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Language Of Generation Z In Social Media Sites: A Discourse Analysis

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Language is a system of communication wherein sounds, signs or a combination of the two conveys actions and ideas. Language is one of the most precious gifts God gave us. It is a characteristic that makes a man fully human. Humans are above the animals because they have the ability to convey messages and information formally.

According to Mayell, H. (2003), language is ultimately important because it is the primary means through which humans have the ability to communicate and interact with one another. Some linguists go so far as to suggest that the acquisition of language skills is the primary advancement that enabled our pre-historic ancestors to flourish and succeed over the hominid species.

Generation may be a time wherein people are classified reckoning on the year or time they were born. There are different generations which are: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. In different generations, different types of attitude and technology are involved. There are so much discussion about different generations, from the Generation of Baby Boomers to Generation Z. In an article by Renn (2008), the author claims that everybody are labeled, categorized, sometimes even stereotyped simply according to our date of birth.

Meanwhile, Macon & Artley (2009) examined and described the characteristics of various generations, including background, preference, and characteristics and so on. According to the authors Baby Boomers who were born between 1946 and 1964 strives for economic prosperity and are lifelong learners. Throughout most of their lives Boomers respect authority and believe that younger generations are rude. They also believe in the spirit of teamwork, expects to be one in all the simplest on the team. They have good work ethics and expect others to possess the same. They respond using e-mails on a usual basis.

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However, Generation X who were born between 1965 and 1976 were the first generation to incorporate digital technology in their youth. Generation X prefers receiving and using short, brief messages instead of lengthy ones. Generation Xers spent considerable time at home alone. The Xers are independent, not intimidated by authority, creative but cautious. They are committed to family values and local causes; they want less structure with more dialogue.

While, Generation Y or Millenials who were born between 1980 and 1994 have been always around technology and have been able to be consistently connected with computers, cell phones and the Internet. Change is the norm for them. People in this generation like to keep busy and ask lots of questions and need to be structured and require deadlines.

Meanwhile, Generation Zers who were born between 1996 – present grew up as digital natives, whose internet is part of their daily lives; they spent much of their lives in front of screens which have led to specific communication preferences. They are technologically advanced and know how to use a smartphone from an early age; they absorb tons of new information every day. Generation Zers expects fast responses from whomever they’re sending a message. The best way to communicate with them is face-to-face.

Moreover, a research conducted by Dan (2019) found that Philippines, currently has a total population of 107.3 million. Of that population 76 million or 71% are active social media users, age group 18-24 makes up the largest proportion of social media users or 52.7% who belongs to the Generation Z.

Generation Z from a cultural perspective is clearly different than those that came before them, sometimes they have their own meaning of words. For instance the word woke, woke by its nature is referred to as the past tense of wake which is to become awake after sleeping. Meanwhile, wake has other meaning in Generation Z which is to be aware of social issues, to possess the ability to identify something as problematic. In addition, the word lit, as it turns out, is not a new term. Its earliest recorded use was in 1918 though then it is primarily described the feeling of intoxication. Meantime, the word lit is used as the equivalent of “cool” or “fun”. With this, there are problems with regards to the language used by the Gen Zers compared to other generations and this may lead to misinformation and clash of language.


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