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Cultural Diversity and Immigration in Los Angeles Local Politics

The demographic changes that have taken place over the past twenty years in Los Angeles have been extraordinary in scope and diversity. The area of Los Angeles has seen a literal boom in population growth from 7 million in 1970 to 8.8 million in 1990 (US Census Bureau). However, the dramatic change in population ethnic and racial diversity has attracted the attention of most observers. However, in terms of racial diversity, Los Angeles has taken on a new form, moving...
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Air Pollution Problem in Los Angeles

There is a major air pollution problem in California, especially in major cities such as Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Bakersfield. Los Angeles has the worst smog by far, affecting millions with over 600,000 of them being children. The smog is so awful that it is destroying the ozone layer, which is the only thing that saves us from the sun’s rays and the radiation. The planet will start to die off, if we do not solve this issue. Los...
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Los Angeles Air Pollution Dilemma and Mitigation Programs

Los Angeles, California air pollution dilemma stems from the 1940’s, specifically on October 14, 1947, when the first air pollution control program was established, the Los Angeles County Air Pollution District (AQMD, 2019). Beginning in the early 1940’s, numerous gas attacks descended on Los Angeles, California streets. Several gas companies shut down due to the detrimental effects of the smog evading people’s eyes and irritating their throats. In the 1970’s, the catalytic converter was required for all vehicles to reduce...
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The Education Gap and Inequality in Los Angeles

It is known and obvious that there is an education gap and inequality between schools in lower income cities versus schools in higher income cities. Students who do not have the resources or money to attend a college will likely drop out of high school instead of achieving their goals but students who do have all the resources and will go onto college. This is inequality within education and it is unfair because all students deserve to have all the...
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Homelessness in Los Angeles

Homelessness is a huge issue that seems to go unnoticed on the grounds. Los Angeles, California positions in as the second biggest city in the United States. It is home to 3.8 billion individuals, including numerous renowned motion picture stars. Known for being one of the sunniest and most traveler cognizant urban areas, Los Angeles offers numerous attractions for guests (issue of vagrancy). They hold numerous games scenes also, including the Staples Center, which houses the L.A. Lakers and many...
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An Overview of the Differences Between New York and Los Angeles

New York City and Los Angeles are two major urban communities found inside the United States of America. Large and crowded, the urban areas are found in various states, New York City being in New York while Los Angeles being in California. The two of them draw in a large number of guests despite being tremendously packed and expensive to live in. While the urban communities have a few similitudes and might be alluring to different individuals relying upon their...
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Stereotypical Perception of Life in Los Angeles

Sunshine, palm trees, beautiful beaches, girls with bikinis, and boys standing on the surfboards…all these elements could constitute a typical picture of the attractive beach. For a long time, Los Angeles not only attracts people with its world-class film-making factory Hollywood, but also bring in tourists with its ‘coastal paradise’ (Kun, 185). However, the life to a resident in Los Angeles is not as light as the seaside heaven that has been advertised through media all over the world. There...
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Los Angeles and Shanghai: Different Feelings of Living in These Cities

Since two international metropolises – Los Angeles and Shanghai – are my favorite cities, I want to talk about the different feelings of living in these two cities. Los Angeles is the city where I live and study now. If I have to describe Los Angeles in one word, it is ‘dry’, it is rarely raining here but the weather is very fresh and the sky is very beautiful. When I walked by the sea in Santa Monica, I liked...
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Los Angeles as a Progressive Community Towards LGBT People

On the night of New Year’s Eve in 1967, a tragic occurrence, plotted by diabolical policemen, took place at the Black Cat Tavern on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. Knowing that this particular bar was considered a welcoming safe space for queer individuals, policemen went undercover to ‘catch them in the act’ and have the opportunity to brutalize these innocent beings when the clock struck midnight, after they naturally exchanged their New Year’s kisses. This raid triggered movements against...
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Sydney and Los Angeles as Global Multicultural Hubs

“Society is unity in diversity”, – George Herbert Meade. To complement Meade, I would suggest that the best societies are united by diversity. Multiculturalism within global cities is a powerful and complex aspect that impacts societies around the world. More so than ever, globalization of cultures, information, and life has been escalating. If you were to sit on the street in Sydney and count the different nationalities of people passing-by, then you may very well be overwhelmed. The same is...
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Philanthropy: Recycling Programs in Los Angeles

Introduction The current increasing use of the earth’s natural resources put a raising pressure on our planet’s ecosystem. This ecosystem which supplies vital resources is one of the key factors that human life depends on, along with waste absorption. What happens if human life using all of the available natural resources, what if the waste that man produces is no longer has a way to be disposed of. Such questions arise in the modern world today and the hope for...
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