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Liberty and Freedom in My Life

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Freedom is the right and privilege to do what you want and aspire what you want. Freedom can shape people in a positive or negative way. Liberty is the condition of being free inside from restrictions by authority on one’s views of position and behavior. Freedom has to do with certain situations in which you have to deal with. As you get older, you gain more and more freedom and liberty. The more and more freedom someone gets, the more you feel like being awoken from a coma. Freedom feels like getting a big delicious meal after not eating for multiple days. As a kid going into adulthood, even though I have not yet felt it but I can assume that it can be both scary and exciting. Because yes, you don’t have to be under the influence of your parents, but on the other side the decisions that you make religiously, mentally, physically, politely, wealth and business. That implies that no one such as parents or guardians can control the actions that you do, which means you are not joined to any thought or mental picture of any sort, at that point it feels genuine. It feels like a beginning to a new life

The responsibility of liberty has to do with the actions you take. The responsibility involves figuring out how you will make money and how you can take your mistakes and turn them into lessons. You also have to make sure that you do not have others count on you. Without the quality of liberty, we lose the qualities of responsibility and virtue that make us human. That has shaped my life and as I move toward college and adulthood. I have to learn what decisions I make in school, outside of school, all well come back in the future when I apply for college and jobs. For example, say if I was to get a detention for cheating then that would go on my record and when I would apply for a college it would say that I was caught cheating and that would affect the chances I have to get into college. The cheating was an action that I would have decided to do would affect my future life. Therefore, the responsibility that I must take is to not do anything that would affect my future life. I also have to make sure that the actions in which I take during my two and a half years in high school in my 4 or more years in college so that I can create a way to make sure that I can get a good-paying job and get into a college.

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A time in which liberty and freedom where a part of my life was when I was home with my younger brother and I for two days and all I had was money and the food that was in my pantries. I remember that at first, I was scared and did not know what to do but eventually I made a game plan on how I was going to do this. I remember having a feeling that whatever my brother and I eat is depending on the actions that I take in these times. I remember making a plan in my head as I looked at what food we had and in those two days. I learned that when I grow up and I do not have my parents to help me/guide me and to provide food for me. That I am on my own and have to make the right decisions to provide the best life I can possibly have. This event has made me think a lot about how freedom and liberty is shaping my life as I move on toward college and adulthood.

There are pros and cons when it comes to freedom and liberty. The pros are such as you get the freedom to be your own person and not under the influence of your parents. The obstacles come from actions you took from a past life that affect your later life. Nevertheless, as I get into college and adulthood the cons that I will have to deal with is that I have to worry about health issues, paying bills, etc. You also gain more responsibilities but I have to learn how to deal with my responsibilities in a smart and positive way. So overall, the obstacles you have to pass is mentally how you will approach freedom and liberty.

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