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Pros and Cons of Private Prisons: Critical Essay

Private prisons are correctional and rehabilitation institutions that are managed by third-party institutions, not the state government as commonly perceived. In the USA, private prisons are mainly funded by the government through governmental contracts, which are majorly based on the number of prisoners and the average length of the prisoners’ sentences. It implies that the more the number of inmates these institutions can house with longer sentences, the more funding they get from the government. Ideally, private prisons are portrayed...
1 Page 650 Words

Constitution, Social Change, and Living Constitutionalism: Critical Essay

Since its inception, America has gone through a myriad of changes. In its short life of just two-hundred-forty-three years, America has become an independent nation, expanded West, ended slavery, introduced and later abolished prohibition, established equal voting rights, ended segregation, and legalized gay marriage. When one sits down and thinks about it, that’s a lot of changes for one country to go through in such a short time. However, none of these changes happened overnight. In many cases, in fact,...
7 Pages 3028 Words

Racial Inequality in the American Justice System as a Serious and Still Relevant Problem: Persuasive Essay

Racial inequality in the USA is a well-known topic, especially inequalities with the justice system and police officers being racially biased. On May 25, 2020, two police officers murdered an African American man named George Floyd. He was simply walking down the streets, doing nothing wrong. He was murdered solely because of his race and nothing else. A video of this happening quickly went viral everywhere on social media, sparking a new trending hashtag – #blacklivesmatter. This tag quickly sparked...
1 Page 508 Words

Essay on Mental Health Care Issues in Prisons

Before attempting to understand how the standard of mental health care is tied to larger issues within the prison system, it is important to establish how mental health care is insufficient in a broad sense. When looking at the rates of mental illness within the incarcerated population, it becomes clear that a strong system of mental health care is absolutely vital. As of 2014, 73% of women and 55% of men in state prisons, 61% of women and 44% of...
4 Pages 1928 Words

Prison Overcrowding as a Problem: Informative Essay

Prison overcrowding is not a new issue in the penal system in the United States. As far back as the original thirteen colonies, there have been problems surrounding the incarceration of criminals. Over the past century, different situations have caused fluctuations in the number of people confined to prisons, in both the federal and state-level justice systems. This issue is not only a threat to the general public, it can hurt state budgets, the employees that work in the complexes...
5 Pages 2501 Words

Juveniles in Solitary Confinement: Informative Essay

There are many concerning issues within juvenile corrections. One of those pressing issues is solitary confinement. Solitary confinement is defined as the isolation of a prisoner in a separate cell as a form of punishment. Every day across the United States, young people under the age of 18 are placed in solitary confinement. In this essay, I will discuss the issue surrounding juveniles in solitary confinement compared to Germany’s treatment of juveniles and the ways it has improved. According to...
3 Pages 1140 Words

Judicial Review and the Rule of Law: Critical Essay

Judicial review has been a fundamental aspect of the rule of law in acting as a check for the government by the courts. The question arises however as to the extent to which judicial review has a place in the English judicial system. This issue has arisen more recently as a result of the Independent Review of Administrative Law and the initial response it received from the government regarding the future of judicial review in the English legal system and...
5 Pages 2096 Words

Adversarial System Vs the Inquisitorial System: Compare and Contrast Essay

In this essay, I will argue why the adversarial system is an advantage for criminal justice over the inquisitorial system. As we all know, the adversarial system has to deal with two sides which are the prosecution, which is the team trying to prove with their evidence to the judge and jury that the person accused is guilty of their actions, and the other hand, we have the defense, which is the team of people proving to the judge and...
2 Pages 774 Words

Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults: Argumentative Essay

Abstract Starting with In re Gault in 1967, the subject of whether or not juveniles should be treated like adults when it comes to the justice system has been a controversial one. Up until the late 60s, juveniles were not even given the same rights when charged as adults. While many people agree with the notion that if a juvenile commits a serious crime they should be charged accordingly, there are equally as many who disagree with it. The primary...
3 Pages 1591 Words

Life Sentences for Juveniles: Pros and Cons Essay

Are you the same person you were at 14 years old? Or do you think you grew perhaps a bit wiser or smarter from life experiences? Society has always been treating minors differently than adults. For instance, they aren't allowed to buy cigarettes, or alcohol or can't rent an apartment, as we acknowledge that they aren't mature enough to make certain decisions. Yet, we give these juvenile offenders the same treatment as a fully-grown adults by depriving them permanently of...
1 Page 597 Words

The Strictest Form of Probation for Adults in The United States: Informative Essay

Electronic monitoring and parole are an ingrained part of the toolkit of criminal justice, but astoundingly little is known regarding the conditions under which it is effective. Efforts to upsurge the intensity of supervision for crime- and cost-saving aims have produced diverse outcomes at best. This paper will assess the best correctional program to use, along with the best method a correctional officer can use to determine the effectiveness of a program. Intensive supervision probation or parole (ISP) is an...
1 Page 563 Words

Representation of Flawed Justice System in ‘12 Angry Men’

I often wonder what it would be like to live in a world where racism, violence, and injustice don’t exist. A world where everyone, no matter the race, can live in harmony without war, bombings, murder, or any other form of prejudice. I firmly cling to the belief that we are all equal beings. Beings who desire to love and be loved, dream and hope about the future, and want to feel safe and wanted. What if racial integration could...
2 Pages 781 Words

Key Principle of Classical Criminology and Its Influence on the Criminal Justice System

In this essay, I will explain what the key principle of classical criminology is and what influence it has on our criminal justice system. The main key principle of classicism is the Enlightenment thinkers who identified individuals or criminals to have rationality, hedonism, and punishment acting as a deterrent to crime. Rather than thinking about religion and what happens after death, Enlightenment thinkers sought to improve human circumstances on Earth. The reason, science, religious tolerance, and what they called 'natural...
3 Pages 1367 Words

Compatibility of Legal System in Ireland with EU Law System after Brexit: Constitutional, Statute And Common Law

Law and legal studies project In this essay I will be discussing the legal system in Ireland and will be including any observations and changes that I think should be made to this system. I will also be discussing how the Irish legal system will remain part of the European Union after Brexit happens. The legal system in Ireland is an advanced system that involves formal laws. This means the law is independently existing and neutral and is enforced by...
3 Pages 1499 Words

Analysing Factors behind Juvenile Violence

For decades, school shootings have surfaced and spread worldwide. Research continues after each case with hopes for a determination of the reasoning why someone would be so callous. Many attorneys, state prosecutors, forensic psychologist professionals, and judges sit in courtrooms to review some of the most heinous acts in America. But what would qualify a juvenile to become bound over by the State's laws? In the paper provided, there is a story of a young man by the name of...
6 Pages 2712 Words

Representation of Ethnicity Groups in the Criminal Justice System: Discursive Essay

The official crime statistics monitor crime and provides information on the ethnic distribution in the criminal justice system. These statistics are then used to identify whether fair treatment is displayed across the whole system. The concept of different ethnic groups being overrepresented in the criminal justice system is a commonly debated issue. The aim of this essay is to discuss this ongoing debate as to whether there is an over-representation of BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity) groups across the...
6 Pages 2630 Words

Challenges Faced by the Modern Criminal Justice System within England in Wales: Analysis of Catch 22

During this essay I will be exploring three different challenges faced by the modern criminal justice system within England in Wales; the first of which is the complexity of the new approaches being used by the individuals working within the criminal justice system that have arisen due to the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, taking into account the new safety measures put in place and the increase of hidden crimes such as domestic violence that do not take place in...
6 Pages 2583 Words

Juveniles Should not Be Tried as Adults: Essay

Convicting the Youth: Making a Worse Future The United States is one of the few countries where minors can be transferred from the juvenile court system to the adult court system. When working with juveniles, the question tends to revolve around knowing right from wrong. The legal system wants to know at what age can they assume children have fully developed their moral compasses. However, the problem is that there isn’t a definite answer to this question. Children learn at...
5 Pages 2250 Words

Argumentative Essay on Juvenile Justice

Adolescent Incarceration: Where do we go from here? The United States faces the grave issue of incarcerating its black youth at incredibly high rates in comparison to other countries. The juvenile justice system in the United States is a somewhat recent development, so the long-term effects of adolescent incarceration are discussed minimally. Black youth are more likely to be arrested than their white counterparts due to social injustices within the juvenile justice system (Prison Kids: Juvenile Justice in America 2015)....
3 Pages 1361 Words

Essay about Judicial Branch

One document that influenced the United States Constitution is Magna Carta. The Magna Carta was written in 1215 by the barons. This document was a promise from King John, that stated King John and the future monarchs would stop making certain actions that would do harm to the people of England and to others. This document was forcefully signed by King John because King John treated his people very unfairly. In 1776 they looked at the Magna Carta as a...
2 Pages 833 Words

Mental Illness and Justice System

How are individuals with mental illness approached by law enforcement? Taking calls for service for individuals with serious mental health issues and drug misuse consist of a small portion of police calls, but nevertheless consistent (AMelissa et al., 2018). Dealing with people with serious mental health issues represents roughly about 6-7% of all community contacts (AMelissa et al., 2018). Providing services to the mental health community continues to have exertions on resolution strategies throughout the U.S., while law enforcement tries...
2 Pages 964 Words

The Role of Activism in India's Judiciary: An Essay

Lately, the nation has witnessed a series of favorable judicial activism on a large scale. Shibu Soren, a respected politician, was convicted of murder in 1994. World-famous Sanjay Dutt of Gandhigiri's fame has been convicted under the Arms Act of 1993. Navjyot Sidhu, a former explorer who was carrying a gift from gab, was convicted of murdering a street rage 18 years ago. Whatever the criticism of the judiciary, there is no denying that the judiciary has done much to...
2 Pages 827 Words

Reflections on the Geographic Information System Used in the Criminal Justice System

From policing to corrections, technology has been playing an increasingly important role within the criminal justice system. Computer records management and geographic crime-mapping systems have been used more frequently in order to grant effectiveness and efficiency when it comes to analyzing large amounts of crime data. As mentioned in the textbook ‘Criminal Justice in Canada’, “A crime mapping system called Geographic Information System (GIS), identifies the crime patterns in specific geographic areas such as neighborhoods or larger districts of a...
3 Pages 1211 Words

Analysis of the Disadvantages of Technology in Criminal Justice Through the Advantages and Solutions to Eliminate Them

In this essay, I will talk about how modern technology will change our criminal justice system. First, I will talk about modern technologies that have been used by the criminal justice system over the years and whether their use has made the criminal justice system more efficient or transparent. I also focus on the disadvantages and challenges of using the technology, as well as on possible solutions. With technology advancing at a fast pace, it was only a matter of...
7 Pages 3352 Words

A Brief History of Prisons

Prior to the 15th Century, incarceration itself was not considered a punishment, but rather a way of holding those who were in debt or awaiting trial. As well as common criminals, prisons at this time were also used to detain political prisoners, prisoners of war, slaves and those convicted of treason. Particularly in the case of the traitor, the prison provided a venue to exhibit the prisoner prior to his punishment. Many of these early prisons were built partially underground...
2 Pages 1078 Words

Juvenile Diversion Programs in South Africa

Children who commit minor unlawful behaviors were exposed to harsh punishment, therefore this is the inappropriate treatment for children in conflict with the law, as it disobeys act 108 of 1996 in section 28 of the constitution. In the 1990s South Africa introduced diversion to focus on the best interest of the child, providing appropriate treatment and punishment for children in conflict with the law (Steyn (2010). Z. K. Hamilton et al. (2006) define diversion as channel out, children in...
3 Pages 1553 Words

Contrasting Different Approaches to Judicial Review on Grounds of Democracy

Democracy is a type of government in which the rule is sustained according to the peoples of the state, in our case the nation. Modern Democracy is not only to sustain the rule of the majority but also to protect everyone in the state from other parties, externalities, themselves and the state itself. This type of democracy is called a pluralist democracy. One important component of the pluralist democracy for its functioning is a constitution that is neutral, effective and...
3 Pages 1448 Words

The Need for a Uniform Civil Code in India

Law is a system of rules that are created and enforced through the social or governmental institution to regulate behaviour. Law is symbolized by goddess Mart a lady justice who has weighed fold in hand indicating that justice should be impartial without and regardless of money, wealth, power and identity. This is a basic principle in Indian Law. India maintains a hybrid legal system including criminal law, civil law, common law and statutory law within legal Framework inherited from the...
6 Pages 2516 Words

Reflections on Why Texas Should Make Changes to Judicial Selection

The US runs an exciting judicial system, where different states retain the right to determine the way to have judges in the courtrooms. Some states consider governor appointments, while others prefer to have partisan elections determine the judges to grace the court sessions. Texas is one of the states that has maintained the use of the partisan election of judges for years. This paper discusses why I believe Texas should consider the state-level judges being appointed by the Texas governor...
1 Page 679 Words

Key Triggers of The Birmingham Prison Riot of 2016

The Birmingham prison riot of 2016 has been commonly described as “the worst prison riot seen since the Strangeways riot” (, 2016) that irrupted in 1990. After the disorder there was a rough estimate of 500 inmates involved as four wings out of a total eleven wings filled into a full-scale riot. It lasted from 12 to 15 hours until negotiations started and the prison was safely under control by authorities. During the over 12 hours of disorder inmates destroyed...
6 Pages 2541 Words
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