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Law, Ethics, and Corporate Governance: Facebook Live Killings

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Table of contents

  1. Legal or Ethical Duty to Rescue
  2. Proactive and Thorough Reviews
  3. Safeguards
  4. Ethics Officer or Oversight Committee
  5. Encourage Ethical Use
  6. References

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2004 so people and families could connect online. Since 2004 Facebook has become very accepted as a social website. Each year Facebook adds new qualities to stay ahead of the other social media companies. Facebook created a new live tool in 2016, which was supposed to be aimed towards celebrities and public figures (Newcomb, 2017). With this tool users can intermingle with others in real world time n Facebook. With this live tool Facebook has been able to make customers famous and capture protests, as well as police shootings. But since this live tool with Facebook has become so popular the audience have seen some horrific sights. Some people have taken this live tool to far and some people have seen some unfortunate events broadcasted such as people committing rapes, torturing people, torturing animals, suicide, and now Murder.

Legal or Ethical Duty to Rescue

Most people believe that Facebook is responsible for the acts of violence that is shown on Facebook. The question is to they have a responsibility under the law to help victims or prevent the crime. It is a fact that Facebook does not have any legal duty to rescue a crime victim. Some police officers preferred if you did not get in assist in helping the general public because that will put you in harm’s way and could cause you to become a hostage. In fact, that there is no legal requirement for someone to help a person in danger. There are certain cases, that the law may enforce a responsibility on someone to help rescue another if there is special relationship, that person produced the danger, or the person who, started to save the victim (Wechsler, 2013). Possibly Facebook has an ethical responsibility to help in rescuing a crime victim, it’s the honorably, correct thing to do, the company can produce devices to help. Presently Facebook has a procedure in place, which is to have a “team on call at all hours, prepared to react to any reports of content that may involve any type of violate shown on Facebook (Newcomb, 2017). At this point any content which is informed by any user is appraised to see if it abuses any of the standards set up by Facebook. If any reported content is established as producing damage to any individual or group of people, Facebook can distinguish the position of the crime and then inform the local authorities. If there is a situation of a live video, Facebook has the opportunity to help the victim by sending the proper help.

Proactive and Thorough Reviews

Social media plays a huge part in the essential rule proceeding the sort of subject that emerges on their programs. The subscribers make the posts, but social media have the staff that can delete the substance if it is needed. All social media policies need to be changed so they can oversee what is posted on their sites to make sure there are no criminal activate or bulling posted. There are several ways to monitor the kinds of post that are listed on the sites by doing a review of all content that gets posted before it is posted, which means add a delay on the program so they can see it first. This program would be able to check the information before it is posted before it could be shown on the social media for any content on their sites. The computerized program would be designed to glance at posts for certain words or phrases and examine any weblinks that are being shared. Everything that is established unsuitable would not be posted and the user would be informed that the post is under review and the post would be sent to an actual person to further review. This would allow posts that aren’t reported to be reviewed and reported to the proper authorities if needed.

Other ways to be additional preemptive and detailed with their evaluations is to review related circumstances in the identical means then create practices and strategies with solutions before the incidents is viewed. Facebook examines the circumstance and amount of informed content to establish the suitable proceedings. It is always good to have procedures to follow for reviews, it will guarantee that the post is thorough and stable. With a list of potential answers to occurrences will make reviews more practical because the person reviewing the posts can occupy less time straining to think out a solution and can work on acquiring help or eliminating the contents of the post in a suitable means.

Last of all, guarantee the reviewing team members are appropriately trained on what to do when reviewing the content. Employee education benefits both the business and the individual employees. Employee with training gain more knowledge and perform their duties in a better manner. After the killing of Robert Godwin Sr., Facebook proclaimed that they were going to hire 3,000 additional employees to review videos (Newcomb, 2017). Training is a critical factor for new employees. When it comes to Facebook and social media policies, each employee should obtain training on how to review and handle several contents. The training should specify what to look for and give sample situations for each employee. Training employees progresses with having actions and recommendations that should be discussed during the training classes.

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Facebook tries to have a place where users can express themselves freely, but there are those times when users will use Facebook and other social media programs to show acts of violence. Robert Godwin Sr., killing caused quite a bit of users to become furious with Facebook for not already having these kinds of controls in place to avoid these types of videos from being broadcasted. Social media programs need to have safeguards in place to prevent these kinds of violence from being broadcasted. In March 2017, Facebook incorporated suicide prevention implements into Facebook Live. By incorporated tools like this into Facebook Live, viewers can report a video and get help to the person that may be taking into consideration the act of suicide (Newcomb, 2017). Facebook and other social media programs can expand this tool to be a safeguard against not just suicide but other violent acts from being publicized such as murder and bulling. When a Facebook user goes live all their friends are informed so they can view in real time. If the user’s friends believe the video being taped is unsuitable and they can report it stating that the video is showing violence. When the video is identified as being violent the live stream will be cut, and the proper authorities will be notified immediately. This could stop the acts of violence being broadcasted and permit the Facebook employees to attempt to send help for the victims.

The users would be extremely depending on reports of any and all subject matter that needs to be reviewed and perhaps removed because staff members cannot catch everything. Generally, by the time the video is reported it has by this time attracted quite viewing audience among user’s viewing and sharing the video. Social media programs can set up a protection that displays the quantity of times a videos and/or post is received. When there are many viewers the video can be removed temporarily until an employee can make an assessment and determine if the video requires to be eliminated permanently. Facebook has begun using photo-matching tools to stop reported pictures from being distributed by other users on this site and other social media sites. A third protection could be made by constructing this technology with the circulation monitoring. When a video is removed directly to the amount of circulation the photo-matching technology can stop the video or pictures from being shared pending the content is concluded suitable.

Ethics Officer or Oversight Committee

Facebook does not have an ethics officers but has a board of directors that supervises the business’s activities. The shareholders are represented by the company’s board of directors, which, helps to establish procedures, and produces main corporation decision, but they do not directly focus on ethics. Amongst the surge in unethical contents on Facebook and other social media programs, there should be some contemplation given to having an ethics officer. An ethics officer would describe to the board of directors about the video users, but dissimilar then the board their exclusive attention would be on ethics and ensuring there is an ethical environment. The ethics officer could help Facebook’s management create detailed choices, a code of ethics could help employees and the users to determine the company’s ethical standards. Importantly an ethics officer would be capable to help management discover ways to inspire ethical use.

Encourage Ethical Use

Businesses use code of ethics or ethic policies to prompt employees and inspire them to conduct ethical and professional attitudes. Facebook needs to encourage ethical use of their platform so they can create a code of ethics or reminders that users will have to accept before generating a post or going live. Users considering this reminder before they post will make them think twice about whatever they are posting and precedent to more ethical use. If a user prolongs unethical use of their platform, they could risk having their account shut off or having to pay a fee. The main point is to bring the users’ around to all the changes so Facebook is an ethical and stricter program.

Facebook and social media programs are confronting issues with content users post and in what manner to better control it. Managers are looking for ways to implement changes to prevent violence from being shown on the social media sites. Among the capacity of content that Facebook and other social media gets everyday it’s tough to screen all the contents, but management is obliged to the users to find way to halt the exposure to certain media.


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