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Leonardo Da Vinci And The Renaissance Era

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The Renaissance era was a major period in our world’s historical development as a whole with many influential creators, artists, astronomers and discoverers. One of the most commonly known creator in this time was Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci is mostly known for his flying machine blueprints, the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper as well as being centuries ahead of his time. These are all contributing factors for why I chose him for this research assignment.

The Renaissance was the period of time in Europe when art and literature revived under a classical/modern standard. It took place between the fourteenth century and the seventeenth century, however, the most commonly known time within those years were the fifteenth to the sixteenth centuries. The Renaissance, stood as a popular time for the resurgence of the arts as well as the laws of nature, making it a widespread time for creating, inventing and making incredible discoveries. Many incredible and still well-known pieces of art as well as findings were made in this time including the Mona Lisa, Galileo’s theory of our solar system, inventions and many more. The Renaissance era was one of the most important periods in time for our world.

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The creator, Leonardo da Vinci, was a very influential artist, sculptor, architect, military engineer and draftsman. He studied both the laws of science and the laws of nature. Da Vinci was born in Tuscan, Italy near Vinci and only received the simple education of reading, writing and basic mathematics. He later started a nine year-long apprenticeship with Andrea del Verrocchio at age fourteen in her Florence studio. Within those years including those after Leonardo da Vinci created some of the most famous pieces of art from the Renaissance era. Those include, the Mona Lisa, the ‘Last supper’, the Lady of Ermine and the Vitruvian Man. Throughout da Vinci’s life, he also designed the famous tank design, the war chariot, the flying machine and an enormous crossbow that took a small army of men to fire. All of these inventions and creations helped shape the Renaissance into what it was.

The world we live in today, would be different if not for the Renaissance era. It would be very unlikely that our world would have as advanced flying mechanics as we have today if not for da Vinci’s incredible designs that were centuries ahead of his time. As well as this, it is very unlikely that we would have parachutes nor the designs of the anatomy of both human and animal bodies alike in as much depth as we have today if not for the research by da Vinci in the Renaissance era. Altogether, without Leonardo da Vinci’s work from the Renaissance era, we would very unlikely have the technology, designs or research material that we have today.

The famous, influential creator in the Renaissance era, Leonardo da Vinci’s work is still very significant today. He is a man many people looked up to for his art including the Mona Lisa, his mechanical design such as his flying machine blueprints, and his research into human anatomy, creating the Vitruvian Man. The Renaissance period, with its attraction to the laws of humanism, also created such masterpieces as a whole that are still relevant today including da Vinci’s. To conclude, without the Renaissance era nor Leonardo da Vinci the world we live in would not be the same as it is today.


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