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Literary Devices To Reveal The Necessity Of Meaningful Relationships In Fahrenheit 451

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Carl W. Buechner once stated, “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel”. People will not forget the interactions that are of immense value to them. Even if the person passed away they still leave a massive impression on the people they met and had interactions with. If the relationship happened during the moment and each person exposed themselves to each other, neither will forget the impact they each made on each other’s lives. This correlates to the novel Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury because this explains the relationship between two characters. Although one of them passed away, the main character was motivated to do something regarding the world that he did not consider until he met this character. He references her multiple times following her passing which reveals how significant her presence was in his life even if it was short-lived. In the novel, Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury, is about a man who lives in a society that has condemned books. He discovers with the guidance of people he meets along the way that makes him want to improve this society for the better. He realizes that someone must do something before it is too late for everyone. In Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury uses various types of literary devices to further develop the theme of how people need meaningful relationships to truly be happy.

To begin with, Bradbury utilizes literary devices like imagery to contribute to the theme of people needing significant relationships to be truly happy. After Montag finished speaking to Mildred, who he didn’t want to bicker with, he walked outside to cool off and noticed Clarisse. Montag begins to walk out of his house from Mildred but he notices that “The rain was thinning away and the girl was walking in the center of the sidewalk with her head up and the few drops falling on her face” (Bradbury 19). This piece of imagery explicates how when this girl’s demeanor was approaching Montag, the rain and gloominess that he was feeling vanished. Clarisse’s presence is so strong and full since she is certain of herself and knows what she needs. She isn’t afraid of anything, which is what Montag grows to find out when he talks to her and understands how happy she is because she knows herself. When Montag enters his house to speak to Mildred before his interaction with Clarisse, he encountered heavy rain and a dark feeling which symbolizes his dull relationship with Mildred. Once he meets Clarisse, he notices the sun and less of the rain because Clarisse makes him feel light and free to express his individuality. Additionally, Bradbury proceeds to apply imagery to develop the theme of relationships further. Montag has been going through the motions and living his life but he sees and or realizes after a few days that Clarisse has been gone. Montag, who has been tallying the days notices that he hasn’t seen Clarisse “And, then, Clarisse was gone. He didn’t know what there was about the afternoon, but it was not seeing her somewhere in the world. The lawn was empty, the trees empty, the street empty, and while at first, he did not even know he missed her or was even looking for her, the fact was that by the time he reached the subway, there were vague stirrings of dis-ease in him” (Bradbury 29). Montag feels a certain way and describes it as a feeling of emptiness once he realizes that he has not seen Clarisse. Montag misses the idea of Clarisse and her presence that she possesses whenever he talks to her. This friendship that he has developed with Clarisse made him feel more like himself than he felt with anyone else especially his wife. This feeling of worry that Clarisse is missing or gone scares him because he was just starting to find his true self and figure himself out. Clarisse and his relationship were of high importance to him and he feels happier with her in his presence and she makes him comfortable so without her, Montag realizes how lonely or sad he is in this society. This demonstrates how the literary device of imagery proves to develop the theme that people need meaningful relationships to be truly happy.

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Furthermore, Bradbury takes advantage of literary devices like symbolism to show the theme that people need meaningful relationships to be truly happy. Montag and Mildred talk about what she’s doing in her tv parlor room after they discuss her overdosing accident. Mildred opens up to Montag about purchasing another wall to add a tv and she continues to mention that ‘“If we had a fourth wall, why it'd be just like this room wasn’t ours at all, but all kinds of exotic people’s rooms”’ (Bradbury 19). Mildred trying to fight for why she needs another wall for a fourth tv symbolizes her dependence on this item. Society, in general, feels as if they need the tv over any stimulating conversations or love. Mildred continues to show how she loves the tv more than Montag and that she cares more for items over her husband. She expects Montag to pay for all these items to make her happy and keep her happy which confirms that the tv is what makes her smile. Mildred wants to be able to keep her “family” happy and continue to communicate with them and play with them rather than keeping her husband, which symbolizes her bond and her true intentions with Montag which is just using him for money. Moreover, Bradbury uses another example of symbolism to strengthen why relationships are required to be truly happy. Montag notices that Clarisse is outside when he leaves his house after talking to Mildred so the two of them talk. Clarisse mentions dandelions to Montag and that they reveal whether someone is in love or not. She demonstrates on herself and wanted to do it to Montag even though he didn’t want to but “Before he could move she had put the dandelion under his chin. He drew back and she laughed “hold still,” she peered under his chin and frowned. “‘Well?” he said. what a shame,” she said. “‘You're not in love with anyone”’ (Bradbury 19). In this scene, the dandelion symbolizes love and passion. Clarrise wants to know if Montag is in love and using the dandelion shows how he isn’t if his chin is still yellow. Montag wants to deny it, but on the inside, he knows that he truly isn’t in love with his wife. He doesn't feel content with her but continues to justify his relationship because he wishes he was happy and in love. Since he isn’t he doesn’t know himself or understand his purpose in life due to not possessing any genuine relationships other than with Clarisse. Clarisse encourages Montag to express himself and develop himself as a person freely and happily. This relationship he's developed has helped him realize his failing relationship with Mildred and his ability to question the society he lives in. The pieces of evidence above prove Bradbury’s theme that people need meaningful relationships to be truly satisfied.

As one can see in Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury proves the theme that meaningful relationships are necessary to be happy with literary devices. Bradbury utilizes devices like imagery to visually show relationships being formed and symbolism to form a more important meaning of a topic. These literary devices help develop the theme even further throughout the novel. If people are not happy with their life and the people who surround themselves, then they should seek new people to befriend. Relationships in life are essential and allow people to discover themselves like their ideal or immoral traits. People who are influential enough can support others to become more certain of themselves. Without people having relationships with others, connections wouldn’t be made and the world would be an extremely dull place. People who have relationships with people that make them happy will not forget the important moments, even if they are not in each other’s lives anymore. That person will still treasure the moments and feelings that were exchanged with that special person and may even grow to become a better person with what they have learned from the people that used to be in their lives.

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