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Drama: Definition, Genres And Conventions

3 Pages 1553 Words
As a specific mode of fiction, Drama is different from the two previously introduced literary forms of expression (i.e. Prose Fiction and poetry) in that it is enacted (though there are some types of drama which are meant to be read). Dramatic arts, the rules which govern their performance on stage or even the very construction of dramatic texts, are...

General Overview and Analysis of The Comedy Genre

2 Pages 1030 Words
Everyone has various expression forms in their hearts, but the maximum common form is laughter. It facilitates us to relieve pressure and make us feel better about ourselves. Comedy movies play a very important role in helping us laugh. Today's movies have numerous forms. Despite recent action tendencies and horror films, comedy films were always the first choice in the...

Utopia As Literary Genre And Personal Expectations

2 Pages 875 Words
The word utopia is based on Greek where ou means ‘not’ and topos means ‘place,’ therefore it is not a place. Widely known, for definitions says as a noun, utopia means, “an imaginary island described in Sit Thomas More’s Utopia as enjoying perfection in law, politics, etc.” Its secondary definition says, “an ideal place or state.” And its third...

The Gothic Genre In Literature

3 Pages 1517 Words
The gothic genre, largely developed during Romanticism in Britain, has been associated with the combination of mystery, the supernatural, horror and, at times, romance. Starting with Walpole’s Castle of Otranto, the gothic genre gained its popularity during the Victorian era, with writers such as Stoker and Stevenson continuing to develop stories in the late 19th Century. In more modern times,...

The Fantastic Genre: The Best Fiction

2 Pages 707 Words
It’s the uncertainty of the fantastic genre that draws me in. It’s the journey rather than the result itself; take me beyond the threshold. Borrowing from the European Gothic tradition, the American Renaissance morphs the gothic into a uniquely American form. In this blog, I will shine a light on the ‘fantastic’ genre, in hopes of uncovering the feelings or...

Reflection on the Genre of Fantasy: Opinion Essay

2 Pages 936 Words
Sabriel is another text which was influential to my story writing. Garth Nix entranced me with his storytelling and showed me exactly what an engaging fantasy story is made of. This was an immense stimulus in my writing style for Who was she? with both genres being fantasy, and a mutual target audience of young adult. The monsters within Garth...

Gothic Literature: Basics of the Genre & Key Elements

1 Page 523 Words
Gothic literature is a popular genre that dominated Western literature throughout the 19th century and still endures today due to its grotesque yet gripping allure. From the looming image of Frankenstein’s monster to the macabre tales of Edgar Allan Poe, images of the gothic genre have permeated Western literature and popular culture. Explore the morbid, fantastical elements and characteristics of...

Impact of Ghost Genre in Japanese Literature on Modern Filmography

2 Pages 1050 Words
The origins of Japanese horror can be prominently traced back to the 17th century, which in Japan was the time of the Edo period (1603-1868) where under a more unified rule, arts and culture began to prosper. Known as Kaidan in Japanese, the word directly translates into “talks of the strange”. These are folklore that were often passed down from...

Essay on 'Work without Hope' Analysis

2 Pages 989 Words
Written in 1825, Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s sonnet, “Work without Hope” embodies the lively aspects of nature, as he does in numerous other sonnets, and depicts the journey one takes to achieve a goal and realize their worth. Coleridge begins the sonnet by describing an unknown natural environment, utilizing picturesque imagery. Contrasting the primarily light ideas in the first stanza, Coleridge...

The Tell-Tale Heart' Argumentative Essay

2 Pages 970 Words
All stories have multiple elements. In Telltale Heart, literary learners not only have a deeper understanding of the essence of the story through the five elements but also a deeper understanding of the reason why Edgar Allan Poe created this story. By spending time and energy digging into details, background, relevant historical background, and author biographies, people begin to see...

Essay on Is 'Hunger Games' Post Apocalyptic

3 Pages 1249 Words
Introduction: The Hunger Games is an action and science-fiction adventure film based on the novel by Suzanne Collins. The story takes place in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future in the nation of Panem (North America). Panem is separated into 12 districts that help support the Capitol. Each year the Capitol “hosts” the Hunger Games, where a boy and a girl are...

Essay on Two Minutes Hate in '1984'

3 Pages 1183 Words
Although it is a fictional story written over half a century ago, many of the ideas and aspects of George Orwell’s 1984 exist in real life today, including in the War on Terrorism. 1984 is a novel about a world in which a totalitarian government controls the thoughts and actions of citizens and uses brainwashing techniques to keep them in...

Essay on Symbolism of Birds in 'The Awakening'

4 Pages 2031 Words
The Awakening by Kate Chopin is a novel written in late 1890s, explains about Edna Pontellier as she sheds the parts of herself that are dictated by societal expectations and uncovers her true self and defines freedom in sexual passion and artistic expression but she also finds that refusing to conform to accepted women's roles has a downside at Madame...

Essay on Paperweight in '1984'

1 Page 492 Words
First of all, it should be noted that despite many differences, the 1956 film adaptation remained true, faithful to the main ideas and themes of the original story. In the 1956 film adaptation, we have a dark scene with cold colors. Thus, black, grey, and white are the dominant colors. (There is a monochromatic scheme). Moreover, the lighting of the...

Essay on 'In Cold Blood' Literary Devices

4 Pages 1958 Words
When comparing two books written by the same author, it is expected that you will be able to pick up on the authors' special technique to make each of their books as intriguing as possible. This cannot be said about Truman Capote and his books “In Cold Blood,” and “Breakfast at Tiffanys.” When writing these books Capote was not just...

Essay on Mr. Charrington in '1984'

2 Pages 867 Words
Mr Charrington placed his battered old wig and spectacles on the bench in front of him. He sighed inaudibly as he jerked the seat towards him and sat down directly in front of the telescreen. It was quite obvious that he was no longer the same person. He then roused himself and sat up straighter as he turned the telescreen...

Essay on Archetypes in 'The Alchemist'

3 Pages 1277 Words
Moreover, it explains that Santiago still needs the community, the individual who shares and supports the same idea, in his decision-making process. Santiago’s choice to be a shepherd illustrates that Santiago has the freedom to choose. The freedom is entailed by his responsibility, to enjoy his days as a shepherd. However, this decision sets him apart from his family. This...

Rogerian Argument Essay on Political Satire

1 Page 555 Words
From Sara’s points, it is clear that media institutions draw a heavy line between fake news and real news. Through my reading, Berkowitz et al. (2016) demonstrate the relocation of mainstream journalism to professional mannerisms through the works of ‘The Fifth Estate,’ bloggers and communists who confront fake news organizations. This is where I will be discussing the concept of...

Essay on Why Is Antigone a Tragedy

7 Pages 3117 Words
Christine de Pizan, a prominent moralist and political thinker, defends the excellence and good virtue of women in her book City of Ladies. It is through this book that she wants to underline the critical roles women play within society which are commonly forgotten or not acknowledged with the help of the three virtues: Reason, Rectitude, and Justice. Christine tackles...

Essay on 'In Cold Blood' Themes

4 Pages 1815 Words
Dark places by Gillian Flynn and In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, similarly use symbolism to discuss major themes within the novel such as the American dream, memory and true crime through the use of narrative of crime events. Symbolism and figurative imagery is used within both texts as a voice to express the writer's inner thoughts, commenting on themes...

Essay on 'Carmilla' Vs 'Dracula'

5 Pages 2308 Words
In the 1872 novella Carmilla and the 1897 novel Dracula, both Le Fanu and Stoker bestow the treatment of women as a catalyst for exposing the dangers of gender stereotypes, to illuminate social concerns and injustices for the reader that were occurring at the time in Victorian. These injustices are mirrored in the above statement. Both authors allude to the...

Essay on What are the Proles in '1984'

6 Pages 2534 Words
Concerning your wider reading explore and comment on how identity is presented in George Orwell's 1984 and Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go Identity is how you see yourself; it also refers to your own perceived idea of how you view yourself which is ultimately affected by how others see you. This highlights that an individual does not have a...

Essay on 'Never Let Me Go' Themes

4 Pages 2046 Words
Tennessee Williams and Kazuo Ishiguro both depict the theme of ' loss and damage ' and the idea of the past not being perceived but rather alive. Repetivlety throughout their novels. Perhaps both authors foreshadow their damage. past through the central characters, Kathy and Tom. Kevin Catchpole states Tom is the personification of Williams himself. [1]Similarly, both novels loiter around...

Essay on Setting of '1984'

2 Pages 941 Words
Books are often a way of communication from author to reader. The dystopian society portrayed in 1984 by George Orwell is one of the multifarious settings in many fictional and historical fictional pieces of literature. This genre uses a form of social order propagandized as utopian despite the extreme flaws beneath the surface of the attempts to make the perfect...

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