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Legalization of Marijuana: Positive and Negative Sides

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The legalization of marijuana has been an issue of controversy across the globe. The issue brings in a lot of perspectives to consider. Marijuana has been in existence for many centuries. Marijuana is a small and flowery green plant that is grown in many parts of the world. The main component of marijuana is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and it is responsible for altering the minds of its users. It is believed to have negative health effects on its users. Notably, there has been a debate on whether marijuana should be legalized or not. Those who argue against the legalization of marijuana claim that it can compromise the safety of individuals. They also argue that it can lead to oversimplification of the drug. Nevertheless, marijuana has many positive medicinal and recreational benefits to its users and, therefore, should be legalized.

Marijuana has certain health benefits in the body. Mainly, it has four medical advantages, which are pain management, reduction of inflammation, management of neurological and mental disorders, and sleep management. Firstly, it acts as a relief for chronic pain. The latter is attributed to cannabinoids, which alters the perception of pain in the brain. Marijuana is not strong for severe pain. However, it is effective for most pains that affect individuals, especially the elderly. For instance, marijuana eases nerve pain and the pain of sclerosis. Although there are other options for easing this pain, they are highly sedative. Additionally, marijuana is proved to be an effective muscle relaxant. Marijuana can reduce symptoms of certain diseases, which eventually lead to chronic pain for patients. According to reports, there have been many testimonies confirming the successful use of marijuana in medicine. An example of such testimony is from Jean Charles Pariseau. The latter would be an HIV/aids patient if the patient was to only stick to the medications prescribed by his doctor; maybe he would not be alive by now. However, marijuana played an important role in suppressing the virus in his body and improving his immune system (Crocker 1). Apart from physical healing, cannabis is also a cure for the mind. It lifts up the mood of the user and helps him or her stay positive. It is important to note that legalizing marijuana can bring certain advantages to the health of its users and medical practitioners.

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The legalization of marijuana can help improve the economy. It is ironic that marijuana has been topping in the industry with high revenues. The latter shows that the sale of marijuana is was too beneficial to be ignored. Additionally, marijuana can be sold without tax considerations. The high revenues of marijuana sales mean that taxes would be high, too (Caulkins etal. 6). So far, two states in the United States have legalized marijuana, Colorado and Washington. The states have realized increased tax revenues, which in turn have increased their overall income. In the first two months after the legalization of marijuana, Colorado collected an extra 6 million dollars in tax revenue. In other words, states that have not legalized marijuana are denying themselves opportunities for economic growth. Other few countries across the globe have also legalized marijuana. An important point to note is the financial burden faced by countries to cater for prisoners. A certain percentage of the prisoners are jailed for marijuana-related cases. Prisons are already underfunded and overcrowded. Some of these prisoners are law-abiding citizens who are only there because they were caught in possession of marijuana. Legalization could ease the financial burden, and the money can be used to cater to other expenses. The costs for prosecuting marijuana criminals are high, and countries spend millions of dollars in marijuana cases. This amount of money can be considered a waste of resources, and it proves the need for the legalization of marijuana.

Marijuana should be legalized because it is safer than alcohol and tobacco. Many people across the globe die annually from tobacco use. It is estimated that in the United States, tobacco causes the deaths of 443,000 people every year (Basu 10). They do not only die because of smoking tobacco but also being exposed to the substance. Alcohol, on the other hand, is not as deadly as tobacco. However, it is toxic to the brain. Overdose of alcohol can cause thousands of deaths in a year. It is evident that alcohol and tobacco have detrimental effects on human health. The latter should not be the norm for legalized drugs. Similarly, alcohol-related crimes increase arrests and prosecutions in courthouses. Since both alcohol and tobacco are legal in all parts of the world, people can buy huge amounts of alcohol and tobacco. The negative effects of alcohol and tobacco use push governments into spending huge amounts of money, which could otherwise be earned through the use of marijuana, which does not have similar detrimental effects. Since the latter are legalized with the many negative effects, marijuana should also be legalized. The reason for the latter is that marijuana has proven health benefits as opposes to tobacco and alcohol. Moreover, studies show that marijuana has no long-term negative impacts on users (Aljabri 2). Marijuana should be legalized because it has lesser health effects compared to alcohol and tobacco. Instead, it will benefit the users medically. If substances that have been proven to have long-term negative effects have been legalized, it is therefore only fair for marijuana, which has no negative long-term effects to be legalized.

To sum up, marijuana has many positive medicinal and recreational benefits to its users and, therefore, should be legalized. It is evident that marijuana has many benefits for its users and states as well. Marijuana has medicinal properties. It helps in pain management, where it reduces chronic pain. It is also effective for suppressing HIV and improving the immune system of HIV/aids patients. Marijuana can also benefit states economically. Legalizing marijuana can allow taxation and make high profits for states. The latter has been proved by countries in which marijuana has been legalized. Finally, tobacco and alcohol have been legalized. Notably, the two have detrimental long-term effects on health. Therefore, it is only fair for marijuana, which has no negative long-term effects to be legalized. However, marijuana should not only be legalized; there must be policies and rules abiding its legalization.

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