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Los Angeles and Shanghai: Different Feelings of Living in These Cities

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Since two international metropolises - Los Angeles and Shanghai - are my favorite cities, I want to talk about the different feelings of living in these two cities.

Los Angeles is the city where I live and study now. If I have to describe Los Angeles in one word, it is ‘dry’, it is rarely raining here but the weather is very fresh and the sky is very beautiful. When I walked by the sea in Santa Monica, I liked to watch the big house built by the sea. The design of each house is different, not only the appearance is very different, but also the design of the front garden is also thoughtful. You can easily guess on the personality of the host from the decoration of gardening. This is a sharp contrast to the wet weather in Shanghai, but it makes me to see the changes of each season more obviously in Shanghai. Shanghai doesn’t have the sea, but it has a river, the golden Huangpu River is very beautiful in the sunset.

Shanghai is growing at an amazing speed, I used to spend two semesters looking at the building starting from the foundation to the tall building. Now I can see a new skyscraper in a few months. In the contrast, there are not so many high-rise buildings gather together in Los Angeles, maybe most of them are in the downtown, so I prefer to live a quiet life in Los Angeles.

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I remember when I first came to Los Angeles, when I passed the road, I saw the drivers were very polite, and when we looked at each other, they showed me a generous smile. When I walked down to the street, a 'Good morning' or a 'Good night' not only erased the strangeness of my first involvement in Los Angeles, but also warmed my heart.

I like to live a simple work and study life in Los Angeles now, maybe I have already affected by the environment here, I start spending enough time to enjoy a wonderful brunch before going to the class, I start walking slowly to find interesting things happened in the street, but in Shanghai, I experienced more new fast things, for example, the fast food-delivery speed, the fast hail-train speed, the fast order speed from the online shopping website and the fast study and work life.

For me, even I have traveled a lot of cities in my entire life and I love Los Angeles so much, Shanghai is always my destination because my family and friends are in Shanghai. Homesickness may be just a simple meal made by mom or a fellow who has not seen for a long time or the place I liked to visit. The desire to come back to home is always stronger when it is a traditional Chinese festival comes and I am at abroad. Although we are in a high-technology era, I still can’t share the happiness with my parents through the screen when I am at abroad to celebrate the festival. Even I made a lot of new friends when I moved to Los Angeles to study, I still appreciate that I have many pure and long friendships in Shanghai, moreover, they can remind me of the places I liked in Shanghai, this makes Shanghai be more precious to me because it contained a lot of memories.

No matter where I am, the city with family and friends is my most desirable city.

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