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Life Story Of Stephen Hawking

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Stephen Hawking was born on 8th January 1942 in oxford England. He was a theoretical physicist, cosmologist and a mathematician. His contribution in cosmology like; origin of universe, time and black hole revolutionized the concepts of cosmology and opens the new doors of research. He wrote a number of books that not only attracted the cosmologists but also the general readers. Some of his books are; ‘A Brief history of Time’, ‘The Universe in a Nutshell’, ‘The Grand Design’ and on the shoulders of Giants’. At the same time, he was totally paralyzed physically, neither he could speak nor move by himself. In this brief story, we will look at hawking’s early education, careers, ranging from his discoveries to the best seller books written by him, and the disease that robbed him of sense of speech and mobility.

Stephen Hawking begin his schooling from Byron House School in Highgate, London. Here, in school his progress had never been up to the mark. School blamed him as slow learner and expelled him out there. Later, at the age of Eight, he joined St Albans High School (girls’ school) for a few months. That was the time when he learnt English reading and writing at the age of eight years.

He was not good in study but known as ‘Einstein’ in his school because of his brilliant ideas and constructive thinking. But in curricular he was an average student. His father wanted him to attend ‘Westminster School’ but Hawking fall ill on the day of examination. He was much interested in board games, fireworks, modeling aero planes and boats.

Here, Dikran Tahta was his most inspirational teacher. With the help of his Dikran Tahta he built a computer from clock scratch, telephone switchboard etc. Hacking received his bachelor degree in physics, after graduation he went to Cambridge for his PhD.

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In Cambridge, while working on his PhD, he suffered a serious encounter of ALS (Lou Gehring’s disease). Consequently, he had slurred speech and clumsy body. Files, items often dropped out or fell down from his hand unintentionally. After going through a series of tests and diagnosing his disease, doctor said, Hawking only had a few years to live. That was the time, when he was just 21. Likely, he spent more then half of his life while fighting against his neuron disorder.

At the same time, he met and fell in love with a beautiful girl named Jane Wilde. Hawking wanted to complete his PhD before he dies but according to doctors he is no more. Now, instead of one, he had two reasons to live; Jane Wild and his work. These two elements helped him to over-come his ALS. Later, he married to Jane Wilde.

Hawking spent much of his time on space, time, black holes. He presented one of his famous theory about black holes. Before his theory, it was believed that black holes could not get smaller. Hawking changed the mind of cosmologist while presenting his theory about black holes and forced the scientists to review and rethink about their all prior work on black holes. According to this theory, black holes emit some radiation too. Later, these radiations were named as Hawking Radiation.

Hawking was suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS which is commonly called motor neuron disease. This disease basically affects the neurons that control muscles. In order to move a muscle, neuron from brain send messages to muscles to move then muscles move. In ALS patient, neurons become weaker and weaker over time.

We all know that muscles help us in walking, eating, speaking and of course breathing. So, people suffering from ALS often come to rely on wheelchairs. Hawking also spent half of his life on wheelchair on which a machine was mounted. That machine used to convert neuron signals into digital signals. In this way, Hawking used to present and elaborate. Fighting against ALS he passed away at the age of Seventy-six. But he will forever live inside our history books.

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