactose, to synthesize allolactose by transgalactosylation of lactose, and to produce monosaccharides by cleaving allolactose . Ability of β-galactosidase to hydrolyze lactose is vital for energy production. Resulting products of lactose hydrolyzes enter glycolysis and are converted...
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Possible Sources of Lactase for People With Lactose Intolerance

Lactase can digest the sugar molecule lactose into simpler molecules called galactose, which is widely utilized to help digest milk and dairy products. Lactose intolerance occurs when a person’s body produces only a small amount of lactase. Lactase is naturally produced by cells arranged and bacteria living in the small intestine. People needs lactase can get it by taking supplements, drugs or probiotics. What are the sources of lactase? Lactose intolerance begins at different ages. Lactose intolerance can affect children...
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