Love Your Country Like a Hero: Essay

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Table of contents

  1. Loving Myself and My Country
  2. As a Filipino to My Country
  3. As a Woman Citizen to My Country
  4. As a Youth to My Country
  5. As a Student to My Country
  6. Conclusion

This subject taught me many things one is how to think deeper based on his works among all the works that we tackled only few and certain things remembered and gave me an idea of things, how can bravery take place as a woman, Filipino, youth and as a student. One certain thing struck me most and that is his work entitled ‘kundiman’ wherein he showed how love can conquer everything. He used the ‘kundiman’ type of love basically for woman but for him it is for his country. First when we think about love for a woman in the older times the first thing that comes into our mind is all the efforts, we can often see is in the man side. Long process and phases include during the old practice of courtship here in the Philippines. Courtship in the Philippines contains standards and not just only a hear say but it’s a serious matter when you court the person you like. The man will do anything just to pursue the girl he likes. Serenade also takes place during the old times wherein the guy will sing in front of the house of the woman she likes the common scenario is the woman will always stand in front of their house’s balcony and the guy is usually at downstairs this means that the guy is really looking up for that girl he likes. The guy also shows his love not to the woman she likes but also to the whole family of that certain girl to show some respect and sincerity usually the suitor brings with him a small appreciation gift for the family members such as food or during those time jewelries are very common. While in Rizal’s poem he showed the love for his country and expressed it by a poem as if the girl he is pertaining to the poem is the motherland itself. At first, he taught that the country will be hopeless at all since after all the colonialism that happened in the Philippines left the country hopeless to the point that they get everything they want from our country and turned their back away bringing with them all the necessary things with them. He is being positive that our country will get its independence from its colonizers. He is still hoping that any time soon there’s always a hope for his motherland, He will do everything with his co-Filipino to bring back what is supposed for our country. He is also willing to offer his life for the sake of his country so that it will totally get its freedom. That’s the time where Filipino-ness comes because our trade mark as a Filipino is being brave specially on the different things that might happen we are always ready to face anything even if sometimes we frightened, optimistic in a way that any disaster comes along you can never see Filipino who loses hope they are always positive in any perspective, caring (includes being hospitable) you can see Filipinos in every occasion who prepares a lot of food because we Filipino knows how to share and care for other people. Sometimes we let people join us during gatherings even if we don’t know them very well and even on the streets you smile to people you randomly bumped into but during the previous year bayanihan is one of the most famous taglines for the Filipino in a picture it usually shows man power with different people who is carrying a bahay kubo or nipa hut that is mostly the visual representative of bayanihan. The people who work hard not for their own sake but for everyone’s sake and many more characteristics can a Filipino can show. That’s only few of the characteristics that a one Filipino should have and should possess.

Loving Myself and My Country

I can relate to Rizal by how I love my life and my country. Of course, for me I can show love within me by taking care of myself. I should understand first any situation before I entering so that I know what might happen if anything gone wrong. I am independent enough to handle things and I need to get tough especially on times that I’ve encounter struggles in life. In loving my country, the usual Filipino will say you should fight for your country, you must need to know the history of the Philippines and learn to fight for it but as I go thru reflecting, I think deeper is that the real meaning of loving your own country? Yes, part of me says yes, but I know those situations mentioned above are only part of showing love for country because for me loving country starts within small things like obeying rules and regulation since most of us are claiming we are a Filipino but are you a real Filipino if you are having a hard time to obey rules and regulation to your own motherland. Next is buying Philippine products instead of international products some of us Filipino has this kind of thinking that if we buy things from other country, we think we are already ‘in’ but you are wrong because for me buying different products means they are ashamed of what they have, they tend to buy other products because they are not proud of what they have and that’s more embarrassing for him/her. Third is you don’t lose hope when it comes to your own country you always think positive whatever might happen because you know that your country’s pride won’t die as long as someone or the people within that country support and will serves as the pillars of one another. Fourth is you know how to look back to your country wherever you are because looking back is incomparable the feelings and the memories will remain the same that’s why you should not change the country where you are born. Lastly is you have the respect not just to yourself but also to the people around you because loving your country doesn’t mean you love the country itself but also the people who makes the Philippines as a nation with a heart.

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As a Filipino to My Country

I can show love for my country as a Filipino by continuing being a Filipino and being proud because I know I have the characteristics that only a real Filipino have. I can show love by protecting the things we have here in the Philippines and never try to interchange it with any other things that might cause of a negative effect about certain things in our country. Also I can show love for my country just for instance we wanted to go to other place instead of going out of the country why not try to visit first all the beautiful tourist spots here in the Philippines because I believe each country has its own uniqueness and all the sites that can be seen on the other country has a Philippine version of it and it is more advantage because you will able to see first the beauty of your own place and it will made you feel the love at first sight where you really belongs to.

As a Woman Citizen to My Country

We all know that women have the skills to do anything and even a man's job, they can turn feminine into masculine very quickly because they are willing to offer something even if it is out of their comfort zone. Woman is good in adapting things as the love for our country I can say that me being a woman I am good at expressing love for my country not just in words but also in action. I can determine what kind of love that our country needs just like a mother she knows what is the best for her children and what do they need in just one snap. Being a woman has an important role in our country because aside from giving a never-ending love for our country a woman doesn’t just send love for a country, but they also can complete the real feeling of what is the real love means.

As a Youth to My Country

According to Dr. Jose Rizal the youth is the hope of the country and I think I agree with that because we know that the youth today have different skills compared to the first generation. The generation today is very much aggressive when it comes to different things especially to the things they want, they will not stop unless they get it. In that case me as a youth of this generation I won’t stop searching for the answers that will help me to improve my country. I will continue to aspire things that might help me on how to express things in this country. I also think that the love of this youth generation has a lot more powerful than others because they know how to express things in different ways without changing the feelings and the levels of love without exaggeration.

As a Student to My Country

I think my love for this country as a student is when I usually apply anything that I have learned in my whole life in this country. In school by studying Filipino History, Wika and Kultura is a sign of love in our country. On how do we use it in our everyday life and the way we imply things in appropriate ways is a sign of love as long as it shows respect and giving importance for our country. Even applying the learnings, we have learned since we grow up in this country saying ‘po’ and ‘opo’ and the ‘pagmamano’ for the elders is a real one. During Mondays singing out loud the Philippine National Anthem with our heart has a huge thing being a Filipino.


After all Rizal subject made me realize that anything is possible as long as you are willing to do anything. I aspire him for being Rizal as himself because he knows what he is doing, he knows what he likes, he knows what is his purpose in this country and he also doesn’t forget that he is not just a hero but also a normal person who has a family that always supports him no matter what. I can say I can be Rizal in such ways. Dr. Jose Rizal is incomparable but I can also be a Filipino who loves his country very much even though I cannot do exactly what Rizal did for this country I can do things in different ways, the way I know how to love and fight for country even small things has also an importance in this country because all those small things that I can do can be combined to others capabilities and it can pile up to make huge movement. The love for a country with a different perspective of me because I believe that all of us has the capability to become a Rizal in our own country but we should know first what things we need to develop and the things we need to learn in order to boost and brings the Rizal out within our self. Being a leader is not just having the skills of what a leader should have, but we also need to determine how could we possess and show what do we really want in one thing. What do we need to show in order to express the things we wanted them to feel because not everyone has the same way of thinking same as ours that is why loving a country is not as easy the way how we usually think but it is about the feelings that we usually feel and spread it the way on how it is supposed to be. Love, spread and share things not just within you but also for the people in our society.

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