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Text Classifier Using Natural Language Processing

Abstract Nowadays text synthesis is most vital part of web technology. Natural language processing (NLP) are often a subfield of linguistics, computing , information engineering, and AI concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages, especially the way to program computers to process...
4 Pages 1819 Words

Language Organs And Grammar Gene

With scientific evidence about grammar gene, it is now possible to detect the gene deficiency well in advance to manage it. For a new born child, there could be a screening process that could identify the genetic deficiency earlier. The results could provide with a...
1 Page 595 Words

The Peculiarities Of Language Translation

We live in a diverse world. People are always on the move each passing second. Some in search of knowledge, others search for employment opportunities, and so on. Our diversity extends to culture. You identify people based on symbols, norms, values, artifacts as well as...
1 Page 403 Words

Language as A Communicative Device

Language is an instrumental apparatus that serves a multiplicity of purposes; however, many, if not the majority of people do not fully understand, nor comprehend the importance of language. Many people view this vital tool as trivial and simple; a frivolous convenience. Nevertheless, in reality,...
5 Pages 2162 Words

Modern Approaches And Methods In Teaching English Language

Fundamentally, educating and interde two significant segments sending and getting data ultimatedly. An educator attempts his best to import information as the manner in which he comprehended it.The utilization of imaginative techniques in instructive organizations has the potential not exclusively to improve training ,yet additionally...
2 Pages 923 Words

Language And Perception

Have you ever wondered what languages in our world today use gender pronouns? Well, in this essay you will get a glimpse of some languages that use gender pronouns and some that do not use gender pronouns from interviews that were conducted along with tables...
1 Page 547 Words

Should Everyone Learn And Speak One Global Language?

Taking precedence over one global language seems a good strategy from various aspects. Unifying languages in the world enable people to communicate with around the world, avoids miscommunication. However, I disagree with this idea. Ignoring local language limits knowledge expansion and cognitive ability improvements in...
1 Page 650 Words

The Role Of Language In The Life Of Humans

Language plays a very important role for humans, it is a unique feature of human society to distinguish it from other animals. Language is used as a means of thinking, or it is also understood that language is the ‘shell’ of thinking, the mode of...
2 Pages 728 Words

Understanding The Components Of Language

Have you ever wondered how words get there meaning, or how the same word can have two different meanings? Understanding the meaning of language can be complex to grasp but learning the three theories of meaning will help to gain a better idea of what...
3 Pages 1200 Words

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