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Life Imprisonment As An Alternative To Capital Punishment In Australia

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Capital punishment has always been told to decrease capital crime, but modern day statistics show that this is no longer the case, therefore, the argument of this punishments use is unacceptable, and it must be removed from the legal system completely. I am humbled to be here today to talk about capital punishment and how it needs to be removed. Merely one innocent individual killed by capital punishment is one to many therefore, the push to use life imprisonment instead of capital punishments in today’s world is a must. Don’t you think that instead of killing the killers a solution must be found? Well we have one, currently used in the Australian maximum security prison, Goulburn correctional centre, a supermax cell is a two by three brick room where inmates are homed. Adding in the fact of no future parole, will give those individuals the feeling of isolation which would later result in them experiencing effects physically and mentally. This punishment will remove the death penalty.


The world has always used capital punishment as a deterrent or a way to scare criminals into removing themselves from the criminal pathway. In the eighteen century B.C. (Death Penalty Information Center. 2019) capital punishment was first established. The punishment later continued to grow and become more popular. In 2017 alone, 2,591 death sentences were recorded over 53 countries (Amnesty International USA, 2019). To add to the fact that Capital punishment must be removed, it has been proven by that at least 4% of people on death row were wrongfully executed. This means that they could’ve been found not guilty and returned to everyday life. This information clearly demonstrates that the punishment doesn’t work and there is no point in it anymore. Therefore, capital punishment must be replaced with a solution in order to remove it from today’s world and the worlds legal system. The organisation Amnesty International is a driving force for the extermination of capital punishment. The group outlines important statistics and allows individuals to go on protests or donate to this sort of movement. Although the evidence proves the penalty doesn’t work currently Singapore is going up-in-arms with 71% of people wanting the punishment to continue to be used. In a 2016 a survey done by the National University of Singapore showed that from 1500 people two thirds of them stated they knew very little or nothing about the death penalty (TODAYonline, 2019). It has even been quoted that most Singaporeans are “not interested or concerned” (TODAYonline, 2019) about the death penalty. This attitude is what you and others need to seek out and show people how wrong this punishment is. The solution expressed to you today, must be presented to the 53 countries still using the death penalty in today’s world. With criminals becoming more dangerous they will not care for life or death and this attitude will put the general public in danger. I plead you to go out help me remove capital punishment from the world.

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How will the Solution work

In Australia, life imprisonment is the highest’s authorization under criminal law, its being this way since 1973 (, 2019). Our Australian government has shown the world how terminating capital punishment in our legal system does not affect our safety or culture but purely allows Australians to continue to live without a thought of the act. The last legal execution on Australian land was the 3rd of February 1973. It has been 46 years since that date, their solution was supermax and it has proven itself to perform greater than the death penalty. This solution will remove capital punishment from those countries that continue to ignore the fact that the sentence hasn’t worked. Goulburn correctional centre in New South Wales is a high security jail that enforces this solution. A Supermax prisons cut inmates off from the world and in a way is death while living. Currently being used as the prison for prisons, it homes inmates that are too hostile or aggressive in other centres. Inmates are placed in a two by three metre brick cell with a small window that’s one metre long and 4 centre metres wide (Jessica Wang, 2019). Each cell is fitted with a concrete bed, a concrete stool and a concrete desk and an aluminium sink, toilet and shower that are combined into one. Inmates will be held in these cells for 23 hours each day. When been given the one hour to get out of their cell inmates will be wearing handcuffs, belly chain, ankle chains and have two guards escorting them through the prison. Lethal injection or electrocution or other means of ‘humane’ killing seems like it comes out of a horror movie, we are not mad scientists, we are civilized individuals who do not need to kill these people but rather place them in a supermax prison to suffer and become shut off to the world. It’s been proven that social isolation has an extreme effect on the body due to the human species being ‘social’ creatures. Social isolation can lead to physical effects such as pains, illness and headaches and diet issues as well as mental effects such as an increase in the possibility of depression, anxiety, panic attacks and sleeping issues (, 2019). By placing these inmates into these circumstances, it is clear that they will experience more of a penalty than being put to death. Clearly there is a new solution that will benefit the world, consequently the argument of capital punishment is invalid making its position in the legal system easily removable with the right voice.

How it will benefit the world

A Maximum security prison such as Goulburn is nothing less of a fortress, it is specifically designed for those in the prison to have no chance of endangering today’s society. The exterior of supermax includes a 5.5 metre brick wall with live electric wires fencing the jail which is then reinforced worth military grade barbed wire. Thermal imaging and security cameras have been placed in every corner and every entry and exit. Armed guards are on patrol 24/7 overlooking the yard. Depending on the supermax prison there will be at least one watch tower. Each cell is fitted with a reinforced metal door that can be manually opened or remotely opened. There will be no WIFI, TV or radio services in the facility. There is no such thing as a prisoner escaping supermax. Human rights are always going to be argued for these inmates, the matter is that this people have almost earned their way into supermax. For Individuals to be placed in supermax they would’ve had too murdered, kidnapped, done a high end robbery, treason, terrorism acts, any other high end offences that would violate national security and much more. For someone to do these kinds of events it is clear that they do not have everyday human values, beliefs and attitudes therefore restricting their human rights. With the solution presented the world especially the 53 countries still using capital punishment will benefit without any loss of security and there will be no blood on the government’s hands.

Capital punishment was a deterrent, in today’s culture it seems like a legal way to kill people. It has no place in the legal system anymore. The solution presented for life imprisonment in a maximum security prison is the best around and it will replace the death penalty. Without any chance of future parole, these inmates will be locked down from the world. There will be no safety lost, no fear of that individual anymore, and no lives taken. These convicts will experience the same if not more punishment for their crime. Instead of having 4% of people executed with the possibility of getting out it will be nailed down to anyone in supermax is there for a reason. Capital punishment must be removed, and I need your help to assist me in doing so.

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