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Linking Indian Mythology To Science

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Indian mythology not only houses a number of cultures, ethics, traditions but also science and technology. If you are aware of the Indian mythology then you would certainly know about Mahabharata- the epic, legendary narrative of the Kurushetra war between two groups of cousins Kauravas and Pandavas. This epic being the longest epic poem written by Vyasa, is a treasure house of all kinds of science fiction starting from teleportation to black holes.

Here goes a story which would give you a glimpse how these epics can be parallel to science. Abhimanyu is the audacious and tragic hero of Indian epic. He is the valorous son of the great Arjuna, the third Pandava and Subhadra, sister of Krishna. When Abhimanyu was in womb, Arjuna used to take Subhadra on excursions. To entertain her, Arjuna used to relate stories of his adventures. On one fine day Arjuna started narrating about the modus to enter the Chakra-vyuha. Chakra-vyuha is a military formation, used in war which was an effective form of defense. The army formed a circular grid and challenged the enemy to battle with them. Sadly, at the mid of the narration Subhadra lost interest in the story and fell asleep. But there was someone who was interested in all these talks. He was none other than Abhimanyu- the yet to be born.

After talking for a long time Arjun realized that Subhadra was no longer heeding to him, so, he stopped his narration. But then Arjuna had elucidated till the seventh step of the chakra-vyuha. Unfortunately, Abhimanyu could obtain only the technique of breaking all the circles in the chakra-vyuha, but not how to come out of it. He preserved everything that he heard from Arjuna, carefully in his memory and grew up to be a brave, handsome young man.

Many years later the war between Pandavas and Kauravas took place at the Kurukshetra, during which the Kauravas set up a chakra-vyuha. They challenged the Pandavas to come forward break it. However, Arjuna and Krishna were at arms elsewhere. None of the then present warriors knew how to break through it except Abhimanyu. Though his knowledge was incomplete, he came forward and offered his service of breaking the chakra-vyuha. Abhimanyu entered the vyuha, overcame all the seven circles and reached the center. Gallant and ambitious as he was, he fought valiantly in the unequal struggle with mightier persons but in vain. Then he had to find his way out of the chakra-vyuha, of which he had no knowledge. His bravery and strength were not enough against the skillfully laid out maze of warriors. He had to simultaneously face six mightier persons, upon fighting whom, he met his end. He had the knowledge of entering inside the chakra-vyuha but unfortunately had no idea to return

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In the real world an analogy can be drawn between the chakra-vyuha and the black hole. The black hole has something at its center called a singularity that is comparable with the center of the chakra-vyuha. The center is the place where all the important persons of the war were present with immense strength and they were the one who were urging the opponents to enter the chakra-vyuha just as the singularity has infinite density with immense gravitational pull.

The event horizon can be made analogous to the seventh line of defense formed of the army. As Abhimanyu knew how to enter this level but had no knowledge how to return. The seventh stage could be termed as point of no return just as event horizon in case of black holes.

The army surrounding just before the seventh stage up to which Abhimanyu made his way easily can be made parallel to the photon sphere. Just as the photon revolves around the event horizon in the same way the army also keep moving around the seventh stage just as if they are guarding them. In those time arrows were the weapons used commonly. So, the arrows were aimed at different places. The arrows which were shot up gave the impression of the jets just as a black hole has.

During a battle the personage who are skillful are always at the center so that they can give a tough fight and the one with moderate power are placed at the outskirts. So, they always droop down then stand again and the process goes on. They are very unstable just as the ergosphere present in a spinning black hole. The first line of defense which obscures one from having clear view of the center is analogous to the accretion disk.

In the black hole large amount of matter is compressed to a very small space just as in a chakra-vyuha skilled fighters and soldiers are packed in the small maze. It is the gradient of tidal forces which attracts everything into the black hole. A same kind of force- that is the urge to prove one’s worth compels one to step into the chakra-vyuha and show one’s bravery. No one can ever guess what is inside the chakra-vyuha, it is only the outside army surrounding and marching about it that gives a slight idea about the interior. In the same way till now no information can be retrieved what happens in the interior of the black hole. Just the effect of black hole on the nearby objects gives a hint about its existence.

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