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Laws And Discrimination

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Laws have never been the most important factor in overcoming discrimination, obvious it is the people who make those laws. Those who recognize injustice and decide to do something about it are the most impactful when overcoming discrimination. For centuries, discrimination has always been prevalent in America. Laws will not achieve anything if the public does not follow them. In many cases, laws can be counterproductive to overcoming discrimination, and they may instead perpetuate inequality.

I disagree that freed people and their former masters are equal members of society, because some people don’t care such as the consequences of counter laws. The freed people will always remember how they were treated and done wrong. They had some who worked in fields. Some may as if they are not equal because of the way master punished them. A lot of masters showed favoritism to certain blacks.

I agree that the laws play an important role in shaping who I am, because there are laws that are created fair and can affect anyone regardless of race. Which can only affect people who care about the consequences. There is an equal effect, which is the concern to prevent the excessive power that is unreasonable or random which causes a concern. The concern of private law to prevent unconscionability and deterrence behavior.

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Another reason I agree, is because this is the reasonable expectation of each individual. Legal systems and societies can’t be built or sustained by reference. The proper balance to be struck must recognize the requirement that rule. The requirement must also recognize the danger of absence. They have a different effect on other thoughts and reactions towards things.

I disagree that laws are the most important factors in overcoming discrimination, because the strongest source of change is the society. Laws have never been the most important factor in overcoming discrimination. People have become comfortable with the idea that the government has the power to indicate what’s wrong or right. Laws will not attain anything if they are simply put impossible to enforce. Revolutionary law that made it so easily recognized and well coordinated into our generation today.

To conclude, a law that nobody follows is essentially pointless, because it is the power given by the law. If a rule is no longer followed enough it would no longer be a rule. Breaking laws doesn’t reconstruct discrimination because not everyone care about the consequences. It is not the law that decides which person has power but how much the society provides. Laws do not always shape everyone but they can shape some, if laws become balanced and fair people would agree to them.

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