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Life Twists and Turns

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As we say, we live once. This means that the opportunities provided by life should be used as much as possible. But how do you know that the chosen path is correct? So often we have to make decisions, think about it, or is it what I want?

Already from elementary school, we have a choice – what to do next? Join a high school, gymnasium, go straight to the profession or do nothing? The choice is in your hands, the parents can help you or they will choose your place. It is so individual. Someone already knows what they want, While I was in elementary school, I had the idea after graduation I could learn about Computer Systems Technician. Why? I don’t really remember anymore. Not that I really liked to work with pc, but at that point, apparently, it was something enticing. However, after finishing elementary school, I decided to join a gymnasium before choosing. Was it the best option? I do not know.

Three years of no better or worse decisions that taught something new, changed life and led forward. But when these gymnasium school years were past, I came back to the choice – what next? In one year, I spent a couple of months on a summer holiday in England. I knew what life was there. maybe go away? Or go to university, get a profession?

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I’m inclined to learning, but the next dilemma followed? What to learn? Pleasure for those who have already realized what they like, who is interested in something, but I didn’t. I completed career tests, talked to people.

I have been studying at the university for about a year, I have been working part-time (not in the profession I was studying and I cannot say that I was excited about what I was doing because working with papers has never tempted me) to support my parents and already realize that this time will not be the case a profession in which I would like to work. I have understood it for several years now, after finishing school. If I regret my choice? No, because I learned a lot, but I realize that if I had the opportunity to turn back time, I might still join a professional high school and then a university. Why? Because then now I would be two professions and perhaps one of them would be closer to my heart. But who knows it.

If you are one of them, I wish you find the one thing whats like your heart, what you can happily call yours. It doesn’t matter if it’s your job, your hobby or anything else. The key is to make your own decisions, learn from them and find what you are looking for.

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