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Longevity: Lifestyle and Eating Habits Vs Genes

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Longevity is a great thing that everyone wants to get. In Chinese history many empires want to find the way to get longevity, and they have found lots of different food and strange medicine to let them live longer. Using modern technology, it has been scientifically established that most factors in longevity are determined by an individual’s lifestyle, with genes only get a supporting role, longevity most is mainly based on the lifestyle and eating habits.

In terms of lifestyle, daily routine and habits play a crucial role in longevity. Among the world’s long-living people, what they have in common is that they stay away from alcohol and smoke, and also go to bad on time every day. First the average life expectancy of smokers is about five to eight years less than that of no smokers. This has nothing to do with genes, which determine whether you are prone to incurable diseases and cancer, but smoking directly increases your risk of cancer. Alcoholism, by the same logic, can wreaking havoc on bodily functions and nervous systems, and surveys of longevity have not shown that moderate drinking is good for healthy.

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Second, regular sleep and rest can keep you away from diseases, reduce the chance of sudden death, and enough sleep and regular rest can help your metabolism. People who sleep an average of eight hours a day live longer and healthier live than those who sleep only five hours a day.

Diet is also a key factor in longevity. Vegetarians live longer than meet-eaters, and thousands who eat red meets live less than those who eat the white meat. This is not much related to the individual’s genes, because vegetables and meat point composition is different, vegetables are mostly fiber, can help the intestinal digestion and clean up the intestinal waste, while meat point fiber is relatively different and contains a large amount of fat, the burden on the intestinal tract, easy to get intestinal cancer. In particular, the difference between white meat and red meat: red meat are mostly beef mutton and pork, but the white meat is fish and chicken meat, the red meat has more fat than the white meat and the fish, and chicken is a high-quality protein. Little fat it’s better for body. So, from this can know a person who has the perfect genes, if he didn’t have a good diet, he still will seek in his life thoughts; they have researched from America the man who eat meat are easy to get the bowel cancer and the woman will get breast cancer.

Basically, assuming you have the perfect body, if you don’t have a good lifestyle, you can’t live long either, longevity is based on habits, not genes.

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