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Censorship of Language: Peculiarities and Aspects

In today’s world, it feels as if every sentence, no matter the platform, is inherently censored and carefully constructed. This phenomenon can be attributed to political correctness, or PC, movement. The PC movement has permeated all major platforms such as radio, social media, television, and literature. The fact of the matter is that some different phrases and motifs have been redacted from the acceptable language column. The intense and visual language that accompanies sex, drugs, and violence is nothing more...
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The Peculiarities of Language in Brave New World

Aldous Huxley, in his lexis and syntax, have proven his proficiency in language through the successful delivering of the layering meanings behind “Brave New World”. The book, “Brave New World”, has certainly stood different from other books, especially with the challenging set of vocabulary it requires of the reader to wholly understand its meaning. Worthy and reflective of the author’s scholarly upbringing, the abundance of long, complicated words in the novel radiated the formal, scientific tone of the future. In...
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Novel And Short Stories Teaching English Language In Malaysia

Teaching English language in Malaysia can be nonetheless possessed its own challenge to ESL teachers. Malaysia made up of three main races have that tendency of embracing their own identity including the language that spoke on daily basis. Well, ESL learning was expectedly having its own sets of difficulty to be taught in a multicultural community. As Malaysia moving into a new era of generation Y slowly to be overtaken by generation Z, millennial seems to have got the gist...
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Rene Descartes: Analysis Of His Discourse

Descartes’s opening statement in the first part of his discourse claims that common sense; or rather good sense of reasoning is equal amongst all. The idea that every individual has an equal amount of “good sense” (Descartes, 4) means that they should have the ability to decide whether something is true or false and the ability to “judge correctly” (Descartes, 4). Good sense gives us the ability to develop our sense of reason and through this “we direct our thoughts...
7 Pages 3238 Words

Anorexia Nervosa: Article Critical Analysis

In this article, twenty girls were put into the three categories of being pre-pubertal, pubertal, and post-pubertal when anorexia nervosa was diagnosed, (Warren,1968, pg 39). Warren examined the girls under a variety of factors, psychiatric symptoms, and their reaction to treatment while in the hospital. The prognosis of anorexia nervosa appears among young girls and boys, but mostly in girls, whether pre-pubertal, pubertal, or post-pubertal at the onset (Warren, 1968, pg.27). Anorexia nervosa is a common noxious eating disorder that...
2 Pages 688 Words

Language And Politics In Contemporary Central Asia

Multilingual nations exist in all parts of the world, and there are massive examples of it if one wants to study them. Toughness arises only when one attempts to locate a country that is genuinely monolingual.[footnoteRef:1] There appear to be no example of this type. The vast majority of the nation-states of the world have more than one language spoken indigenously within their frontiers. In some cases languages that’s spoken in a country may reach up to hundreds (well of...
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Using Instagram In English Language Learning

Abstract This qualitative study was an attempt to explore the learners’ viewpoints on Instagram application in learning English language. The participants of the study involved 27 undergraduate ESL learners, who were enrolled in an Academic Communication course at a private university in Malaysia. A focus group discussion was conducted to collect the learners’ perspectives towards the use of Instagram in English language learning. The findings of the study revealed the learners enjoyed learning English via Instagram as it enabled them...
6 Pages 2869 Words

The Evolution Of Transgender Terminology

Introduction The word “transgender” has faced several variations throughout the years. However, it is solely now, in the 21st century, that this concept is finally self-addressed as a relevant matter. It is intriguing the history and origins behind the term used to describe someone whose, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, “sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond to that person’s sex at birth, or which does not otherwise conform to conventional notions of sex and gender”. Historically,...
2 Pages 1114 Words

Language, Media And Society

Making Meaning: Words and Images ‘Language—more specifically human language—refers to the grammar, structure and other rules and norms that allow humans to make utterances and sounds in a way that others can understand’. (Nordquist, 2019). The origin of language and its evolutions is highly speculative and has been debated vigorously amongst some of the greatest minds- many of which, have attempted to source its first emergence and develop upon that- i.e. The Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure, who defined the...
3 Pages 1424 Words

The Correlation Of Language And Communication

Growing up Language is an iconic obstacle a child must conquer. A language is a tool that enables people to communicate & it is an essence of what it means to be human(Panopto Lecture). And when we address Spoken Language, it is cleaved into five different categories which are Phonology, Morphology, Semantics, Syntax, and Pragmatics(Textbook 9.1 The Road to Speech). Frankly speaking, I don’t think that many of our Parents or Teachers were even aware of these five aspects of...
3 Pages 1314 Words

The Necessity Of Understanding Language Through The Brain

It is unlikely a person would ever recall the moment of their very first utterance. After months of crying and cooing, the baby’s speech would start to resemble a form of mama, or dada as it starts to produce preliminary syllables in the early stages of linguistic development (Parker & Riley, 2010). Before you know it, the baby is able to comprehend words and even form basic sentences on their own. During this process no proper education is involved. Just...
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First Language Acquisition Theory (Interactionism)

Introduction Our group has decided to look into Susumu Kondo’s case study titled “First Language Acquisition: A Case Study of a Japanese-Chinese Bilingual Child” from a publisher; who published about this case study in 2007. As stated in the titled, Susumu Kondo focused more on a bilingual child’s first language acquisition through interactionism with people around the subject that he chose to look into. His subject was his nephew, Kenta, aged 2.5 years old who’s a Japanese-Chinese bilingual child...
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The Role Of Voice And Gender In Argumentative Second Language Academic

Introduction Linguistics is the study of language that includes analyzing language forms and contexts as well. My study is concerned with finding and describing the relation between authorial presence ‘voice’ in second language writing (SLW) in undergraduate students both males and females. Because applied linguistics is my area of interest, I will apply the results of this study to second language writing (SLW) to investigate the role of ‘voice’ in argumentative writing in a relation to overall quality of academic...
4 Pages 1756 Words

Ethics Of Language Documentation

In recent years ethical issues in language documentation have received surprisingly a great attention in India. Although the history of the study of Indian linguistic have been a great value across the world and the contributions of the great linguist Panini in 3rd century has never been forgotten, even after some of the ethical values like; trustworthiness, respect, responsibilities, fairness, caring and authentication have been missing in languages documentation in India. The aim of this paper is to highlight such...
4 Pages 1744 Words

Natural Language Processing And Its Applications

Abstract Natural Language Processing is a branch that is mainly involved in the field of Artificial Intelligence and deals with the study of mathematical and computational modelling of various aspects of natural language and the development of wide range of systems. NLP researchers aim to research on how human beings understand and use language so that appropriate tools and techniques can be developed for the computer to understand and manipulate natural languages to perform the desired tasks. In this paper...
4 Pages 1921 Words

Human Language And Its Relationship To The Natural World

Abstract This paper explores the relationship between the development of human languages around the world and the distinct environmental phenomena the speakers of a particular language are encountered with. By examining six journal articles and one media interview with a prominent researcher in the area of study, I have determined that there is a significant amount of evidence that supports the idea that language is adaptive to the world around it and that this research is only scratching the surface...
5 Pages 2337 Words

Androcentrism In Polish Language

In times when the definition of a woman is no longer constant or abiding, the very foundation of feminist politics is questioned and transformed accordingly. In her book “Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity”, Judith Butler challenges the current understanding of the feminist model by opening the discussion on how it has changed our view of female gender. Butler calls for abandoning the binary categories, stating that gender is nothing more than a performance informed by acts and...
4 Pages 1911 Words

Cross-Linguistics Between Vietnamese And English In Bilingual Participants

Abstract Currently, in the United States, there are approximately 2 million Vietnamese-Americans. There is a shift in the relative language dominance from the first language (L1) to the second language (L2) of immigrant populations that have come to the United States (Tang, M.G., 2007). Maintaining the Vietnamese language provides a critical means for transmitting cultural values across generations and within the ethnic community, which promotes emotional and social balance in self-perception and identity. The Vietnamese language differs from the English...
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The Usefulness Of Forensic Linguistics

Is language a distinctive feature when it comes to constructing yourself? Language allows speakers not only to communicate with others, but also to express who they are, where they come from, and who they associated with. “Language functions as a cornerstone in the construction of our identity and in the relationships we build” (Littlejohn and Rao Mehta 1). The process by which people construct and project their proximity to ideals, concepts, people, places, and namely their culture, is done both...
5 Pages 2125 Words

How Language Can Change Human Thoughts

Abstract This research is being conducted to analyze how language plays its role in determining, manipulating, adjusting and influencing human’s thoughts and perception. Research was conducted in University of Gujrat, using a survey method. Fake statement was presented as a fact and point of view were given in its favor. To check the influence of language in thoughts, forty samples were taken. Sample was taken in the form of two variables, males and females. Results support that language influences human’s...
3 Pages 1552 Words

Language Variation Essay

A recent advertisement for Lockheed products claimed that if William the Conqueror had not had technological superiority when he invaded England in 1066, ‘this very ad might have been written in Anglo-Saxon’. What’s wrong with this picture? Two things: First, all living languages are always changing, so the Old English spoken by William’s adversaries would be greatly different from Modern English even if there had been no Norman conquest. (Just try to read the 14th-century Middle English of Chaucer’s Canterbury...
3 Pages 1351 Words

Learning Language And Learning Languages: Theoretical And Applied Issues

INTRODUCTION Language represents an essential human characteristic what differentiates us from other species. Hence, language acquisition play a fundamental role in the science world. The most relevant contribution of language acquisition in first and second languages to the progress of science has been done at least in a specific field, the cognitive science. In other words, they have encouraged the study of mind and intelligence by describing how children or adult learn languages. This two areas are particularly meaningful to...
4 Pages 1689 Words

Language, Individuality And Empowerment

Summary Pakistan is a multilingual state with numerous ethnic gatherings. The official language of the state is English. Urdu is the national language in spite of the fact that it is the primary language of the Mohajirs, who structure just 7.6 percent of the populace. The Mohajirs are the Muslims who had emigrated from India when Pakistan appeared in 1947. The utilization of different dialects would have offered capacity to different up-and-comers. The world class gatherings and the ethnic minorities...
5 Pages 2156 Words

Will Standard Language Make Us Successful?

While many English teachers demand the use of standard American English in their classrooms, many others support the multiculturalism and authenticity of those who express themselves differently. Ryan Bloom is undoubtedly one of those who think it is unfair for others to limit the way we communicate. This novelist and academic writer, however, in his article “Inescapably, you’re judged by your language” (The New Yorker, 19 June 2017) convinces us that nowadays, it is important to learn how to reserve...
2 Pages 971 Words

The Correlation Of Language And The Media

Abstract In this report I would like to emphasize the contribution of language and the media to the sense of living in this world. I will discuss about the influence of language in the world of media. Media suffuse our sense of living in a world: a social world, an imaginative world, the world of global politics and confrontation. The contribution of media to the individual’s mindset and thought processing is inevitable. The right use of language and media can...
3 Pages 1460 Words

Language And Community

A community is a social unit that shares various things in common such as religion, norms, values, identity and most importantly, the language. They also share a geographical location in terms of a village, or country or a virtual space through various communication platforms such as the social media. One of the most important identity of a community is the language used. Communication plays an essential role in the life of every human being. It does not only separate us...
4 Pages 2024 Words

A World Of Language Variation

An ongoing notice for Lockheed items asserted that if William the Conqueror had not had innovative predominance when he attacked England in 1066, ‘this very advertisement may have been written in Anglo-Saxon’. What’s going on with this image? Two things: First, all living dialects are continually changing, so the Old English spoken by William’s enemies would be enormously not the same as Modern English regardless of whether there had been no Norman success. (Simply attempt to peruse the fourteenth century...
3 Pages 1559 Words

Do Language Features Predict Code-switching Patterns In Farsi And English Bilingual Speakers?

Code Switching (hereafter CS) is acknowledged as a highly significant and prevalent conversational phenomenon in bilingual contexts and is generally defined as a sociolinguistic communication strategy which allows bilingual speakers to alternate between two or more languages during discourse (Garcia et al., 2018; Schau, Dellande & Gilly, 2007 & Vickers, Goble & Deckert, 2015). This planned or unplanned switch from one language to another occurs in many forms such as within sentences boundaries, within phrases, between words or between clauses...
5 Pages 2218 Words

Literacy And Language Teaching: Digital Stories In The English Language Classroom

BENEFIT Current adolescents are living in the digital world, and they feel comfortable in the environment of the ubiquitous mediascape (Ohler, 2013). There is no doubt that the modern young generation is called ‘digital natives’ (Lambert, 2018, p. 6). A research reported that about 50 % of teenagers from 12 to 17 in the US have experienced on the Internet ‘from sharing self-authored material to blogging and re-mixing text, music and visuals’ (Lenhart and Madden, 2005, cited in Lundby, 2008,...
6 Pages 2906 Words

Theoretical Issues In Natural Language Processing

NLP (Natural Language Processing) started during the 1950s as the crossing point of man-made brain power and the semantics. This intersection of the artificial intelligence and linguistics resulted in many successful natural language processing operations in artificial intelligence. however some theoretical and practical issues were still a matter of great concern. Due to industrial growth of artificial intelligence and smart systems, the theoretical problems were being disregarded while the products were generated and sold. The TINLAP (Theoretical issues in natural...
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